The Devil is in the Details: Nitpicking to Find the Best Cat Litter Scoop

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Here’s are some of the best cat litter scoop that we’ll be covering:

What makes a great cat litter scoop

One of the many wonderful things about cats is their hygiene. Not only are they constantly cleaning themselves, but they like using a litter box. You don’t have to take them outside for long walks. You can leave them alone for hours knowing they will do their business in the right place. But there is a downside. You must keep that litter box scrupulously clean and having the right tools to do it is essential.

Cat litter scoops are an afterthought for most people. They just grab whatever is on the shelf near the kitty litter and toss it in the shopping cart. More often than not, we choose a cheap scoop that breaks within a few weeks of buying it. But a high-quality kitty litter scoop can make the dreaded job of cleaning the litter box much, much easier. 

So what makes a great cat litter scoop? Most of them have similar features. They are mini-shovels with holes. You scoop out the waste and the dry litter falls back into the pan. You might think cat litter scoops are interchangeable, but they are definitely not. Aside from cheap plastic scoops breaking, some catch too much clean litter, or they don’t fit in the corners of the box. 

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Here are features you should consider when shopping for the right cat litter scoop.

Handle length: Choose a scoop with a longer handle if you don’t want to be close to the box. A longer handle is also great if you have mobility issues and have trouble stooping.

Comfort design: Before purchasing, hold the handle of the scoop and ask yourself if it is comfortable or not. Weighted scoops often are easier to handle since they have more heft. Many people prefer a rubber grip. Since some kitty litter clumps are heavy, you want to be sure the scoop will work for you. 

Scoop size and shape: If you buy a scoop with rounded edges, you will struggle to clean the corners of the litter box. Straight edged scoops are easier to work with. If you use a very fine litter, you might prefer a scoop with thinner holes. A large scoop would let some of the waste slide through. Deeper shovels allow you to scoop more litter at once, while a shallow shovel is more agile. 

Durability: Personally, I think the highest quality goods are durable. I would rather spend more on something knowing it will last. In the long run, you end up saving money. 

Scoop holder: Does the scoop come with a holder? For some people that is a definite selling point. If you already have a holder, make sure your replacement scoop will fit it. Also, do you attach the holder to the wall, or is it a caddy sitting next to the litter box? Figure out which is right for you before buying. 

Scoop edges: We hate dealing with it, but sometimes cat waste sticks to the scoop. Make sure the scoop you buy has a defined edge that allows for easy scraping and cleaning.

The best cat litter scoop is what works right for you. It is a tool you will use daily for many years, so take your time and choose wisely.

DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

If you have to do a job you dread, make it easy on yourself with a high-quality scoop. The DuraScoop is all aluminum, and they encased the handle in rubber. It is lightweight, though heavier than a cheap plastic scoop.

Plus, it is ergonomically balanced, and fits just right in the palm of my hand. I have to be very careful with my wrists because of carpal tunnel syndrome. This scoop has made cleaning the litter box much easier. 

You can tell that a cat owner designed this scoop. The edges of the shovel are perfect for cleaning the sides and corners of the litter box. The metal makes scooping out heavy clumps a breeze, and the slats are a perfect size. They don’t allow excess litter to remain, so you are only tossing out the waste. The metal is corrosion-resistant and rustproof. 

After countless years and flimsy plastic scoops, the DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop has made the joyless task of cleaning my furry buddy’s litter box much easier. It’s affordable, durable, and gets the job done. I only wish it had come with a holder.

WePet Cat Litter Scoop

This sturdy scoop is over a foot long, five inches wide, and the shovel is two inches deep. If you have a large litter box, check this scoop out. It also has serrated teeth on the edge of the scoop to help scrape the sides and bottom of the litter box. This is a wonderful feature, and I wish more scoops had them. The slats in the shovel are decently sized, though small clumps occasionally escaped.

They make the body of the scoop from 100% aluminum alloy. It is water and rust-resistant, so soaking it is fine. The plastic handle is sturdy, and it sits comfortably in your hand. 

Though it is a matter of preference, I wish this scoop had a little more heft. Other people might prefer a lighter weight scoop. Despite how lightweight it is, the handle never wobbled while removing kitty litter. It doesn’t come with a holder.

Great scoop for the price. It is well made and should last for years.

CO-Z Cat Litter Scoop

This is a lightweight scoop that is very affordable. They make the body from aluminum alloy, and it has a decent sized handle at 14 inches long. It only weighs half a pound but outperformed its small size.

The aluminum resists corrosion, rust, and it’s waterproof. They make the grip out of thick rubber; it is ergonomic and fits well in the hand. 

