Aggressive Dog Boarding Facilities In Major US Cities

Managing an aggressive dog can be a very taxing challenge in your day to day life. The level of consistency, training, and avoidance of triggers can be difficult for anyone outside of you and your family to maintain. Therefore, if you need to go out of town or find care for your pet overnight for any reason, you may find yourself struggling to locate someone who is willing and able to help you out.

Many facilities that offer training for aggression often also provide boarding options as well. These typically take the form of a board and train program, in which your pup remains at the home of the trainer or an onsite facility where obedience training and behavior rehabilitation are incorporated into the stay. 

This option provides competent care for your pet with the supplemental benefit of remeditating your pet’s behaviors while you are away. Additionally, some traditional daycare and boarding businesses have staff with sufficient training and expertise in order to safely manage your aggressive pup overnight for both short-term and long-term stays.

With so many facilities that may or may not support your pup’s needs, it can be time consuming to research all of the possibilities in your area and find a place that can accommodate them. In order to support you in finding the best place to take care of your pet, we have listed below some of the best places for aggressive dog boarding in the major cities nationwide.

Atlanta, GA

Save Me From the Doghouse

While the name of the business is cute and playful, Save Me From the Doghouse takes your dog’s behavioral needs very seriously. Since they also offer training services for aggressive dogs, they are well versed in caring for your dog overnight or during long-term boarding. In order to secure a spot for your pup, you must reserve and pay a deposit in advance. They also offer coupons on their sites for certain professionals and for new clients to help defray boarding costs.

Austin, TX


This business is primarily a training facility, although they do offer board and train options. Their boarding services support their clients in remediating their aggressive behaviors while also providing a place to stay during the training. As a result, they do not offer overnight boarding, but rather week-long stays in increments of 1 to 4 weeks. While this can be more expensive than traditional boarding and potentially last longer than the time you will be away, your pup will receive lessons specific to their needs while staying there. Additionally, you will continue to receive behavioral support from the trainers for the duration of the life of your pet.

Boston, MA

The Happy K-9

In addition to offering obedience training during the day for your aggressive pup, The Happy K-9 provides a combination of boarding and training for your pet. Since they incorporate obedience classes and a personalized program for your pet’s needs into their stay, the minimum amount of time for boarding your pet is one week. There are three different levels of intensity for boarding options depending on the type of training your pet needs and what you want them to receive while staying there. Pricing and the length of stay options are determined according to the type of program they are enrolled in while boarding.

Charlotte, NC 

RDR Kennels

RDR Kennels offers traditional boarding services for all animals, even your aggressive dog. The owners have training and expertise to manage and support dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviors for an overnight or a longer term stay. The owners live on site and are available for drop-off and pick-up nearly any time of the day in order to work around your schedule and what is most convenient for you. Boarding is comparatively inexpensive to other facilities that support aggressive dogs, making this an excellent choice for your pet all around.

Chicago, IL

Found Chicago Board and Training

Found Training Center provides you with a choice between a board and train option or general boarding for your aggressive pup. Fees for standard boarding are moderately priced for the cost of living in the area, though there may be additional fees if your pup requires specialized attention or care due to their aggressive behaviors. The board and train option is a two week program during which your pet receives training in obedience and a personalized rehabilitation plan, which could be ideal if you need long-term boarding and want behavioral remediation for your pet.

Columbus, OH

All Purpose K9 LLC

At their facility, All Purpose K9 accepts animals for boarding regardless of breed, previous instances of aggression, or spay and neuter status. In order to have your dog board, you must contact them at least a week in advance and pay the moderate nightly fee while your pup is there. They also offer discounts for additional dogs that you may need to board at the same time, as well as to graduates of their behavioral training programs.

Dallas, TX

Cosmic Canine

Cosmic Canine offers aggressive dog boarding services in two options. First, you can choose a board and train package for a moderate fee, relative to the service provided, that reviews obedience and skills that your dog has previously learned. The other choice is more traditional boarding, from a simple kennel to a suite with camera access in order for you to watch your pup. Prices for the traditional boarding options are in the moderate range, while the camera suites are more expensive.

Denver, CO

Canine Psychology Center LLC 

If you are in need of longer term boarding for your aggressive pup, the Canine Psychology Center has expertise in keeping your dog and others safe no matter how long they stay. Your pet will board in a home environment and will have care and supervision provided around the clock. While there, your dog will participate in personalized training to support their areas of need and will receive all other services, including their own food at mealtimes and medication administration, for no additional charge. Your dog will also come home with a personalized lesson to continue their training and you will have access to unlimited follow up behavioral support.

