Is It Safe To Let Cats On Balcony?

High rise syndrome is a term used in veterinary science to describe a fall from a balcony or window of a high rise building. The fall is from at least 2 storey high. Some of the most common reasons why cats fall are: play related, chasing/hunting insects or birds, and slipping from the balcony railing … Read more

How To Cat Proof A Balcony

Once you’ve decided to give your cat access to the balcony, there are several steps you can take to make sure your furry friend is safe and secure while enjoying the outdoors. 3 Ways on how to cat proof a balcony Here are 3 methods of cat proofing your balcony. Wire mesh This is the … Read more

How To Get Your Cat To Stop Climbing Curtains

Truly cat proof curtains don’t really exist, there’s only some good enough ones. And one of the best ways to get your cat to stop climbing curtains is to provide them with alternatives that are just as attractive. But before we start, let’s develop an action plan based on our understanding of why your cat … Read more

What Fabrics Are Cat Proof?

Cats loves digging into furniture and furnishing for play as well as to sharpen their claws. This is why every pet owner needs cat proof fabrics on their furnishing. Tightly woven materials are great options since the cat’s claws can’t dig in between the weave to break through the material and destroy it.  If possible, … Read more

How To Use Pine Pellets For Cat Litter

Pine pellets are a great alternative to traditional cat litter. They are made from recycled wood waste, specifically pine saw dust, making them an eco-friendly option. Traditional cat litter, on the other hand, are made of clay. The process of mining for the raw material to make clay litter is very damaging to the environment. … Read more

Are Pine Pellets Flushable

The answer to the question of whether pine pellets are flushable depends on a few factors. Let’s run through the list. Is it allowed in your area? First, it is important to check with your municipal or city to ensure that it is allowable to flush any kind of non-human waste (i.e. human poop, human … Read more

Are Pine Pellets Safe For Cats?

The short answer: Yes, pine pellets are generally considered safe for cats. Pine pellets are made from pine saw dust that are processed and compressed into small, uniform pellets. They are less likely to cause problems such as splinters or respiratory irritation that can be associated with other types of wood-based material like wood chip … Read more

How Often To Change Pine Pellet Litter

Pine pellet litter should be changed regularly in order to keep your cat’s environment clean and hygienic. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you replace all of the litter every one to two weeks. To ensure that your cat’s environment remains as clean and hygienic as possible , you should also … Read more

How Much Pine Pellets For Cat Litter

TL;DR: For a single cat household with a single litter box using a standard sized litter box, a 20 lb bag of pine pellet can probably last a month. The amount of pine pellets you should use for cat litter will depend on the size of the litter box and number of cats in your … Read more

How Do Sifting Litter Boxes Work

Sifting litter boxes are great options for households that want to make cleaning up the litter box easier. There are 2 main methods of sifting. The sifting litter boxes are built differently depending on which methods it uses. Option #1: Sifting litter box works like a giant scoop This type of sifting litter box use … Read more