The Best Cat Harness: No Escape On Your Watch!

Here are the best no escape cat harness we’ll be covering: 

Different types of cat harnesses 

Cat harnesses are a great way to keep your cat safe while letting her explore the great outdoors. They also come in handy if you need to travel with your cat. If you are thinking about getting a cat harness, this article will tell you about the main types of harnesses and how to choose the best escape proof cat harness for your cat’s needs.


Shaped like the letter H, an H-harness has two loops for a cat’s neck and chest connected by a strap that goes between the shoulder blades. Adjustable clasps secure the loops, and a lead attaches to the rear loop. Cats like that it is easy to put on and has a small area of contact. 

Vest Harnesses

Vest harnesses are comfortable and secure making them a good option for cats that are good at escaping. They have more contact areas and fasten on the back with Velcro. To put one on, the cat’s head might need to go through it. This makes some cats uncomfortable. The sound of Velcro can be frightening for some cats. 

Jacket Harnesses 

Jacket harnesses, or butterfly harnesses, cover more of the cat’s body and are more secure. A lead attaches to the harness. These are good for cats that are prone to escape and for nervous cats. 

A step-in vest is made from mesh and has larger leg openings. It is more comfortable and easy to put on, but not as secure as a traditional vest or jacket harness. These are good in warm climates because the mesh is more breathable than other fabrics.

Which is the most escape-proof?

Preventing escape is the most important consideration when choosing a harness. Cats have been known to wiggle their way out of harnesses that are not secure or don’t fit well. Some cats have managed to slip out of H-harnesses. Vest harnesses are more escape-proof and full jacket harnesses are probably the best cat harness no escape.

How do I stop my cat from slipping out of his harness?

Choosing the best fitting harness is your first step in keeping your cat from slipping out. The right fit also keeps your cat comfortable. The harness should fit snugly in order to prevent escape. If it is too large, your cat will be able to slip out.

Is my cat harness too small? 

You also don’t want the harness to be too small because it won’t be comfortable and will restrict your cat’s movement. Use the finger method to check if it is too small by sticking your finger in between the strap and your cat’s body. If you can’t fit one finger under the harness, it is too tight and needs to be adjusted. 

How do I check if the harness is a correct fit?

The finger method described above is a good way to make sure that a harness is not too tight. If you can fit more than a finger, it might be too loose. To get the right size, measure your cat’s girth and add 2 to 3 inches. 

What to look for in an escape-proof cat harness?

To be sure that a harness is escape-proof, look for one that is the right size for your cat and is adjustable. Full vest harnesses with wide straps and padding are generally the most escape-proof.

Our recommendation for the best cat harnesses for escape artists

When choosing the best cat harness for no escape, there are many considerations. First, you will want a harness that is comfortable for your cat. It should not have any points of pressure and should fit well.

The type of fastener, snap clip vs Velcro, is another consideration. Snaps or clips should be easily adjustable, secure, and durable. Velcro is a good choice for some cats because it is easy to secure. Some cats are bothered by the noise it makes. 

The best harnesses should not be too tight nor should they restrict a cat’s movement. If your cat has long hair, you will want a harness that won’t get tangled in her fur.

Cat harnesses should be easy to put on and take off and hard for your cat to get out of. They should be made from breathable, lightweight material that is soft and comfortable. Mesh is especially good for keeping cats cool in hot weather.

Harnesses with reflective material or strips increase your cat’s visibility and help you find her more easily if she escapes.

Kitty Holster Cat Harness 

The Kitty Holster Cat Harness is a lightweight and comfortable vest harness. Its un-dyed cotton lining is gentle on cats’ fur and skin. It does not have nylon straps, plastic clips, or webbing that can rub on a cat’s skin and cause discomfort. There are no difficult to fasten snaps. It is durable, easy to clean, and sturdy. It comes in nine different colors.

This award-winning, secure harness is good for cats that are prone to escape. It secures with strong hook-and-loop closures and is made from breathable materials. It can be used for many purposes including travel. A high visibility version is available to keep your cat safe at all times of the day or night. It is made in the USA.

It measures 9 x .25 x 16.5 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces. It can be adjusted to fit most cats. This is a very secure harness and a great choice for cats that are good at maneuvering their way out of harnesses. 

Pros: Secure and adjustable, lightweight and comfortable, easy to put on, available in different sizes and colors, made in the USA

Cons: Uses Velcro, warm in summer

Travel Cat The True Adventurer Reflective Harness 

Travel Cat: The True Adventurer Reflective Harness comes with a 4-foot leash for walking your cat. Made from strong nylon mesh fabric, it is lightweight, breathable, and snug-fitting. It comes in four sizes and five colors. Made of stretchable, breathable nylon, this harness does not restrict your cat’s ability to move. 