Houston, TX

Texas 9 Rehab

The trainers and behaviorists at Texas 9 Rehab understand how hard it can be to find overnight support for dogs with aggression. In addition to their training and rehabilitation services, they also offer boarding for your pup. You can choose standard boarding for your pet or opt to add training during their stay that is specifically designed to remediate their behaviors. The facility aims to provide an experience personalized to your pet and their needs so that you have peace of mind while they are there.

Indianapolis, IN

Alpha K9 U Boarding School

While they do not offer traditional overnight boarding stays, Alpha K9 U does provide long-term stays with training for your aggressive dog. You can choose between a moderately priced 15 or 21 day stay. Both options include several behavior training sessions per day, all boarding and daycare fees, and individual training for you upon pickup to carry over your dog’s new skills at home. The package also includes free enrollment in an additional obedience course through the school.

Jacksonville, FL

Happy Dog Training

Happy Dog Training understands that finding boarding for your dog based on their aggressive behavior or breed can be difficult. This facility offers short term stays for dogs regardless of their temperament and aggression, and will even work on training and remediation while they board. While the daily rates for aggressive dog boarding are on the high end of the spectrum, the facility offers secure areas for your pet that are comfortable as well as socialization and enrichment as your pet is able to participate in them.

Kansas City, MO

Elkhound Ranch Kennels

If you are simply looking for overnight boarding for your pup with aggression, Elkhound Ranch Kennels offers several services for you. For moderate fees, you can board your pup in either a kennel or a suite. They can also be roomed in with other dogs in your house if you need to board more than one pet at a time. Dogs have access to in and out runs for safe exercise opportunities, as well as ample play and exercise periods during their stay. 

Las Vegas, NV 

Total Dog Pet Resort and Training Solutions

If you are headed out of town for an extended stay and need a place to house your aggressive dog, Total Dog offers board and train opportunities for your pup. Depending on your family’s needs, your pup can stay for a full four weeks while they complete obedience training, or can do a hybrid board and train program, spending two weeks rooming in at the facility followed by a few weeks of training in your home. Both of these options are ideal if you need long term care for your aggressive pet and want to simultaneously tackle and remediate the behaviors.

Los Angeles, CA

Adler Stein Kennels

The owners of Adler Stein Kennels are very experienced and well-versed in caring for your dog with aggressive behaviors. Their property includes several climate controlled buildings with in and out runs of various sizes in order to accomodate the space and exercise needs of your pet. The daily rates for all of the kennel options are moderately priced. Access to the half acre of training and play areas is offered for an additional nominal fee per day.

Minneapolis, MN 

Kingdale Kennels

Kingdale Kennels provides boarding for all dogs, including those with aggression. Your pup will be evaluated and placed alone in a kennel at your request or if they are determined to have behaviors that could be unsafe for other dogs that are boarding. All pets have access to outdoor runs that they are able to access on a schedule according to the numbers of dogs boarded and their specific needs. Pricing is moderate, and additional pets from your home that need to board at the same time can do so at a discounted rate.

New York City, NY

Instinct Dog Behavior and Training

In addition to behavioral training services, Instinct offers overnight boarding for your pet with aggression. The owners provide a fear free approach to make your dog feel comfortable and cared for when staying at their facility. Your pup will be engaged in multiple opportunities daily for exercise, enrichment, and play. While the price is on the higher end of the spectrum, you pet will be under the supervision of certified canine behaviorists and all services will be tailored and personalized for their needs. 

Omaha, NE

All Dogs Unleashed

All Dogs Unleashed offers a board and train program for your aggressive pup when you need to be out of town. For two weeks, your dog will be under the supervision of experienced professionals and will receive training and rehabilitation for common obedience issues as well as their specific aggressive behaviors. Each training protocol will be tailored to your pet’s needs in order to address the most problematic issues in your home. Additionally, the facility offers free pickup and delivery of your pet to and from your house, as well as free follow up support for the remainder of your dog’s life.

