The Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Multiple Cats Households

Here are the best automatic cat feeder for multiple cats we’ll be covering:

How do you stop one cat from eating the other cat’s food?

It’s inevitable that one cat may want to eat the other cat’s food. Even if it’s the exact same food that is in their own food bowl. It’s the proverbial “the grass is greener over there” situation. To combat this issue, there are a few things you can try.

Create a daily timed feeding schedule: No more free feeding. Scheduling their meals will allow you to have more control over who is eating what to ensure everyone gets their fair share.

Put your cats in separate rooms when it’s feeding time: This will help ensure that each cat only eats what they are given. Just remember to give your cat a litter box and water access during his feeding. 

Separate their food bowls by a few feet: Believe it or not, this can take care of the situation. Some cats are attracted to another food bowl if it’s right next to theirs. Just adding some space between the bowls is often all you need to do to get them to leave the other cat’s food alone.

How do you feed two cats when one is overweight?

It can be a challenge to feed two cats when one is overweight or has specific dietary requirements. Here are a few ideas for a multiple cat household to use when you have a cat that needs a special diet:

First, make sure you schedule your cats’ meals so there isn’t any opportunity for your overweight cat to access the other kitty’s food throughout the day.

Second, you may want to feed your cats in separate areas to make sure they don’t eat from each other’s bowls. Limit the meal to 30 minutes unless you have a picky eater that requires more time. Store each cat’s food bowl so that your overweight cat won’t be tempted with any of the other kitty’s leftovers.

Third, it may require several feeding times throughout the day to meet your cat’s eating preferences and ensure they are getting their daily food requirements. Always make sure that each cat’s food containers and bowls are labelled clearly if other family members or pet sitters will be involved in feeding your cats.

Our recommendation for the best automatic cat feeder for multiple cats

Timer-based feeder vs. self-feeder

With a timer-based feeder, you can control the time that your cat eats, which can help if your kitty has a weight issue or needs to follow a specific diet. You can easily set the timer and feed him at the same time every day, and, unlike a self-feeder, a timer-based feeder can help prevent your cat from overeating and help him watch his weight.

Feeder capacity

The feeder capacity can vary between automatic cat food feeders, so its important to make sure that the machine you are considering can portion out the right amount of food for your cat. Check the manufacturer specifications and see what size each of the containers can hold, so you can ensure that it will hold the right amount of food for your kitty.

Dry vs. wet food

A self-feeder that houses dry food needs to have an airtight design, so your kitty’s food stays fresh. If you are using a self-feeder for wet food, the container will require cooler packs that keep the food from going bad, which is important in warmer climates. It’s also important to refrigerate wet food before you open it to make it last longer.

As you shop for a self-feeder, it’s important to keep in mind what type of food you will be putting in it. Remember that the wrong food in an automatic cat feeder can cause your pet to get sick, so it’s important to think about the quality as well as how it is stored.

Dispenser vs. pre-portioned feeder

When choosing an automatic cat feeder, it can be important to consider how easily each of the units operate and their ease of maintenance. A dispenser can often get jammed if the size of the pellets you are using won’t fall through easily. Freeing jammed food regularly can become time consuming, plus these machines are more cumbersome to clean.

In comparison, a pre-portioned feeder is often dishwasher safe. That makes clean up easier, and most of the parts of these machines are easy to wipe clean. The portioned food is simply uncovered for your kitty, so there is no need to worry about the food becoming jammed. 

Tamper proof

Any time you get a new gadget for an animal, it’s important to make sure that they can’t mess with it. You want to make sure your automatic cat feeder is durable, so your cat can’t chew his way into it, and the feeder should have a secure design that won’t allow a sneaky cat to gain access to extra food.

Pellet size

The food that you choose for your automatic cat feeder needs to have a pellet size that will easily drop through the feeder as it is dispensed. If the pellet size of the food you are using is too large, the machine will get jammed and your cat won’t be able to eat. Depending on your machine, some pellets will work better than others, so it’s important to test out the food in your feeder before buying large quantities of it.

Surefeed Automatic Pet Feeder

A microchip feeder is an innovative way to keep one of your cat’s away from the other cat’s food. It is also super helpful if you have a cat that needs to follow a special diet. When your cat approaches the automatic feeder, the feeder will recognize the microchip or the RFID collar tag the cat is wearing, which will open the feeder.

When your cat walks away, the feeder will automatically close and stop any other animals from getting into the food. It can store up to 32 identities in its memory and keeps the sealed bow fresh and free of insects. This feeder is ideal for both dry and wet food and can hold two wet food pouches or 400 ml of dry food.

