Looking For An Aggressive Dog Groomer? Start Here

Bringing your pet to a groomer can be a stressful experience. If you have an aggressive dog, it’s especially important to find a groomer who is professional, experienced, and can get the job done. Fortunately, there are many excellent dog-grooming facilities located in cities throughout the United States. Some offer mobile services that will come to your home. Others provide fear-free grooming or show dog grooming. If you are looking for an aggressive dog groomer near you, this list should be a good place to start.

Houston, TX 

A1 Pampered Paws Grooming 

A1 Pampered Paws Grooming in Houston specializes in senior dogs and cats. They offer a groom and trim with no fancy cuts or styles, a puppy trim, feline bath and lion cut, and painted nails for dogs and cats. Extra services include gland extract, de-matting, hair coloring, temporary tattooing, paw print art, formal wear, and blitz and glam outfits. Prices range from $55 to $75 for dogs and from $75 to $125 for cats.

South Bay, CA

Aussie Pet Mobile South Bay

If you are looking for a grooming service that comes to you, Aussie Pet Mobile offers an exceptional full-service grooming experience for your dog or cat right in your driveway. Founded in Australia in 1996, Aussie Pet Mobile came to the US in 1999. They use only environmentally friendly products and don’t use cages, kennel dryers, or harsh chemicals. They offer a comprehensive 15-step cleaning for cats and dogs that includes three full brush-outs, a complete shampoo and conditioning, a gentle towel dry, a sanitary area and paw pads trim, a final brush and fluff out, and fragrance.

Chicago, IL

Bark Bark Club  

The Bark Bark Club in Chicago offers dog grooming services as well as daycare, boarding, and walking. They work with several organizations including Care for Real Pet Food Pantry. The Bark Bark Club was voted “Best in the City” by Chicago Magazine, The Reader, and New City. They specialize in all breeds and offer grooming and other services for cats as well as dogs. Bath packages and full grooms include a luxurious bath with a choice of shampoos and conditioners, a full-body massage, a full-body brush out, a nail trim, an ear cleaning, and a bandana or bow. Pricing depends on the breed.

San Diego, CA

City Dog Pet Boutique and Grooming

City Dog, an urban spa oasis, has been serving San Diego since 2005. They offer on-site professional grooming services and state-of-the-art self-service tubs and grooming stations where you can do it yourself. Premium shampoos and grooming tools are included, and the staff is available to advise you and answer your questions. They also sell high-quality pet foods, treats, toys, and other products in their boutique. Grooming packages include a bath, shampoo and conditioner, brush-out, nail clipping or filing, ear cleaning, and gland expression if needed. Bath packages for dogs start at $28 and haircut packages start at $65. Prices vary depending on breed and weight.

Omaha, NE

Come Sit Stay

Come Sit Stay offers a full range of services for dogs including training, daycare, boarding, and grooming. All grooms include a bath, haircut, nail trim, gland expression (on request), and ear cleaning. Oatmeal or hypoallergenic shampoos are available for no extra charge. They groom all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats that don’t require sedation. They also offer a do-it-yourself dog wash service. Prices depend on the breed.

Boston MA

Dewberry Dogs

Opened in 1987, Dewberry Dogs is a dog grooming salon and boutique located in Boston, MA. They are a family-owned business that aims to provide the highest quality grooming and pampering for your dog. Staffed by highly trained professionals, this salon provides professional, friendly service. Baths and haircuts include nail trim or nail grind, ear cleaning, tearless blueberry facial, all-natural hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, hydro surge massage, cologne, and a cute bandana or bow. Prices vary depending on the dog’s breed, size, weight, condition, and length of coat.

Columbus, OH

Doggie Day Spa 

Located in Columbus, OH, Doggie Day Spa is an award-winning, appointment-based salon that offers grooming, deluxe bath, and self-serve baths. Self-wash includes concierge service to assist you and a raised platform for small dogs, support for elderly dogs and giant breeds, and a hoody for nervous dogs. Additional services include tooth brushing, anal gland expression, de-shed treatment, hydration treatment, flea/tick spa treatment, skunk spa treatment, and paw soak. Services range in price from $20 for self-wash to $80 plus for a deluxe bath and depend on the size, bread, and coat type of your dog.

Kansas City, MO

Doggie Style Bowtique  

Doggie Style Bowtique is Kansas City’s Premier Pet grooming salon. In addition to grooming, they offer boarding and doggie daycare. They groom all breeds, large and small, as well as cats. Doggie Bowtique has been grooming dogs since 2007 and provides a state-of-the-art pet salon. Prices depend on the breed, size, and style requested. They also offer a self-serve dog wash area for those who prefer to wash their own dogs.

