Best Automatic Wet Food Cat Feeder to Keep Wet Food Fresh

Here are the best automatic wet food cat feeder we’ll be covering:

Is it bad to leave wet cat food out all day? 

How long can wet cat food sit out? When it comes to wet cat food, you cannot leave it out all day long. Wet food typically comes in a can or sachet, which has a long shelf life if you don’t open them. Once they are opened, the food is exposed to air and bacteria. And if they are left out in a warmer part of your home, the warm temperature can increase the rate the food will go bad. 

If you have a cat that tends to eat his meal over a few sittings, you might be tempted to just leave it out until he finishes it. Just remember that this will increase the possibility of bacteria developing that can cause disease. The longest you should leave wet food out is four hours. After that, you should throw out the leftovers and wash out the bowl using water and soap before you use it again for fresh food. 

Does wet cat food need to be refrigerated? 

Can I leave wet food out overnight? It’s important to remember that wet cat food is different from dry food and needs to be refrigerated once it’s open. Remember that it is not recommended to leave wet cat food out all night since it can spoil after being at room temperature for four hours.

If you have a cat that doesn’t eat his whole serving at one time, you will need to cover the leftover food before refrigerating it. When it’s time for his next meal, warm up the leftover cat food in your microwaves since cats tend to dislike food that is cold. 

Is there an automatic cat feeder for wet food?

Yes! There are many automatic cat feeders that work with wet food on the market. These pet feeders use coolers or ice packs that will keep the cat’s food fresh and safe to eat.

Look for an automatic cat feeder that has good build quality, is easy to clean, and comes with the ice packs you need, so you don’t have to spend extra money on additional parts for your automatic cat feeder. 

You also want something programmable, so you can set your cat’s feeding times and mealtime frequency. And look for a feeder that is pretty quiet and doesn’t come with any annoying alert noises.

Our recommendation for the best automatic wet food cat feeder

Pre-portioned feeder vs. Hopper style dispenser: Pre-portioned feeders offer your cat a specific portion of food while a hopper style dispenser allows cats to free-feed dry food whenever they get hungry. While both offer timed feedings, each unit has its benefits and works well for specific cat personalities. 

Pre-portioned feeders are ideal for cats that don’t have restraint when eating, have a special diet, or are overweight. You can program how often your cat eats from the pre-portioned food compartments instead of worrying about him overeating from a hopper style dispenser. 

Ice pack or cooler feature

Wet food dispensers come with an ice pack or cooling feature. This keeps the food fresh and safe to eat since you shouldn’t leave wet food out at room temperature for more than four hours. If you have a wet cat food dispenser that uses an ice pack feature, then you can feel comfortable leaving wet cat food in the dispenser for a few hours to help with feeding times.

Washable and dishwasher friendly: Wet cat food can be smelly, so it’s important your wet food dispenser is easy to clean. Wet cat food is also messier than dry food that is dispensed from a hopper style cat feeder. It can get caught in crevices and corners of a machine and go back quickly. Ideally, you want something dishwasher safe or that all the parts can be washed using warm soapy water.

Portions: Make sure you consider the portion size of each of the compartments as you choose your wet cat food dispenser. If the compartments are too small, your cat won’t be getting enough food at each meal. 

How many compartments the feeder has will also determine how many meals the machine is able to program. Just remember that the amount of compartments it has needs to match the number of meals you need to program for your kitty.

Dual power supply: Some cat food feeders use either batteries or a power cord. But there are others that use both. With a dual power supply, you have the option of using an electric cord or batteries, so it’s really based on your preferences. However, it can be helpful to have that electric cord if you run out of batteries as well as have a battery option if the power goes out. 

Cat Mate C300 Pet Feeder

Capable of serving three meals, the Cat Mate C300 Pet Feeder is battery operated and offers timed feeding when you’re not home. It can serve either dry or wet food and includes an ice pack to keep wet food safe to eat. The tight-fitting lid also helps to keep food fresher longer.

You can easily fasten the Cat Mat C300 Pet Feeder to a wood board to add more stability. It also comes with a digital timer that is simple to use and all of the programmed feeds can be seen on the LCD display.

