The Best Broom for Pet Hair: It also Works on Carpet!

TL;DR: The Evriholder FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom is the best broom for pet hair. This pet hair magnet is very easy to use and clean.

We will be covering 5 different types of brooms for pet hair in this article:

The humble broom is effective with cleaning the hardwood floors. But with different types of brooms coming into the market, you can now use them on carpets and rugs as well. The broom heads are made of different material and each have different usage.

But if you’re in the vacuum cleaner camp, do consider our list below. We’ve listed the 7 reasons why a broom can sometimes be a better option than a vacuum cleaner. 

7 reasons why to reconsider a broom

1. When your pet is too timid

Vacuum cleaners can be your best friend but not your timid pet’s. Even the quietest vacuum cleaners can sometimes be too loud. When we switched from an old canister vacuum cleaner to a Dyson stick vacuum, all of our pets welcomed the quieter machine but one.

One of our cats is still terrified of the sound of vacuum cleaners, and there’s nothing much we can do as the Dyson is pretty much one of the quietest machines around. 

If you’re in a similar situation, then try using a conventional broom or sweeper instead. Vacuum cleaners not only produce loud noise, the air suction and vibration could also be a source of anxiety to your pet.

2. Clean at odd hours

Do you clean at odd hours? Do you have the motivation to clean only late at night or early Sunday mornings? If you stay in an apartment building, or have a young child in the house, then consider getting a broom.

You don’t want to disturb your neighbors or your family who’s asleep. Even the quietest vacuum cleaner will ring loudly when the surrounding is whisper quiet.

If you really need the extra cleaning abilities of an electric-powered machine, give the electric broom a try. Think of them as lite-versions of your vacuum cleaner. They still deliver suction power, although not as strong as standard vacuum cleaners. But definitely sufficient for quick clean-ups around the house.

3. Too dirty or wet for vacuum cleaners

There will be times when the pet mess is too much. That you’ll probably have to spend more time washing the vacuum roller brush than cleaning the actual pet mess itself.

This is when you’ll need a nylon bristle broom or even better a rubber broom. For wet mess like dirt after rain or a wet pile of pet hair or even vomit, use a rubber broom instead.

Some rubber brooms have built-in squeegee to help pull the mess together. These rubber brooms can be rinsed off with soap water, the dirt slides off easily when rinsed.

4. Vacuum cleaner blows all the pet hair around

It’s very frustrating when a vacuum cleaner blows pet hair around when you’re holding it at a certain angle. The poor placement of the exhaust vents is the reason why.

The exhaust vent is where air that’s sucked into the vacuum gets circulated out once it’s been through the filter. If the vents are pointing downwards, strong enough air flow will blow lightweight particles around, including pet hair.

Lightweight fine cat hair will fly and float in the air with the slightest disturbance. In this case, use a rubber broom or a broom with lint head attachment.

These materials are pet hair magnets. Pet hair cling onto the rubber or lint surfaces easily. These brooms can be used on hard floors as well as upholstery. 

5. Your full size vacuum cleaner is too clunky

If you find it too much of a hassle to drag your full sized vacuum cleaner out for quick daily cleaning, then consider a broom for picking up pet hair. We agree that brooms will not be replacing vacuum cleaners anytime soon. But there is still a place for brooms. They are lightweight, compact and easy to handle. 

For quick clean ups before the guests arrive, run a rubber broom over the carpet a couple of times. And do the same around heavy trafficked areas in your home. This will literally take minutes. Takes a fraction of the time compared to dragging the vacuum cleaner out of the closet.

6. Brooms are very simple non-mechanical tools

The humble broom is a very simple tool. It has practically zero moving parts and this can work in its advantage. There’s no motor breakdown, faulty electrical components, broken mechanical parts or dying battery.

The only common wear and tear on a broom is the bristle falling apart or losing it’s shape/form. But with proper care and storage, you can slow the signs of wear and tear. 

For the absolute most basic option, go for a conventional nylon bristle broom. Opt for one with strong but flexible bristles. Dry it thoroughly after each wash.

Hang it up in storage. Sitting the broom on the floor will damage the bristles. The weight of the broom will push down on the bristles, causing it to bend and lose its flexibility. 

7. Brooms are just cheaper to own and maintain

The upfront cost of owning a vacuum cleaner is at least 3 to 4 times more expensive than a regular broom. While vacuum cleaners can do so much more than a regular broom, we do need to compare, and do some cost-benefit analysis.

Not only are they cheaper to buy, brooms are also cheaper to maintain and operate. You don’t need to replace the filters or dust bag. You don’t need electricity to run the machine. If your pet doesn’t shed much, and you don’t have any carpet or area rugs in your home, then a broom can be your main cleaning tool. 

