The Best Cat Clippers For Matted Fur To Trim Away Light Mats

Here’s the best cat clippers for matted fur we’ll be covering:

When to do it yourself and when to leave it to the professionals

Matted fur can become a serious problem for cats and their owners. In many cases, mats become so severe that they require the services of a professional groomer. 

However, when mats are caught early and are relatively small and light, cat owners might able to trim them away with the right tools. If you want to try doing it yourself, this article will help you choose the best cat clippers for matted fur.

Doing it yourself has some obvious advantages. First of all, it spares your cat from the stress of going to a professional groomer. Secondly, it saves you money. Cat grooming by professionals is quite pricey, often costing more than grooming a dog.

You should only attempt trimming a matted cat yourself if the matting is light and not too close to the cat’s skin. You will also want to be sure that the cat is cooperative and lets you trim the mats without becoming aggressive. Finally, you will want to have a professional show you how to do it before you try to do it yourself.

When mats are severe and extensive, it is safest to seek out the services of a professional groomer. This is especially true if you find that the mats are sticking to your cat’s skin. Professional groomers are trained and have experience handling nervous cats and trimming their fur. When necessary, vets can sedate cats to shave off their mats.

Our recommendation for the best cat clippers for matted fur

When choosing the best cat clippers for matted fur, you will want to take your specific cat’s needs into account. The best cat clippers will be dependable and easy to use. They will also be tailored to the type of trimming you plan to do.

One thing to consider is whether the clippers are  corded or cordless. Corded clippers have more consistent power, but they must be plugged in during use. This can make them limiting and inconvenient to use.

Cordless clippers come with removable or rechargeable battery packs. They are more flexible because you can use them with or without the cord, but they might have less power and can lose power as the charge declines. If you decide on cordless clippers, be sure to consider the runtime and the charge time for the different models.

The  weight of the clippers is another consideration. Lightweight clippers are easier on your hand and wrist, but clippers made from high-quality materials like stainless steel tend to be heavy. You will want to find clippers that have an ergonomic design, so they are easy to hold. Finding the right balance is also important.

The clippers you choose should be suitable for your specific needs. Different clippers styles are best for light, medium, and heavy coats. Inexpensive clippers are a good choice for light trims while multi-speed clippers are better for mats or full-body trims.

Some clippers come as part of a kit. Others are bare tools, so you need to buy accessories separately. Some come with guide combs that determine how long the hair will be.

You will also want to consider the blade kit and blade quality. A model that comes with a selection of blades is more versatile than one with a single blade. You should look for blades that are rust and chemical resistant, detachable, and easy to change. Sharp, high-quality blades glide more smoothly through your cat’s coat without pulling on her hair.

The noise and heat are also factors to take into account. Cats are less nervous if the clippers are quiet and low vibration. If the blades get too hot, they can be uncomfortable and might burn your cat’s fur or skin, so it’s best to find clippers with good ventilation. Still, you should check the temperature frequently to make sure they are cool.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Clipper Kit

Light clipping option

The Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Clipper Kit is a corded/cordless clipper kit with a 90-minute run. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and will run at full power until the battery charge runs out completely. It can be recharged in 60 minutes. The clippers are lightweight and ergonomically designed to prevent your hand and wrist from tiring.

The clipper kit comes with a 5-in-one blade set that adjusts between sizes 9, 10. 15, 30, and 40, for a variety of hair lengths. The blade is made from high-grade stainless steel. Its strong rotary motor reaches up to 5,500 strokes per minute. Quiet and low in vibration, this is a good choice for a cat’s paws and face and for light body clipping and grooming.

It is a full kit that comes with everything you need including a full set of guide combs, a cleaning brush, blade oil, an instruction book, a charging stand, a charger, and a storage case. It is 7 inches long and weighs 8.8 ounces. It is made in Hungary, the blades are made in Germany, and it is compatible with US outlets. It comes with a one-year limited professional warranty.

Pros: Cord/cordless capability, constant speed control, quiet, long-lasting battery, easy to use

Cons: Pricey, gets hot in long sessions, not as good for full body haircuts

Wahl Professional Animal KM Clipper Kit

Full body clipping, quiet option

The Wahl Professional Animal KM Clipper Kit is Wahl’s first detachable blade cordless clipper with a 2-hour runtime. With cordless and corded capabilities, it can run all day. It runs at two powerful speeds, 3000 or 3700 strokes per minute, and its constant speed control feature adjusts the trimmer speed based on resistance and the type of pet hair. The clippers are ergonomically designed.

This professional-grade clipper kit comes with a detachable sharp, high-quality #10 ultimate competition series blade set. It adjusts between sizes 9, 10. 15, 30, and 40, and the blades are easy to switch. The motor is powerful and delivers exceptional torque. Quiet and with little to no vibration, this is a good choice for cats that are sensitive to noise.

The kit comes with a clipper, a #10 ultimate competition series blade, a 10-foot charging cord, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and instructions. It is ideal for body clipping, trimming, and cutting through thick and matted coats. It is made in the USA and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Pros: Long-lasting, made in the USA, stays cool, cord or cordless, quiet, 2 speeds, professional grade

Cons: Expensive, heavy, no docking station, hard to maintain

Andis22690 EasyClip Pro-Animal Clipper Kit

Versatile option

Andis22690 EasyClip Pro-Animal Clipper Kit is a 7-piece versatile clipper that comes in a variety of colors. The lower speeds are good for a cool run and clipping sensitive areas while the higher speeds are best for a nice finish. The clippers are sturdy, break-resistant, lightweight, and easy to use.