If your cat isn’t microchipped, the SureFlap RFID Collar Tags is compatible with this pet door and is perfect for pets that haven’t been microchipped. The Surefeed Automatic Pet Feeder is easy to use and set up, but some users have had issues with the cover staying tight. Others have had issues with it getting stuck and not opening at mealtime.

PetSafe Cat Doors

Using a combination of an interior cat door to feed multiple cats in a separate room, the PetSafe Cat Doors is an ideal solution to keep your cats separated from each other’s food. Reading a unique microchip ID, this door only allows programmed pet access helping to restrict food areas.

The PetSafe Cat Door has a 12-month battery life and comes with an indicator light when you have a low battery. It also has a manual four-way lock features that let you control your pet’s access to that room and the food that is inside.

The Petsafe Cat Door is easy to install and features energy-efficient weather stripping along with two magnetic locking points that help to increase its insulation. Users have found that this door requires a bit more of a push than some cats are willing to do. But it is extremely helpful in restricting the movement of cats when it’s necessary.

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

When considering a wet food dispenser, the Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder comes with a digital timer that can serve up to five meals including an initial feed and then four other timed meals. 

This pet feeder features two ice packs and a tight-fitting lid that helps to keep your wet food fresh. Featuring a simple to use digital timer, all feeds that are programmed are easy to read on the included LCD display.

Equipped with five large food compartments, the Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder can hold up to ¾ pound of food that is enough to feed two cats. It has a tamper-resistant design and can be fastened easily to a wooden board when you need extra stability. Using two ice packs in order to keep the wet food fresh, this is an easy to clean feeder that also features a dishwasher-proof bowl and lid.

Users have found that the Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder is easy to set up and is perfect for your vacation time. It does require manually cranking since the wheel can stop in the middle hallway from the opening and will expose two food wedges at the same time. You also can’t turn it off to conserve the battery, so it will run all day.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Food Dispenser

When you have two cats that get along well, having an automatic cat food dispenser that will feed them both at the same time is super handy. The PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Food Dispenser lets both your cats eat side by side. Easy to program, this food dispenser allows you to sleep in by scheduling your kitties early morning breakfast the night before.

Capable of holding up to 24 cups of food, the PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Food Dispenser uses a unique dispensing system that can serve 12 melas a day that range from 1/8 cup to 4 cups each meal depending on your needs. 

With the variety in portion size, you can easily maintain your cat’s healthy weight or help an overweight cat with their diet. Plus, this food dispenser has a durable design that prevents cats from clawing it or sneaking out food.

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Food Dispenser is easy to take apart to clean and is also dishwasher safe. Users have found that the smallest portion size is still too large for kittens that are used to several meals a day. Most users were happy with the design and felt that it has some quirky features that you get used to.

Cattie Automatic Pet Feeder

If you are interested in a feeder that has a camera, the Cattie Automatic Pet Feeder comes with WiFi app control, so you can feed your cat remotely. You can easily set automatic times for your cat to eat or feed your cat manually from your mobile device. The HD Camera also includes night vision, so you can monitor your pet at night.

Equipped with a voice recorder, the Cattie Automatic Pet Feeder is able to record up to 10 voice messages at once, so you can call your pet and let him know he’s not alone. The automatic feeder also prevents early morning wake up calls since the feeder will do all the work. You can also share the account with your family, so you can share your pet feeding duties with other family members.

This programmable feeder allows you to feed your cat up to find a meal a day. Users have found that it is sometimes difficult to connect to the internet. They also found that the instructions aren’t very good when it comes to connecting the device.

How do you feed two cats when they overeat?

The best approach to this situation is to feed them separately. This option doesn’t allow one cat to eat all the food and ensures that they eat only the amount given to them. It’s particularly helpful if one cat bullies the other over food. 

A microchip pet feeder is another option that will open when it detects the microchip approaching. This type of machine helps to limit overeating and prevent cats from stealing food.

Should I leave food out for my cat all day?

It all depends on the type of food that you are serving your cat. If you feed your cat wet food, then the answer is no, it is not safe to leave out all day. In comparison, dry food is safe to leave out during the day, which can be beneficial when you have a cat that likes to nibble on their food all day long.

Do cats stop eating when they are full?

Each cat is different in their eating habits and ability to gain weight. Some cats like to eat their entire meal in one sitting while other cats like to snack on their bowl of food all day. 

Cats that are used to eating all their food at once may have a difficult time adjusting to free feeding, which can cause them to overeat. Remember to consider their eating habits when choosing which type of automatic cat feeder to use.