The Best Collapsible Dog Water Bowl For All Your Outdoor Adventures Together

Here are the best collapsible dog water bowl we’ll be covering:

Different types of portable water bowls

A silicone bowl is able to collapse down and fold in on itself thanks to its narrow bottom that allows it to fold inward. With its almost invisible design, large and flat-faced dogs can easily drink or eat out of these bowls. Plus, having a wide opening can reduce your dog from collapsing it accidentally when he uses it.

A foldable canvas water bowl is a handy bowl to have with you when you are out camping. Capable of folding down, this bowl will stay folded together with a sturdy strap, usually made of Velcro. Taking up about the same amount of space as a paperback, it’s easy to put in a backpack where it won’t take up a lot of room and will remain collapsed.

These bowls are made of a waxed canvas and include a waterproof lining on the inside. This versatile bowl can be used for either food or water, and it is a handy item to have with you when you are out in the woods.

You can also purchase water bottles that keep your dog’s water cold as you hike or go on a walk. When your dog gets thirsty, simply stop and open the bottle before squeezing water into the attached bowl. Your dog will have a convenient way to quench his thirst from an easy to carry water bottle with a handy bowl attached to it.

Different bowls for different activities

Hiking trips are a great place for a collapsible dog bowl. When you and your dog need to stop and get hydrated, a collapsible dog bowl is super handy. Water bottles with a bowl attached can be convenient in this instance since all you have to do is squeeze water into the attached bowl, let your dog drink, and then you can keep going.

When you are camping, a canvas water bowl can be a great choice. Super easy to carry, this bowl collapses down into a small size that easily fits into any backpack or pocket. It can be used for food or water, so its versatility will come in handy.

A long walk is the perfect place for a water bottle with an attached water bowl. Just like when you are hiking, when your dog needs to stop for a drink of water, this method makes it easy to drink quickly and keep going.

When you are traveling, a collapsible silicone bowl is the best choice. This versatile bowl can be used for either food or water, is easy to clean since it flattens out, and is easy to pack. You only need to take it out at each rest stop for a snack or drink before getting back on the road.

Our recommendation for the best collapsible dog water bowl

Safe material: It’s important to find a safe material for your dog’s collapsible bowl. You want to make sure that your dog’s bowl is sturdy and safe enough to drink and eat out of. Look for bowls made with non-toxic and BPA free materials.

Lightweight and compact: Collapsible bowls are compact and small, which is perfect when you travel or have restrictions on carrying space. With these compact designs, you can even carry your dog’s bowl in your pocket.

Durable: You want a bowl that can withstand being unfolded and folded frequently. Strong and durable, a good-quality collapsible dog bowl will last you a long time. Look for nylon fabrics or high-grade silicone to ensure that you are choosing something long-lasting that won’t leak.

Stable: If you are out camping or on a hiking trail, odds are you wont’ have an even surface to put your collapsible dog bowl on. Make sure the bowl you choose can stand up on an uneven surface and won’t fall over easily.

Leakproof: It’s not going to help you dog stay hydrated if all the water leaks out. Make sure you find a good quality bowl the has a lining inside if its canvas or is durable without cracks if its silicone to make sure there isn’t anyway that water can leak out.

Easy to clean: When you’re not at home, you know its harder to keep things like dog bowls clean. It’s important to choose a collapsible dog bowl with a material that is easy to clean, dries quickly, and doesn’t have folding grooves that will hold odor.

Most collapsible dog bowls will fold flat allowing you to reach every like spot in it to keep the bowl clean. Plus, bowls made of metal or silicone materials will dry quickly, so you can get back on the trail faster.

Outward Hound Portable Water Bowl

Designed for quick snacks or easy hydration, the Outward Hound Portable Water Bowl is handy and simple to use as an outdoor adventure or when you’re traveling. This collapsible bowl is brightly colored and fits 48 ounces of food. It easily folds down flat, so you can carry it in your purse, backpack, or pocket.

The Outward Hound Portable Water Bowl is the perfect solution when you need to keep your dog hydrated away from home. This durable bowl is made with a nylon material that makes it lightweight and long-lasting. This compact bowl allows you to easily store it with you without being cumbersome.

Perfect for any size or breed dog, this dog bowl is easy to clean and will dry fast. All you need to do is wipe it clean with soap and warm water.

Pros: Easy to pack, lightweight, good size for larger dogs

Cons: It tends to leak 

PetBonus Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowl

This extra-large collapsible dog bowl measures seven inches across and three inches high when open. The PetBonus Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowl collapses down to just ½-inch thick making it very portable. This is a great bowl to take traveling or on an outdoor adventure when you need to hydrate or feed your dog.

Portable and durable, this foldable dog bowl can hold up to four cups of food and 34 ounces of water. The PetBonus Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowl can clip easily onto your dog leash, belt loop, or backpack and is a handy accessory to take with you camping, walking, hiking, dog park, or on a road trip.

This is an easy to maintain dog bowl that you can put in the top rack of a dishwasher. The PetBonus Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowl can be used by either cats or dogs and can be used either inside or outside. This convenient bowl also includes carabiners that make it easy to attach onto the side of a backpack.

With its extra-large size, it’s a good size bowl for large and medium sized dogs. The PetBonus Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowl is made completely of premium silicon and is also non-toxic and BPA free. Foldable, compact, and lightweight, this is a handy bowl to have with you always.