Philadelphia, PA

Philly Unleashed

If your family is headed off to enjoy a vacation, why not send your dog on one too? Philly Unleased offers a unique Farmcamp experience for your dog, where they can enjoy lots of outdoor exercise combined with training opportunities to help rehabilitate their aggressive behaviors. Since the number of dogs enrolled at a time is limited, your dog will get plenty of playtime, cuddles, and personalized training, depending on what they prefer and need. More traditional board and train options are also available for pets with more severe behavioral needs. 

Phoenix, AZ

Second Home Pet Resort

This facility specifically provides boarding care for animals with specialized needs, including aggression. In addition to around-the-clock supervision and care for your pet, Second Home Pet Resort offers medical care, specialized handling for severely aggressive dogs, and modified feeding and special diets, depending on your pup’s particular needs. The suites are priced moderately, though additional supports and services that might be required to adequately care for your pet can tack on extra fees.

Portland, OR

Safe Journey Dog Boarding

Safe Journey Dog Boarding works hard to offer overnight services to all pets, including those that have demonstrated aggression. The facility offers many arrangements designed to reduce fighting and aggression among the dogs, including toy-free play and individual feeding in a separate space. Pups who are able to spend their time safely with the other dogs will be able to roam free in the crate-free boarding room, while aggressive dogs may need to be housed separately and individually. 

Sacramento, CA

Animal Den Pet Resort and Spa

Your aggressive pet is welcome and can be accommodated safely at the Animal Den Pet Resort. The standard boarding option offers lots of stimulation and activity for your pet, including pool time and many trips to the play area each day. If your pup does not play well with other dogs, you can request an separate play time for them. Additional individualized supports to manage your dog’s aggressive behaviors are available, but may require an additional fee.

San Antonio, TX 

Pawderosa Ranch

At the Pawderosa Ranch, your pup will be provided with a roomy area to eat and sleep. He will also have access to lots of stimulation, including play time and nightly bedtime environmental enhancements. The trained staff are able to manage the behaviors of your aggressive pup, and you can purchase packages in order to personalize play, enrichment and nighttime comforts to further support their needs. The climate-controlled kennel provides a comfortable environment for your pet while they are away from home for a moderate price. 

San Diego, CA

Crafty Canine Club

Crafty Canine Club offers boarding with compassion and safety at the forefront of the experience. Based on your dog’s specific needs, you and the facility will work together to determine the play and sleep settings that best work for your pet in order to reduce their typical aggression triggers. Your dog will get plenty of play time, treats, 24 hour supervision and care, and basic training during every day of their stay. Daily rates are in the moderately high range, and an additional individual hour-long training session can be added for a moderate fee per day.

San Jose, CA

K9 Keep Fit

Dogs with aggression can participate in a board and train program at K9 Keep Fit. The basic obedience package includes a 3 week stay at the facility and is ideal for dogs with common issues that can be unsafe for other animals and people, such as pulling at the leash and jumping up on others. For dogs with more severe aggression issues, a 4 to 6 week stay would be recommended to cover the basic obedience lessons in addition to their specific behavioral needs. If you are planning to head out of town and need boarding, this can be a great option for covering care for your pup and addressing their behaviors at the same time.

Savannah, GA 

The Dogs Spot Boarding and Training

For a safe place to stay for your pup, The Dogs Spot Boarding facility is equipped to handle aggressive dogs under their special needs category. Your dog will have its own crate to sleep in each night and individual play time if they are not socialized properly to interact with the other dogs. There are also many additional services that you can pay to tack onto the moderate boarding fee, including swimming, fetch time, and training refreshers.

Seattle, WA

Cascade Kennels

At Cascade Kennels, the owners take a team-based approach to ensuring that all of your pup’s needs are met during their stay. Each staff member has a specific role, from coordinating exercise for all of the dogs to supervising and caring for dogs in the kennels. For your aggressive pet, the techs are well-versed in providing individualized play and supervision of your pup. Boarding prices are moderate, and there are additional fees assessed for some of your dog’s potential needs, including medication administration and potty walks.

Washington, D.C.

Atlas Doghouse

If your dog has mild aggressive behaviors, Atlas Doghouse offers overnight boarding for a moderately high fee. Your pup can stay long-term and receive supervision day and night, as well as opportunities for appropriate socialization. If your pet requires more specialized care and social isolation as a result of their aggression, the facility does offer boarding with a staff member in their home for a comparable fee. For pups who would be most comfortable remaining in their own homes, you can pay an additional fee to arrange to have a staff member pet sit at your house.