Phoenix, AZ

Doggy Daze

Located in the heart of midtown Phoenix, Doggy Daze is a unique, urban, upscale dog salon and retail store. Created by Sean Kirk and Jon Thomson, this full-service, award-winning dog grooming salon is open seven days a week and gives back to the community by donating dog food and raising money for dog rescues. No appointment is needed for non-haircut grooms that include bath, hand dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, and glands. Prices range from $30 to $100.

Dallas, TX

Downtown Dog

Offering daycare and boarding as well as grooming, Downtown Dogs is an aggressive dog groomer located blocks away from downtown Dallas. Bathing includes two baths with organic salon shampoos, nail clip and file, trimmed pads and sanitary area, cleaned ears, and fluffy blow dry. Bath prices range from $15 to $40. Grooming prices range from $40 to $80 and include a handmade bow or a colorful bandana.

Indianapolis, IN

Furr Pet Spa and Wellness

Located in downtown Indianapolis, Furr Pet Spa offers grooming and wellness for pets. For dogs, a variety of packages are available. You can add on services for a custom-made dog grooming experience. Some of their services do not require an appointment. Their groomers have over 96 years of combined experience. The facilities are in a 1,800 square foot building and include a self-service dog wash and multiple groomers. A Zen Den provides a quieter experience. The cost is variable and depends on the pet’s breed, hair type, and weight. 

Atlanta and Decatur, GA

Furside Pet Grooming 

Furside Pet Grooming is an organic pet spa and dog wash service with locations in Atlanta and Decatur, GA. Atlanta and Decatur’s only full-service groomer for both cats and dogs, Furside uses local organic shampoos and conditioners. Their full-service grooming for dogs includes a holistic, all-natural bath and blow-dry, a comb-out and de-matting, eye and ear cleaning, toenail trim, and anal glands expression if needed. Prices vary depending on your pet’s size, hair length, and services requested. 

Jacksonville, FL

Green Dog Spa 

Green Dog Spa provides dog and cat grooming services by a highly trained staff. Dog grooming services include bath and brush, mini groom, full-body groom, spa packages, and shed treatment. Green Dog Spa is the first salon in Jacksonville, FL to host a National Dog Groomer’s Association Workshop and Certification event. Dog grooming bath and brush begins with a relaxing, natural shampoo and includes a nail trim, ear clean, fluff dry, brush and comb, and a choice of bandana or bow. Prices range from $43 to $74. 

Austin, TX

Kanine Klippers 

Located in South Austin, Kanine Klippers is a full-service dog grooming facility that offers quality dog services that include haircuts, baths, toenail trims, and more. They are a privately owned shop that takes pride in offering high-quality customer service for you and your dog. The owner, Mary Beth has over 15 years of dog grooming experience. Baths come with shampoo, toenail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression if needed. Pricing depends on the breed, size, and coat.

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Spaw

Las Vegas Spaw is a pet salon managed by the well-known pet stylist Lilac De-Giorgi and owned by Danna Shabtai. Its mission is to offer the best pet grooming services in Las Vegas. They offer cat grooming, dog grooming, puppy first groom, bath and tidy, de-shedding, pet massage, daycare, free consultation, nail trim, anal gland expression, holistic food and treats, and a bakery. All grooming includes facial and leave-in conditioner. Specials are available for first-time customers. 

San Antonio, TX

Lucy’s Doggy Day Care and Spa 

Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and Spa, a premier dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and self-serve wash facility, opened in 2005 and has been awarded Best in the City for multiple years. The groomers specialize in scissor cuts and offer other grooming services including full-service baths, shed reduction treatment, and teeth brushing. The full-service bath includes nail trim, ear clean, and blow-dry. First-timers get a 50 percent discount. Lucy’s is a family-owned and community-oriented company. Groomings start at $56, and full-service baths start at $25. 

Minneapolis, MN


Ollu, the first self-serve dog wash in the Twin Cities, was opened in 2009 by Jodel. Since opening, Ollu has expanded its services to include full grooming. Ollu strives to exceed industry safety standards and customizes each groom to the dog’s specific needs. They provide self-service wash, full-service wash, full-service groom, and walk-in services. Bath, brush out, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, and haircut are included in the full-service groom. The price depends on the size, coat type, style of haircut, and coat condition. Add-on services are available to enhance your dog’s grooming experience. 

Los Angeles, CA

Pampered Tails 

Pampered Tails is the highest-rated groomer in West LA. They have been grooming dogs and cats since 2005, and they aim to make pets feel pampered. They work with pets of all ages, including elderly dogs, rescue dogs, and disabled dogs. Offering both mobile service on their fully equipped vans and a luxury salon service that does not use cage dryers, they are open seven days a week and hire only the best pet groomers. Prices range from $45 to $160. Pampered Tails is owned by Nelson Quintero and serves a large area in West LA. 

