The Best Cat Grooming Glove for Cats Who Hate Brushing

Here are the best cat grooming glove we’ll be covering:

Brushing your cat can be a fun, relaxing activity, a time for both you and your cat to bond. Unfortunately, your cat may not always see things in the same light. If your cat tends to shy away from any brushing or grooming tools, you may want to consider using grooming gloves.

What are cat grooming gloves?

Cat grooming gloves are pretty much exactly what they sound like: a pair of gloves with a textured surface that grips your cats hair. By simply petting your cat, you’ll be able to remove any loose fur and clean your cat’s coat.

Because they’re not as “sharp” as a traditional brush or comb, cat grooming gloves provide a safe, easy alternative for cats with sensitive skin and fur or just for cats that don’t love being brushed the old-fashioned way.

Do cat grooming gloves work?

Grooming gloves absolutely work! Traditionally, grooming gloves have been used for larger animals, like dogs or horses, but they’re quickly growing in popularity among cats and cat lovers alike.

Cat grooming gloves are especially useful for massaging your cat’s skin while you groom them. The (usually rubber or rubber-like) nubs on the glove help stimulate the flow of blood throughout your cat’s skin. This results in healthier skin and a healthier coat, which will leave your cat looking and feeling fantastic.

How do I use cat grooming gloves?

One of the major benefits of cat grooming gloves is that they’re easy to use. Let your cat get comfortable on your lap, and then pet their fur in long, even strokes. Be sure to brush “with” the grain of the fur, instead of against it.

If you’re brushing your cat while wet, add a dollop of shampoo in the palm of your glove to clean and moisturize your cat’s fur. Avoid eyes, ears, or any other sensitive areas.

How do I remove cat hair from grooming gloves?

For the most part, your gloves should be pretty easy to clean. Most cat grooming gloves are designed with a rubber “hair collecting” surface, so your cat’s fur should form into clumps on this surface.

Simply pluck off the larger clumps of hair that form along the grooming surface of the glove and throw them out. If some hair is still sticking, you can run a little bit of water over the palm of the gloves to dislodge it.

How do I wash cat grooming gloves?

Again, most gloves can just be brushed clean. However, if you want to get a more thorough clean, most cat grooming gloves are also machine washable. (If you’re worried about the specific setting, you can try soaking them in a tub of soap and water.)

Whether you wash your gloves in a machine or a washbasin, let them hang-dry or air-dry. The textured surface is usually a no-go for heated dryers, so let them dry out on their own!

What should I look for in a pair of cat grooming gloves?

The gloves you pick should depend on your own personal preference, but in general, look for a pair of gloves with:

  • soft, flexible tips that will be gentle on your cat’s fur.
  • hair-resistant fabric, so that your cat’s fur won’t stick to any part of the glove other than the part that’s meant to collect hair.
  • gloves that fit, so that you can maintain control over the grooming process. If you’re worried about fit, try using mitten-style gloves instead of traditional fingered gloves.

Our recommendation for the best cat grooming glove

As with most cat supplies, the best cat grooming glove may vary between families. For that reason, we’ve narrowed down our list of favorite options to really focus in on the best cat glove for each specific context!

Bissell De-Shedding Grooming Gloves

Best Glove for Flexibility

If your cat tends to squirm around while you’re grooming them, you’ll want a glove that can really cover all of your bases. They are a close-fitting, easy to use pair of grooming gloves that allow for a full range of movement and let you get out the fur in even those hard-to-reach spots.

Stretchy and lightweight, these gloves feature a rubber brushing surface for easy hair collection.

Pros: gloves promote greater reach while still making sure that hair comes out smoothly and easily, soft rubber texture massages your cat’s skin and coat while removing any dirt or loose hair, thin construction lets you really get a feel for how much pressure you’re putting on your cat’s fur or coat.

Cons: unfortunately, the lightweight construction makes these gloves particularly susceptible to wear and tear, so make sure you treat them carefully when not in use. In addition, the slim design of the gloves may make them a tight fit for cat lovers who have larger hands or don’t like the constricting feel.

True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove 

Best Glove for Heavy Shedders

If your cat’s got a problem with some serious hairballs, then you’ll want a glove that can clear away the worst of the worst. The glove was originally designed for long-haired dogs, which means it can handle your cat’s fur without too much of an issue.

With over 180 individual silicon nubs to clear away excess hair, the True Touch glove is a great option for heavy shedding.

Pros: specifically designed for use with thick coats, five-finger fit allows you to get into hard-to-reach areas, easy to clean hair after each use, as the silicon surface groups fur into clumps along the palm and fingers of the gloves so that you can just peel it away

Cons: this glove isn’t the best fit for cats with fine fur, as it may feel too tough or abrasive. Make sure you lay the glove flat after each use, as it’s easy for the fingers to get twisted around, which in turn makes for an uneven grooming experience at the next use.