The Cat Mate C300 Pet Feeder also comes in a five-meal option if you will be gone for a longer period of time. This dishwasher safe product can be turned over easily, so it helps if you weigh it down. And you will need to tape the lid onto the bottom as cats can figure out how to pop off the lid easily.

Casfuy Cat Feeder

Easily schedule your cat’s feeding time with the Casfuy Cat Feeder includes several food compartments and a built-in timer. This feeder includes isolated dry and wet food sections with an easy to clean and dishwasher safe design.

This machine also lets you leave personalized messages for your pet thanks to the built-in voice recorder that can hold 10 seconds of your voice. The included LCD display is user-friendly and each compartment can store 240 ml of wet or dry food. And the Casfuy Automatic Cat Feeder includes a dual power supply that can be battery operated or use the DC power adapter.

This is a durable product that cats can’t break or get into. However, the Casfuy Cat Feeder isn’t the easiest to set up and program. The instructions could be more helpful, and it is a little expensive than comparable automatic feeders.

Orsda Automatic Cat Feeder

Perfect for keeping wet food overnight, the Orsda Automatic Cat Feeder allows you to easily manage your cat’s mealtimes, even when you go out of town. It also offers precise portion control making it a good choice for aging and dieting cats. This feeder includes a built-in timer and can hold either wet or dry food.

The Orsda Pet Feeder provides precise portions that can be dispensed at specific intervals, which is a great option for a cat that needs frequent feeding or has special needs. 

The multifunctional panel includes smart program settings along with a voice recorder that can notify your cat that it’s mealtime with a personalized voice recording. This waterproof design is easy to clean and comes with dual power options.

The Orsda Pet Feeder is a helpful addition to any cat home. It does take up a lot of space, so make sure you have the floor space to house it. Plus, some cats learn how to turn the food tray manually, which can allow cats to eat all the food at once if they want.

Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder

Capable of dispensing three meals each day, the Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder is a worry-free pet “Butler” that can distribute six one-cup meals each cycle. This pet feeder is convenient and customizable with programmable mealtimes and sound alerts that notify your cat it’s time to eat. With a simple to use LCD display, this battery-operated cat feeder allows you to set the time and choose how many compartments should open for each meal.

The Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder is dishwasher safe and durable made out of premium ABS plastic. You can also wipe the rotating lid, handle, and cover clean. Plus, the control panel is securely covered to stop your kitty from adjusting the settings accidentally. 

The easy to use Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder works with dry food, treats, semi-set food, and medication. comes with six compartments. The directions that come with the Pawple Feeder are simple to follow, but they aren’t complete. It also features an annoying beeping noise to notify your cat when it’s time to eat.

SureFeed Motion Activated Sealed Pet Bowl

This motion-activated pet feeder will open when your cat approaches it. The SureFeed Motion Activated Sealed Pet Bowl is best when used in a single pet home and allows your cat to eat safely when you’re away. Capable of holding up to 13 ½ ounces, this pet feeder can hold either dry or wet food.

When the SureFeed Pet Bowl is closed, it creates a seal to keep your cat’s food fresh longer. This feeder has a no-spill design that prevents your cat from making a mess as he eats. And it won’t skid thanks to the silicon toe pads on the bottom of the machine.

This battery-powered cat feeder also comes with a low battery indicator, so you know when it’s time to change out the battery. Some users have had issues with the bowl opening and closing constantly as their cat eats. Otherwise, this is a good quality product that is well-engineered.

Which is better-wet cat food or dry cat food?

Every cat can benefit from a wet food diet. This is especially true for male cats that have a higher risk of developing urinary obstructions. These obstructions can be pretty painful, and life-threatening, so it’s important to feed your cat a diet of wet cat food to stop issues like this from ever developing.

Do cats need wet food every day?

Yes! Wet cat food is the healthier choice when comparing dry and wet cat food. Hydration is the main benefit of feeding your cat wet food. And cats that only eat a dry food diet often end up being dehydrated and have more of a risk of developing a urinary obstruction, urethral obstruction, or bladder infection.

While a cat will drink as much water as he needs at that moment, obviously more water is better to help him prevent health issues from developing. A bladder that is inflamed or has a high concentration of minerals can develop stones and cause an obstruction or inflammation. 