If you’re confused as to the different types of brooms available, read on. Our list below includes a regular nylon bristle broom, rubber bristle broom, lint broom, and electric broom. Now let’s dive into our picks for the best brooms for pet hair. 

TreeLen Dustpan and Broom Combo

Best broom for pet hair on hardwood (nylon bristles)

This dustpan and broom combo is simple yet effective in getting pet hair off hard floors including hardwood, titles, ceramic or linoleum.

The nylon bristles are soft and flexible, they are gentle on the floor and glides smoothly over the floor. Use them only indoors as the rough outdoors ground surface will damage the soft bristles.

The broom height is at 3.4ft/1m with the default configuration. If you’re tall or have back issues and would like to avoid bending over as you sweep, you can opt for a handle extension. With the handle extension, the height of the broom now stands at 4.3ft/1.3m. 

Run the bristles through the ‘teeth’ on the edge of the dustpan every so often as you sweep. It pulls out all the pet hair, dust and even cat litter that cling to the bristles, saving you from having to pull them out by hand. The rubber lip on the bottom edge sits flush to the floor.

On uneven floors or around the grout area, you might need to tilt the pan forward slightly and apply pressure to push the rubble lip to the floor. Clip the broom to the dustpan and the set can stand on its own if you need to step away.  

The dustpan has a low/flat opening. Pet hair, especially light as air cat hair, will not fly off the dustpan because they’re enclosed in the dustpan once swept in.

For storage, the set snaps into a very narrow profile, allowing you to store it even in the tightest broom closet. The dustpan snaps into a vertical position, and the broom head sits right in.

The broom holder is held up by the clip-on feature, the weight of the broom is not pushing down on the bristles which will bend and damage them. 

LeBrush 2.0 Universal Pet Hair Remover Broom

Best broom for pet hair on carpet and upholstery

The LeBrush 2.0 Broom allows you to do quick cleanups in between vacuuming. The cleaning path width is about 10inches/0.25m. It is narrower than a standard vacuum floor attachment. But what you get is flexibility and portability.

The foot of this broom is small and can fit under and go around furniture easily. It fits into areas a standard vacuum floor attachment can’t, but still sufficiently covers small carpeted areas. This makes it the perfect tool for quick daily touch-ups around the house.

You can use it on carpets or area rugs, but also bedding, upholstered furniture and covers. 

This broom has 2 sides that you can choose for different surfaces. The wire bristle side is for pulling out pet hair stuck deep between the carpet fibers. This bristle can be tough, so it’s only suitable for thicker carpets and wool rugs.

Using it on delicate fabric may damage the fabric as the bristle can lodge in between the fibers. For these delicate fabrics, use the other side, which is the lint side. The lint side is recommended for more sensitive surfaces such as linen, silk or velvet.

You should also use the lint side on textured carpets such as shag carpets or knotted carpets where the wire bristle can get caught on.

If you’re unsure which side of the broom to use, it’s always a good idea to test it on an inconspicuous spot. Using it is easy, but always remember to pull in only one direction, towards yourself.

Cleaning a large floor space with it is probably a lot of work, we recommend saving that job for a vacuum cleaner. Although the broom is very easy to use, you’ll need to clean out the pet hair collected every so often.

It comes with a comb-like tool in the box for scraping out the pet hair collected, and it’s just not as convenient as dumping the contents out from a vacuum dust cup. It is lightweight (only 2.3lbs/0.5kg) and can be disassembled for storage.

The handle is adjustable, you can use a shorter handle for above the ground cleaning, and the long handle for floor cleaning.

Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake

Best carpet rake for pet hair 

Carpet rakes are commonly used by professional carpet cleaning companies. It’s one of the tricks they use to ‘fluff up’ the carpet fibers and make them stand up again. And this breathes life back into the carpet. Making the carpet look almost like the first day it was installed.

The carpet fibers get weight down and flatten as part of the wear and tear of it. This is particularly visible for fully carpeted areas. You’ll notice that the carpet fibers around heavily trafficked areas are more densely packed down and flatten. 

Unlike pet hair remover tools like the LeBrush, the Grandi Groom Carpet Rake is not for removing or extracting pet hair. Think of it as a pre-extraction tool. It digs deep into the carpet fibers and loosen pet hair and dirt stuck deep in between the fibers.

Using the carpet rake before vacuuming will ensure a much more thorough clean. The vacuum cleaner will have a much easier and more efficient task of extraction. After vacuuming, run the Grandi Groom again to lift the carpet fibers even more. It also will get rid of the vacuum tracks and gives your carpet a very manicured look.

To use, run the carpet rake through the carpet in short strokes, using a pull-and-push motion.