The front edge of the shovel is a hair over five inches long. It was a breeze to clean the edges of the litter pan because of the width. They claim poop won’t stick to it, but I had a little bit that did. The metal mesh of the scoop did a wonderful job of scooping up waste and sifting litter. The manufacturer stands by this product with a money-back guarantee.

This scoop handle comes in a variety of pretty colors. For the money, this scooper can’t be beaten. It gets the job done, and compared to the flimsy plastic scoops I used to have, it is nothing short of amazing. This would be better if it came with a holder of some sort. Even if it increased the price by a few dollars, it would be much more convenient. 

iPrimio Scoop Monster Cat Litter Scooper

This really is a monster litter scooper. The handle is long, clocking in at 17 inches. If you have mobility issues, this will definitely help. They designed this well. The shovel is smaller than the other scoops on the list. 

This is helpful because with the longer handle it would be difficult to balance the scoop and you could hurt your wrist. iPrimio covered the grip in a soft foam that makes it comfortable to use. Like the other scoops, they make it from aluminum and it is water, corrosion, and rust-resistant.

While I think this is an excellent choice for people who want a longer scoop, I prefer a shorter handle. I didn’t feel as if I was in control of the scooping action, and it took a little longer to get the litter box clean. Also, I noticed poop stuck to it more than with other aluminum scoopers. It does a good job cleaning the sides and bottom of the pan. 

This is an outstanding option for people wanting a longer handled scoop. Plus, iPrimio includes a wall hanger to hang the scoop between uses. If you want a little more distance between you and the litter box, try it!

Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Anti-Microbial Scoop & Caddy

This is the only scoop made of plastic being reviewed. Most cheap plastic scoopers are disappointing because they aren’t made well. Nature’s Miracle makes an excellent scoop that is affordable and does some things better than their metal counterparts. 

It’s lightweight and does a superb job cleaning the pan. This scooper won’t handle huge clumps as well as a metal scoop, so keep that in mind when making your choice. The slots in the shovel work well, leaving dry litter in the pan. It does a superb job sifting litter.

The nicest thing about it is that Nature’s Miracle designed the scoop and caddy that comes with it to be antimicrobial. I would highly recommend this product to people living with auto-immune disorders or pregnant women. Any steps you can take to stay healthy and keep your kitty is worth it. Of course, I must give the caddy a big shout out. I wish all scoops came with such a well-designed one. 

They claim it is nonstick, but I wouldn’t go that far. Anti-bacterial or bleach soaked wipes are fabulous for cleaning any scoop after each use and will remove any stuck-on waste. If you have health issues or don’t enjoy using metal scoopers, give this affordable scooper a shot. 

Gorilla Grip Original Cat Litter Scooper

Gorilla Grip makes an excellent scooper. It is 14 inches long, and the shovel is five inches wide. They make the scoop from aluminum, and the grip is solid rubber. The edge is squared, so it is a cinch to clean the sides of the pan. The only complaint I have is I wish the shovel were a little deeper. 

Since I have issues with my wrists, it is at the forefront of my mind when reviewing products. This scoop allowed me to clean the litter box without pain. So if you have problems with your joints, this scoop is worth trying out. My kitty is a master pooper for a cat his size. I had zero difficulties scooping out clumps with this product.

Like most manufacturers, Gorilla Grip claims the scoop is nonstick. But this time the scoop lives up to its claims. If you are seeking a nonstick scoop, try it. You won’t be disappointed. 

Litter box cleaning routine

Cleaning the litter box is a drag, but if you follow certain steps, it can be more manageable. Also, it will make your kitty happy, and protect the health of everyone in your household. 

First, make it a priority to clean the litter pan a minimum of once per day. If you can swing it twice, that’s even better. Cats hate a filthy litter box. In fact, if your furry baby has a so-called accident somewhere else in your home, it’s most likely because she didn’t want to use her dirty litter pan. 

Deep clean the litter box once a week. The following steps are a suggested routine.

  1. Wearing gloves and a mask, dispose of the used litter. If you use a liner for the box, the process is easier. Just pull it out and toss it.
  2. Wash the litter box thoroughly with a fragrance-free detergent. Do not use bleach, ammonia, or other toxic household cleansers. Use a laundry or outdoor sink instead of a sink in the bathroom or kitchen.
  3. After you dry off the box, refill it with the kitty litter of your choice. For extra odor control, you can blend a little baking soda into the litter.
  4. Wash your cat litter scoop, too. I use anti-bacterial wipes to clean the scoop after every use. Then I clean it with detergent once a week when I clean the box. 

Wearing gloves and a mask is a good idea. Cat waste contains bacteria and other funky stuff you don’t want to be exposed to. 

It sounds like a lot of steps, but caring for the litter box takes only a few minutes a day. Do it right, and you and your cat will be healthy and happy.