Delomo Pet Grooming Brush 

Best Glove for Versatility

Depending on how active your cat is, you may have your hands full just trying to keep them on your lap, but this glove has got you covered!

The Delomo gloves come in a pair, which means that you’ll be able to groom your cat with both hands at once. It also makes a great fit for left-handed cat lovers, as most grooming brushes are designed without lefties in mind.

Pros: longer silicon tips collect more hair, adjustable wrist strap for personalized fit, silicon surface quickly warms to your cat’s skin for a soft, relaxing grooming experience, machine washable, easy to remove clumps of hair after each grooming session, five-fingered fit for better reach and access to sensitive, delicate or difficult areas.

Cons: if your cat has thicker or heavier hair, you may notice that the hair falls off of the silicon surface instead of clumping around the palm and fingers. As with most five-fingered gloves, the Delomo gloves may also feel like a restrictive fit if your hands are above or below average-sized.

Four Paws Magic Coat Gentile Love Glove

Best Glove for Everyone in the Family

For lots of cat families, grooming is somewhat of a family chore. If that’s the case in your home, this gloves provides a one-size-fits-all approach to grooming that will let everyone take their turn.

The mitten style of this grooming glove means that you won’t have to worry about anyone’s hands being too big or too small to take over grooming for the day.

Pros: one size fits all, great for cat lovers with small or large hands, rubber palm stimulates hair follicles for a natural shine and healthier coat, can also be used to lift hair off of furniture, drapes, or floor if you need to clean your cat’s favorite room in a pinch!

Cons: because this glove is designed to fit everyone, it may not be the perfect fit for any one user. In addition, if your cat has long, fine hair, this glove may struggle to pick up some of the loose hairs on the undercoat or require multiple “goings-over” in order to really get the job done.

Handson Pet Grooming Gloves 

Best Glove for Skin Care

The Handson gloves may look intense, but they’re actually a perfect fit for cats who love that little bit of extra pampering that a good grooming session provides. The varied tips provide a wide variety of sensations that stimulate blood flow throughout your cat’s coat and guarantee a relaxing, massaging sensation.

The gently pointed tips let you scratch and pet your cat without fear of injury or abrasion.

Pros: super easy to clean (just rub your gloved hands together over a trash can), machine washable, easy storage, great for cats who love to be petted but hate being brushed, pair of gloves with adjustable wrist straps for a more personalized fit, can be used wet or dry for a deeper clean

Cons: as with the other five-fingered gloves on this list, make sure you get the right fit, or else the gloves may feel too tight. If you have a finer-haired cat, you may have to go over the coat multiple times to catch flyaway hairs.

Tough Gloves for Tough Love

Some cats really don’t like being brushed, no matter how gently you do it. You should always take steps to protect your hands and arms from an angry or panicking cat, and there are grooming gloves that were designed for this specific purpose.

PetFusion Multipurpose Pet Glove for Grooming

This pair of gloves is a pretty heavy-duty option for cats that like to scratch when they’re stressed. Scratch-resistant and puncture-resistant, these gloves provide plenty of coverage up to above the elbow, with a spandex and silicon design on the palms so that you can get plenty of hair off your cat.

Pros: lots of coverage, machine washable and eco-friendly fabric for a green, safe clean, textured nubs on palm to relax cat while brushing, water-resistant, protects against bites, good for grooming and teeth brushing, along with any other potentially stressful situations for your cat, helps to avoid trips to the local veterinarian

Cons: these gloves are scratch, puncture, and water resistant, but they’re not completely scratch, puncture, or waterproof, which means that they may wear down over time or give way to a particularly aggressive bite. Make sure you check the gloves for any fraying or weak spots before use.

RAPICCA Animal Handling Gloves

If you want a seriously tough pair of gloves that can take pretty much anything your cat can throw at them, they are designed to take plenty of punishment. With Kevlar-reinforced palms and fingers, these gloves are just about as tough as they come and are ready to help you help your cat.

Pros: leather and Kevlar blend for serious protection, puncture resistant, cut resistant, bite resistant, heat, oil, and fire resistant, waterproof and able to withstand enormous amounts of crushing pressure, specifically designed to be used around animals, originally designed for zookeepers and professional animal handlers
Cons: while these gloves are certainly very sturdy, they’re not nearly as practical as some of the previous options. If you use these gloves, keep in mind that they are not machine washable, which means you’ll have to wash and dry them by hand. They also don’t have any textured surfaces for grabbing hair.