It is adjustable so you can be sure to get a good fit, and the sturdy snap clips keep it secure. A reflective stripe helps to make sure your cat visible at all times of the day. The leash is made from sturdy nylon and comes with a rotating snap clip made from premium quality metal alloy.

This harness can grow with your cat because it adjusts in two ways, by using the Velcro fastener and the plastic clip. The extra small size is great for kittens. To determine the right size, measure your cat’s chest. If your cat is between sizes, choose the larger size if she is still growing and the smaller size if she is not.

Pros: Easy to get on and off, secure, snug-fitting, multiple color choices, adjustable, durable, comfortable, high quality

Cons: More sizes needed

Voyager Step-in Lock Pet Harness 

The Voyager Step-in Lock Pet Harness is a pull-on harness made from all-weather mesh. It is adjustable and comes in three sizes that fit most cats, whether large or small. To get the right size, measure your cat and refer to the sizing chart. The wide shape and rounded neckline are designed specifically for cats and create a snug fit. 

The easy step-in design makes it much more convenient to put it on your cat. You won’t need to pull this harness over your cat’s head. Once your cat steps into it, you just fasten and clip it, and you’re ready to go. The four adjustment sliders on the neck and chest straps provide a custom fit, and the padded mesh will keep your cat comfortable.

The sturdy buckles provide security, and a leash can be attached using the D-ring. This is a great choice because it combines comfort with security and is available in multiple sizes.

Pros: Step-in style, adjustable straps, breathable mesh padding, durable buckles, fits all cats, comfortable and secure, comes in a variety of colors

Cons: Sizing is inaccurate, doesn’t come with leash, too big for kittens

Mynwood Cat Jacket 

Designed by Maria who lives in the Scottish Highlands, the Mynwood Cat Jacket is a custom-made jacket harness for adult cats from 12 months. It has a Velcro closure and is strong, secure, and comfortable. The red plaid pattern looks great, and it is designed to prevent escape. Each jacket is handmade from quality materials.

This cat jacket fastens around the neck and chest. It is triple sewn, hard-wearing, and machine washable. It is easy to put on and adjust, and the D-ring is made from secure welded steel.

This cat jacket is reversible, so you get two looks in one. It comes in different materials depending on the weather, and it is fully adjustable. With the proper fit, this harness is virtually escape-proof. This jacket is a great choice for cats that are good at escaping.

Pros: High quality, well made, soft fabric, attractive and adorable, good fit, machine washable

Cons: Lead is not included, Velcro closures can scare some cats

Dotoner Cat Harness 

The Dotoner Cat Harness and Leash set is an adjustable escape-proof cat and kitten harness. Made from soft breathable mesh fabric and reflective strips, this harness keeps cats and kittens safe. It comes in four sizes and four colors. It is cushioned for extra comfort and protection and does not restrict movement.

The soft closures are secure and prevent escape. Two sturdy D-rings allow you to attach the lead in different positions. A reflective belt on the back makes your cat easy to see at night. The company offers a 100 percent refund and replacement if you are not satisfied. 

Made from premium material and durable jardware, this harness is lightweight, stylish, and high in quality. It comes with a comfortable matching leash with a reflective trim design. The printed embroidery fabric gives this harness a stylish look.

Pros: Beautiful soft fabric, strong and well made, adjustable, easy to put on, cute, comfortable lead, comes in a choice of colors

Cons: Velcro is not as strong as some other brands

Can a cat wear a harness all the time?

Cat harnesses help keep your cat safe when you take her for walks outside or travel. By distributing the pressure of a leash over an area of your cat’s chest and back, they are designed to be comfortable and safe. Attaching a leash directly to a cat’s collar is dangerous and should never be done. 

During travel, leaving a harness on your cat is a good way to prevent accidental escape. Still, there is no need to leave a harness on all the time. When your cat is safe at home, a harness is unnecessary and could prove to be dangerous. It could catch on something or get twisted or tangled. 

There are a few other reasons why you should not leave a harness on all the time. Many cats find it stressful to wear a harness and can’t fully relax when it’s on. A harness will also make it harder for a cat to groom herself and might get soiled in the litter box. 

Why do cats fall over when you put a harness on them?

Some cats will fall over the first few times that you put a harness on them. This is an instinctual response to the feeling of being grabbed and restricted. It makes them feel like they can’t move, so they become passive.

To help your cat get used to a harness, treats and praise can be used. Put the harness on for short times and provide treats or toys for encouragement. You might also put the harness in your cat’s sleeping area or use it as a toy to help her become comfortable with it.

Once cats get used to wearing a harness, they will no longer have this instinctual response. In fact, some cats will get excited when they see the harness because it means they are going to have a chance to get outside in the fresh air.