Washington, DC

Patrick’s Pet Care 

Founded in 2012 as a dog walking company, Patrick’s Pet Care is the only fear-free certified grooming team in Washington, DC. The fear-free process starts by gathering information about your dog’s grooming history and an assessment. For fearful dogs, time, patience, and classical conditioning are used to help them overcome their fears. The fear-free experience is relaxed, fun, and comfortable. Groomers are certified in fear-free grooming, and no forced restraints, harsh chemicals, or hot equipment are used. Rest, potty time, and treats are included. Hypo-allergenic bubble baths, nail trimming, brushing, de-matting, de-shedding, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, haircuts and styling, gland expression, hand stripping, disabled dog grooming, and transportation are offered.

Lakewood, CO

Peace Paws Mobile Pet Spa

If you are looking for an aggressive dog groomer that will come to you, Peace Paws Mobile Pet Spa in Lakewood, CO might be a good choice. Alex and Annie come to your house and groom your dog in their climate-controlled van. They offer full-service grooming for dogs and cats, warm hydro-massage, nail trim and file, tooth brushing, CBD treatment, and more. They service Highlands Ranch, Golden, Greenwood Village, Lakewood, Littleton, South Denver, Evergreen, and surrounding areas. Discounts are offered for multi-pet households.

Sacramento, CA

Pet Stylista Pet Grooming 

Opened in Oak Park in 2013 by Peni, an interior designer, Pet Stylista offers a full menu of grooming services for cats and dogs in a relaxing spa environment. Dog grooming packages include haircut groom, nails and ear service, color, paws plus service, shed-less bath treatment, brush-out between grooms, and bath plus groom. The bath plus groom package includes nail clip and buff, clean ears, brush coat, bath with organic shampoo, facial, tooth gel, and fluff and dry. Prices depend on breed, condition of coat, and temperament. 

Seattle, WA

Posh Paws  

Posh Paws, a pet-grooming salon in Seattle, provides a range of grooming services, toys, and accessories for cats and dogs in a loving and stress-free environment. They are open Tuesday through Saturday. Walk-in services include nail trim, nail grind, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. Bath and haircuts include nail trim, ear cleaning, and gland expression. All of their staff is certified in CPR and Pet First Aid. Prices depend on the breed and start at $30 for a bath and at $55 for a haircut. 

Philadelphia, PA

Spot’s Spot 

Spot’s Spot is a small neighborhood full-service grooming salon for dogs and cats. Services offered include everything from a basic walk-in nail trim to a breed or show cut. Basic shave downs, complicated cuts, de-shedding treatments, dyeing, creative grooming, Asian fusion, airbrushing, and cat grooming are also available. It is a warm and inviting place that is designed to make you and your pet comfortable. Call for an estimate and appointment. 

Charlotte, NC

The Dog Salon 

The Dog Salon in Charlotte, NC is designed with an open floor plan, and it is always action-filled and packed with cute dogs. It has been featured in several magazines in Charlotte and beyond. Options for grooming include a full groom, a mini-groom, or just a bath, The full groom includes consultation with a groomer, hydro-surge massaging bath, anal gland expression if requested, brush, blowout, and all over haircut, ear cleaning, nail trim, smell good spritz, bow or bandana, and plenty of love. Prices range from $65 to $110 depending on the size of your dog and the services requested.

Portland, OR

Townhouse Pet Care 

Townhouse Pet Care offers pet grooming for dogs and cats. There are two grooming packages to choose from: a haircut and bath or a bath and brush. Both packages include specialized shampoos and conditioners, flea treatments, and hypoallergenic options. The groomers specialize in breeds that require complex cuts, shaving, or styling. The haircut and bath package includes a haircut, full bath, facial wash, brush out, ear cleaning, expression, and nail trim. A-La-Carte services are offered for pets that need some maintenance. Prices vary based on coat condition, breed, and behavior. 

Manhattan, NYC

Unleashed Spa 

Located in Manhattan, NYC, Unleashed Spa offers professional pet grooming services for dogs and cats. They have been in business for 14 years, and all of the groomers are certified experts. Services offered include bath packages from $55 to $200, mini grooms from $70 to $180, and full grooming from $85 to $250. The full grooming includes nail clipping, paw pad cleaning, anal gland expression, sanitary clip, ear cleaning, a bath and a choice of shampoo, a blueberry facial, and a blowout and haircut of your choice. Teeth brushing and dental spray are also available. Special services include hand stripping, de-shedding, and de-matting.

Savannah, GA

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Starland 

Woof Gang Bakery offers professional pet grooming and pet supplies. They offer doodle breeds grooming, full-service grooming, mini grooming, luxury bath, and creative grooming. The full-service grooming includes luxury bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, styled haircut, trimming of face, sanitary area, paw pads, and finishing spritz. Prices for a full-service groom range from $55 to $85 depending on the size of your dog and may vary based on the type and condition of the coat.