The Grandi Groom Carpet Rake has an extra wide cleaning path of 18inches/0.45m. This allows you to cover more floor space with less strokes. It’s not very suitable for small area rugs under furniture, you’ll find it too wide to maneuver around. The effect is much more visible when used on wall-to-wall carpeting.

The manufacturer uses nylon bristles that are more gentle on the carpet fibers. These stiff nylon bristles are also flexible enough to withstand the bending from being run back and forth. 

Evriholder FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

Best rubber broom for pet hair – most versatile

The broom head is made entirely out of natural rubber. It is soft enough to not scratch or damage hardwood floors, but still very durable. The science behind why this works is static electricity.

“Static electricity is the buildup of electrical charge in an object”, according to Scientific American. When objects have opposite charges (positive vs negative), they cling onto each other. That’s how pet hair is attracted to rubber.

While a carpet rake does not extract pet hair out of the carpet, this rubber broom does. The Evriholder FURemover is like a pet hair magnet on the carpets and rugs. It also works on most floor types, including hardwood floor.

You can also use this on upholstery as well. For ground level cleaning, extend the telescopic handle up to 60inches/1.5m. The telescopic handle can be adjusted down to 36inches/0.9m. The cleaning width of this rubber broom is 12 inches.

The broom head is slim and curves slightly for gathering hair, dust and debris. The rubber bristle is for raking pet hair and dust stuck in between carpet fibers. For hardwood floors, use the squeegee side to stroke inwards towards you, with the curved side facing you. You can also use the squeegee side to gather pet hair that’s on the surface of the carpet.

Unlike a regular broom, where you might need to pull pet hair and dust out of the bristle, this rubber broom is easily cleaned.

To clean, simply wash it with some soapy water. This will rinse off the pet hair clinging to the rubber, as well as sanitize it. Rinse with water and pat dry with a towel. Once it is completely dry, it will be ready for use again.

Avoid drying the rubber broom in the sunlight. Exposure to extreme sunlight or even cold can damage the rubber head, making it hard and brittle. 

Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper 

Best electric broom for pet hair

An electric broom is a great tool to use in between heavier cleaning. It picks up small amount of debris, dust and pet hair very well, but it can get overwhelmed when it’s too dirty. It is not recommended for deep cleaning.

This electric broom works on most floor types, including hardwood, linoleum, tiled, carpet and rugs. It is more effective on low pile carpets and rugs. It can get caught in the fibers of high pile carpets or shag rugs.

If the electric broom gets caught on the corners of your carpet, don’t attempt to pull it out of the roller brush. Turn off the power, and slowly remove it. Otherwise you can damage both your carpet and the broom.

This electric broom has one of the longest runtime on the market. Up to an hour on a single charge. The unit comes with a wall plug which connects to the broom via a charging cord, there’s no charging station for it.

This electric broom is extremely quiet to operate, if compared to a standard vacuum cleaner. But don’t mistake the low noise level with lack of power. The Bissell Perfect Sweep delivers a surprisingly good amount of suction power.

The dust cup holds about 16oz/480ml, which is pretty impressive given the size of the machine. We’ve seen vacuum cleaners hold less than that. Empty is quite fuss free, just lift it out of the machine and dump the content into the bin.

You can wash the dust cup with water and mild soap. But make sure to dry it completely before fixing the cup back.

The machine is easy to use. The cleaning path on this electric broom is 9.5inches/24cm, which is narrower than the standard cleaning path of vacuum cleaners. This actually works in the advantage of this electric broom.

The broom head swivels and it fits under even very low furniture. You’ll be able to reach smaller spaces with this electric broom than with a vacuum cleaner floor attachment. 

The Evriholder FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom is our pick for the best broom for pet hair. It is a rubber broom, with its broom head made of 100% natural rubber. Thanks to the static electricity, pet hair is naturally attracted to it. And because the bristles are made of rubber, they’re extremely easy to clean and maintain.

They’re unlike nylon bristles which can be difficult to clean and take awhile to dry (because the nylon bristles can stick together). Simply rinse the rubber bristles under water, and use soap and give it a scrub. Any grime or dirt should come off easily. Towel or air dry the broom, and you’re good to go.

This rubber broom works on different types of flooring: carpet, rugs, hardwood, tiles, ceramic, etc. While can’t pull pet hair stuck deep in the carpet fibers, it does a great job at gathering the hair on the surface.

You can also use the squeegee side of the broom to rake and gather pet hair on hard surfaces. The broom handle is extendable up to 60inches/1.5m which is quite long. This will save you some backache, you won’t have to hunch over it while you clean. This is a simple yet very effective tool for cleaning pet hair.