Pros: Lightweight and easy to use, good for larger dogs, easy to attach to backpack

Cons: Carabiners can be flimsy 

LumoLeaf Collapsible Dog Travel Bowls

Capable of holding 80 ounces of water and 10 cups of food, the LumoLeaf Collapsible Dog Travel Bowls can be used by cats and any sized dogs. This two-pack of extra-large bowls makes it easy to allow your pet water and food at the same time. All you have to do is unzip and shape it into a convenient bowl.

Made with leak-proof material, the LumoLeaf Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl is durable enough to be used inside or outside. Using a food safe cloth, this collapsible bowl can be used at home or on the hiking trail. Easy to clean, it dries quickly, and wipes clean with just soap and warm water.

Easy to store, this lightweight dog bowl folds and zips up nicely. This tiny and compact dog bowl can be easily carried in your pocket. The LumoLeaf Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl was designed for travel and includes an aluminum carabiner that you can hook to a backpack or dog leash, so you can carry it with you on a walk or hike.

Pros: Can be attached to the dog’s leash, easy to clean and use, handy 

Cons: Tricky to zip up, can feel a little bit flimsy

Lesotc Pet Water Bottle

Providing a safe and healthy way for your pup to stay hydrated, the Lesotc Pet Water Bottle has a large capacity. It is ideal for walking, traveling, or hiking. Perfect for small to medium sized dogs, this water bottle can hold up to 18 ounces.

Made with a food-grade safe material, this high-density Polyethylene that is BPA free and non-toxic. The Lesotc Pet Water Bottle is made with a soft material that is also easy to clean. And it features a capacity tick mark allowing you to provide the right amount of water according to your dog’s needs.

This water bottle will not leak thanks to the waterproof lock on the cap of the bottle. This will ensure that you do not waste water and that your backpack won’t get wet. Equipped with a built-in water pipe, you can squeeze the bottle to get every last drop out.

The versatile Lesotc Pet Water Bottle is perfect for feeding your dog at home or in a cage as well as going to the beach or park. Lightweight and safe, this bottle is equipped with a sealed silicone gasket to ensure there is no leakage.

Simple to use, this bottle has a patented design that acts like a water bottle and bowl at the same time, so you won’t need another bowl. All you have to do is press the water bottle with your hand and water will flow right into the bowl. When you’re done just fold it back up.

Pros: easy to clean, can be used for food, easy to use and carry

Cons: Prone to leaking

Ruff Products BarkBowl

The Ruff Products BarkBowl is lightweight and durable. Collapsing down into a compact size, this travel bowl is loved by both dogs and owners. Perfect for hiking, climbing, or camping, this collapsible bowl allows you to travel light while also ensuring your dog stays hydrated.

This dishwasher safe bowl is also freezer and microwave safe. The BarkBowl can be washed using just water and soap, or it is safe to put in the dishwasher for up to 1000 cycles. This is a totally platinum-cured bowl that uses a tear-resistant food-grade material, and it can also be used by either dogs or cats.

The BarkBowl is versatile enough to be used in a flat configuration for wet food, or you can use the wide configuration to hold a bottle of water or serve a large amount of dry food. In the narrow configuration, the BarkBowl can hold 13 ½ ounces of dry food, which is enough for a medium-sized dog, while the tall configuration can hold a full food serving for an adult human.

Featuring a robust design, the BarkBowl does not have a rim and is larger than most of the other collapsible bowls. This is a 100 percent eco-friendly bowl that includes an aircraft grade aluminum carabiner that is freezer safe and rust-free. This bowl is also cold and heat resistant, which allows you to use it anywhere.

Pros: eco-friendly, durable, rust & heat resistant, lightweight

Cons: tends to give off an unpleasant smell

Franklin Pet Supply Travel Pet Silicon Bowl

Honorary Mention

While this pet bowl does not collapse, it does have a spill proof and super flexible design. Easy to clean, the design of the Franklin Pet Supply Travel Pet Silicon Bowl stops your pet from getting water everywhere as they drink. With durable construction, this is a long-lasting product that is BPA free and made of food-grade silicon.

Capable of holding up to 16 ounces of water, the Franklin Pet Supply Pet Silicon Bowl can be used either at home or when you travel. Splash and spill-proof, this collapsible bowl is easy to keep clean thanks to its dishwasher safe design. It is safe for your pet to use and has a convenient design for traveling.

Pros: dishwasher safe, handy for travelling, spill proof

Cons: can be challenging to empty and clean 

Concerns with dog water bowls

Can dogs get sick from sharing a water bowl?

Dogs that share a water bowl in the same household should be fine. However, a dog that uses communal bowls in public places could risk getting a virus, bacteria, or parasite from contaminated water.

Why are there worms in dog water bowls after rain?

Worms that appear in a dog water bowl are parasites called Gordian worms. These worms are parasites of crustaceans and insects, and they live in water. Fortunately, they will not harm your dog and do not come from your dog.

Should a dog’s water bowl be elevated?

If you have a larger dog, it can be helpful to him to have his water bowl elevated, so he can drink water without bending over. It can also prevent your dog from stepping in his water bowl, which can prevent harmful bacteria from his feet from getting into his drinking water.