The 4 x 4 ceramic blade is detachable for easy cleaning. The blades change out easily and require no tools. The ceramic blade is sharp and runs cooler than a steel blade. It is durable and versatile, long-lasting, and dependable. It has 25 percent more blade torque for a smooth cut. The chrome finish prevents corrosion.

The kit comes with a clipper, a #10 ceramic blade, a 12-inch heavy-duty cord, 4 attachment combs in different sizes, and a hard storage case. It is made in the USA.

Pros: Versatile, sturdy, ceramic blade, good weight, decent cord length, stays cool, easy to use

Cons: Expensive, not cordless

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Grooming Clippers

Full body shave option

The Oster Golden A5 Two-speed animal grooming clippers are durable and cut through just about any type of hair. These are a good choice for cats with long matted hair. The adjustable speed motor can reach a speed of 2700 strokes per minute. The low speed is ideal for precision and sensitive areas while the high speed is more powerful for faster trims and full-body shaves.

These clippers come with a detachable sharp cryogenX size 10 blade that performs well for many tasks. The blade is versatile, durable, long-lasting, easy to change, and adjusts between sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. The housing is chew-proof, comfortable, and durable and the handle is easy to grip. It comes in a variety of fun colors.

Ventilation slats keep the clippers from heating up. The cord is a good length, and the blades don’t jam. This is not a kit and does not include extras like guide combs and oils which are sold separately. These clippers are great for any pet and work well for small or large jobs.

Pros: Durable, good for matted hair, adjustable motor speed, ventilation slats to keep blades cool

Cons: Additional blades are pricey, does not come with guide combs, heavy

PetKing Premium Grooming Clipper

Budget option

The PetKing Premium Dog clippers is a cordless grooming tool kit that is not just for dogs. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for one to two hours and a three to four hour charging time. The lightweight and ergonomic design and low price make these clippers great for beginners. They are easy to use and easy to clean.

These clippers have two strong, sharp blades made from ceramic and titanium. They will last a long time and are resistant to corrosion. They are adjustable and work well for trimming thick hair. Their low noise and low vibration prevent anxiety and make it easier to groom your cats.

The set comes with all the accessories you need including four comb attachments, a cleaning brush, a stainless steel comb, a nail clipper, a nail file, and a user manual. The comb lengths are 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm. The clippers are 45 x 175 mm and weigh 650 g. The power cord is 175 cm long.

Pros: Cordless, low price, good for matted hair, low noise and vibration, easy to use, good for beginners

Cons: Blades get hot, take breaks as needed

Handling matted fur on cats

Is it okay to cut matted fur? Is it safe to shave a matted cat?

One thing you should never do is to cut a cat’s matted fur with scissors. This can lead to serious injuries. If for some reason, you do use scissors on your cat, you must make sure that there is at least ¼ inch of space between the mat and the skin, cut only the edges, and use a comb to remove the rest of the mat.

It is easy to accidentally cut your cat’s skin if you use scissors. If your cat moves quickly or jerks, a puncture or laceration can occur. If you do cut your cat, clean the wound with warm water and diluted hydrogen peroxide. Seek veterinary attention for any cut that is more than superficial.

Instead of using scissors to cut out mats, you should use pet clippers that are designed for this purpose. You can buy them online or at a pet store. If you are careful and know what you are doing, it can be safe to shave a matted cat. However, it is better to have this done by a professional groomer in most cases.

How do I get rid of my cat’s matted fur? What about severely matted fur?

To get rid of lightly matted fur, there are a few things to try. Your best bet is to use a wide-toothed comb, a de-matting comb, or an undercoat comb with two sets of teeth at different lengths to remove minor mats.

Hold the base of the mat in your fingers so you are not pulling on the cat’s skin or fur. Begin at the end of the mat and work your way back towards the skin. If your cat seems to be uncomfortable during this process, give her a break and try again later. If she is still upset, you probably need to try clippers instead of a comb.

When using clippers, make sure the skin is flat and tight so you don’t tear it. Check the temperature of the clippers often to be sure they don’t get too warm. Oil your blades before and after grooming to keep them sharp and in good condition. It might be helpful to bathe and dry your cat before using clippers if she will let you.

Is matted hair painful for cats?

Matted hair can cause cats a lot of discomfort and pain. Mats are clumps of dead hair that become tangled, knotted, and full of debris and dead skin. There might be fleas, ticks, wounds, and maggots hidden inside of them.

When left untreated, they can cause skin irritation, infection, and illness. In severe cases, matted coats require surgery and even amputations. Mats can grow around an animal’s leg cutting off the blood supply. Matted fur can make it hard for cats to move around and can affect their balance. For all of these reasons, every effort should be made to prevent mats from forming.

Even when our intentions are good, mats do happen. Pets with long hair are more prone to mats although any cat can get them. Frequent brushing can help to prevent them from forming, and mild mats can be combed out. Any mat that you are not able to remove with combing needs to be clipped either at home or by a professional groomer.