Big Dogs, Bigger Life: What is the Best Couch Material for Big Dogs

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Here are the couches and slipcovers we’ve picks based on the best couch material for big dogs:

Pet Friendly Couches: Best Couch Material for Big Dogs

Pet friendly couches should be friendly to all its users. If you allow your dog onto the couch, the wear and tear is very different from human use. The weight distribution and the pressure points requires the couch to be tough and strong.

If you are looking for the best material for a couch when you have big dogs, then you might want to pay attention to the following:

Firm foam that does not sink when sat on

The foam on the couch should be firm to support the curves of your dog’s body. If a couch is too soft, it will not be comfortable for your furry friend. A bit of firmness is the best bet for a couch that your dog will also be enjoying.

Good quality foam that will not flatten over time

Simply put, big dogs are heavy! Make sure that you pick a couch that will be able to support your dog. The last thing you want is to get a new couch that cannot support your best friend.

Orthopedic properties if necessary

Big dogs tend to have some issues with joint pains and arthritis, and an orthopedic bed will be great to help them with those issues. 

Larger dogs are more susceptible to joint pain simply because of their larger size and heavier weight. This puts extra stress on the dog’s joints and cartilage. An orthopedic couch will support your dog and make sure they are as comfy as can be.

Avoid covers made from high stretch fabric

This type of material pulls and snags easily. Avoid covers made from materials like spandex, elastane, or lycra. Your dog will have a ball digging in a cover made of this fabric, but that will just lead to rips, tears, and pulls.

Avoid covers made from soft, delicate fabric

A sturdy, durable fabric is a much better idea. Avoid fabrics like silk or velvet and instead, opt for canvas cotton or heavy denim when possible. A high performance fabric prevents dirt stains and accident stains.

Choose covers made from tightly woven fabric

Claws can dig into loosely woven fabric too much. If the weave of the fabric is too loose, your dog is more likely to get their paws caught in it and this material is much easier to snag.

Sturdy sofa legs

If possible, pick a couch that has metal legs. Dogs love to chew and wood legs are inviting for your dog. A metal leg is more chew repellant. Trading wooden arms or any other design elements for metal is also a wise idea to avoid chewing disasters.

Waterproof and stain resistant

Picking a couch that is waterproof is important because as all dog owners know, accidents happen. A couch that repels spilled liquids and is easy to clean before stains set in is the best option. A waterproof slipcover is also an option to place over your couch if you want to continue to use your existing couch.

Removable and machine washable

If the cover of the couch is removable and washable, it just makes it so much easier for you to clean. Any stains can be removed easier in the wash and these types of covers repels dog hair the best.

Here are our top picks for the best couch for big dogs. We picked these couches based on the material, build and size to accommodate your large dog using it.

DHP Emily Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed

Faux leather – best couch material for big dogs

Faux leather, as seen in this DHP couch, is the best couch material for big dogs. Faux leather is such an ideal choice for couch material if you have pets because it is stain, odor, and puncture (from claws and paws) resistant.

Additionally, couches made with faux leather are easy to brush pet hair from, and most stains are able to be removed with soap and water.

This couch is a modern, low profile futon with metal legs and a tufted backrest. The back is a split design which allows for different positions, whether you want to use it for lounging or sleeping. This futon couch can also be paired with the matching chair, lounger, or an ottoman.

The dimensions of this couch are 71 inches wide by 34 inches deep and 32 inches high, making it perfect for big dogs. The futon can also hold up to 600 pounds, so you and your dog will be able to comfortably lounge together.

Modway Engage Mid-century Modern Loveseat

Best loveseat for big dogs

This is the best loveseat for big dogs. This loveseat is made with polyester, which is a synthetic material. This makes it easy to clean and is very durable. Polyester is able to stand the test of time against the everyday and wear and tear of life with pets. To clean a polyester couch, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and a lint roller can be used to easily pick up dog hair.

We like this loveseat the best because it is very roomy, which is perfect for large dogs, but is also very stylish and sophisticated. The loveseat can hold up to 1300 pounds. This makes it more than strong enough to be able to support your big dog. The loveseat is 33 inches long, 78 inches wide, and 32 inches high.

The Engage loveseat also comes in multiple color choices, so it can match your home’s décor with ease. You can get the loveseat in grey, azure, red, citrus, Laguna, oatmeal, wheatgrass, teal, or beige.