To combat this, a cat will need more water to pass through the urinary system, kidneys, and bladder to flush out and decrease mineral concentrations and inflammation that can cause your cat problems. Eating wet cat food every day will help continually flush out your cat’s system and prevent these issues from developing in the future.

Can I mix wet and dry cat food?

It’s better to feed your cat just wet food instead of combining both dry and wet food. Wet cat food has many more benefits and should be fed to your cat by itself. Most of your cats’ daily caloric intake will come from canned food that includes the high protein and low carbohydrate diet that he needs.

Often, wet food is used as a treat for a cat, or as a supplement for dry food when it really should be the other way around. Dry food should only be used as a treat and not as the main part of your cat’s diet.

Can you use an automatic wet cat food feeder for multiple days?

The answer to this question depends on the specific feeder that you buy. Automatic cat feeder wet food machines come equipped with icepacks or cooling features in order to keep the food safe for consumption. However, the amount of food that each feeder can store and how long the machine can keep the food cool varies. 

If you want to be able to feed your cat wet food over a long weekend, you will want to invest in a machine with multiple compartments and the ability to keep the food refrigerated for days in a row. 

While it can be done with the right feeder, there are still some drawbacks to doing so. Here are some additional considerations for using a wet cat food feeder over several days.


  • Allows you to feed your cat their food over a long weekend
  • Can feed your pet several times to address dietary needs
  • Can freeze future portions to increase window of safety


  • Food can go bad if refrigeration gives out
  • If the pet does not eat everything in the tray, it may contaminate future feedings
  • Wet food can build up in machine crevices and go bad or begin to smell

Is it safe to put wet cat food in an automatic feeder?

As noted above, wet cat food must be refrigerated within four hours after being opened to prevent bacteria and fungi from growing and making your cat ill. If you are using a standard automatic feeder without a cooling mechanism, the food will not be stored properly to prevent your pet from getting ill. 

However, if you purchase one of the automatic feeders designed specifically for wet food, it will be safe for your pet if used as intended. 

How does an automatic feeder keep the wet cat food fresh?

Automatic cat feeder wet food dispensers are designed with some form of cooling mechanism in order to keep the food fresh for an extended period of time.

Since canned wet foods are recommended to be refrigerated within a few hours of opening, these machines attempt to mimic that design in order to preserve the opened food. This can look a bit different across the different brands of wet feeders, however. 

Here is a look at the different methods used to keep wet food fresh. 

Chilled or refrigeration

Any wet food feeder that keeps food cold is considered a refrigerated or chilled machine. Although there is currently not a food dispensing product that functions like a refrigerator with plug-in capabilities, there are two different designs used to keep the wet food cold. 

Ice pack

The majority of wet food dispensers will utilize ice packs to help keep the food refrigerated and at a safe temperature. You will place the ice pack in the freezer and then place it under the tray in order to keep the wet food cool and safe. 

This is the most common style of feeder since it is easy to use almost anywhere and does not require the use of electricity in order to keep it going. However, the ice packs are limited in how long they can keep the wet food cool. This is especially true if you are unable to completely freeze them prior to use.


An insulated feeder operates just like a cooler or lunch box. It does not use ice packs or another means of actively cooling the food but rather attempts to maintain the temperature when it is placed in. 

This type of feeder works best with refrigerated or frozen food, since it will stay at a safe temperature for longer. It is not intended to be used over multiple days unless you add ice packs beneath the feeding trays. 

DIY ideas to build your own wet cat food automatic feeder

Knowing that most wet cat feeders use an ice pack system, one of the easiest ways to create your own dispenser is by altering an insulated feeder or one intended for dry food. If you purchase a feeder with pre-portioned sections, which won’t get clogged up by wet food, you can add ice packs beneath the tray. This would help to extend the safe window of consumption for your cat’s food.

For those that have the skill set, you could also build and program your own feeder. You can create a rudimentary feeder with cardboard or plywood. If you understand electronics and coding, you can build your own automatic feeder that keeps the cat food cold. You can create a simple machine, or something more complex like this invention.