Modway Empress Mid-Century Modern Sectional Sofa

Best sectional sofa for big dogs

This is the best sectional sofa for big dogs. This sofa, also from Modway, is also upholstered in polyester. Polyester can usually be easily cleaned with store bought carpet or fabric cleaners and you will not have to call in professional cleaners, which can be pricey.

While this sofa comes in many different colors (including red, azure, beige, Laguna, grey, teal, oatmeal, sunny, and wheatgrass). We recommend picking a darker color. 

Darker colors will hide any accidental stains and stray pet hair way better than their lighter counterparts. Even the most well trained dogs have accidents sometimes or get a little dirty! These dark neutrals can also go in almost every room.

The Empress sofa can hold up to 660 pounds and is almost seven feet long. This sofa is made with superior construction and is expertly crafted. This is a beautiful, modern designed sectional that both your two legged and four legged family members will enjoy.

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon Premium Linen Upholstery and Wooden Legs

Best sofa futon for big dogs

This is the best sofa futon for big dogs. This futon is made with polyester upholstery than can easily be wiped clean. It is full of comfortable foam and polyester filling, making it a wonderful place for your dog to rest. This futon is also very sturdy, stable, and durable.

When this futon is up as a couch, it measures 81 inches long by 34 inches wide by 31 inches tall, and when it is in bed form it measures 70 inches long by 43 inches wide by 16 inches tall, so however you plan to use this futon, it is sure to deliver.

This futon can be purchased in grey, green, mustard, navy blue, light blue, orange, or pink. There is also an option where you can choose to have your futon come in camel faux leather. Leather and faux leather are the most popular coverings for pet proof furniture due to their durability.

How do I dog or cat proof my couch?

The best way to pet proof your couch is to use a sofa slipcover or protector. Slipcovers and protectors both come in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, and materials. When picking a slipcover or protector, the fabric should be one of medium weight so that it does not change the feel of the couch but it still offers protection. Again, avoid fabrics like velvet or silk.

Make sure to select a slipcover or protector that is tightly woven and try to avoid textures that may be inviting for your dog or cat to use it as a scratching board. Pet proof slipcovers or protectors will repel pet hair, making for an easier clean up.

If you are looking for a slipcover or protector, try one of these fabrics: nylon canvas, cotton duck, yard dyed denim, heavy weight cotton canvas, or cotton bull denim.

Classic Slipcovers Denim Sofa Slipcover

Best removable sofa slipcover

This is the best removable sofa slipcover. This slipcover is made out of 100% cotton. The slipcover comes in two pieces, with a separate cushion cover. This helps keep the slipcover in place and makes it easy to install. 

The two part features also makes this slipcover very easy to take off and wash. With this denim slipcover, you are able to wash it in a washing machine and then throw it right in the dryer for a brand new look.

Since it is made out of denim fabric, it is very durable. Dog nails are not match for it! It can also be vacuumed to remove any stray pet hair.

Another reason why this slipcover takes top prize in our list is that it is easy to fit it over nearly any couch. That is because this slipcover comes with bottom wrap bands that you can tighten to make it fit your couch perfectly.

Gorilla Grip Original Slip Resistant Large Sofa Protector

Best removable sofa protector

This is the best removable sofa protector. This is because it has a special Gorilla Grip backing which makes sure this cover stays put on your couch, no matter if your couch is leather or fabric. Even with dogs jumping up and down off your couch, this slip cover will stay in place and not budge. There are also straps that allow for you to adjust the placement of the cover.

This cover is made with suede which is very soft and comfortable for both you and your dog. It is also smooth which allows liquids to easily repel off of it. Pet hair can also easily be brushed off and it is machine washable. After you wash your cover, just hang it out to air dry as opposed to putting it in a dryer.

When choosing your cover from Gorilla Grip, there are two size options- large for couches that are up to 70 inches long in the seat, and extra-large for couches with seats up to 78 inches. This affordable cover can be purchased in many colors, like grey, denim, blue, black, purple, navy, merlot, linen, latte, sage and taupe.

Microfiber and Microsuede Sofas For Dogs

What is microfiber? What is microsuede?

Microfiber is a term used to describe fabrics made off a fine, synthetic yarn. These manmade fabrics are usually made out of a mixture of nylon and polyester.

Microsuede is a type of microfiber that resembles suede materials. It often has a water repellent finish on it.

Are microfiber and microsuede the same things?

Microfiber is a broader term for different types of manmade fabrics, where microsuede is a specific type of microfiber.

Is microfiber natural or synthetic?

Microfiber is synthetic. Microfiber is made out of a blend of nylon and polyester, both of which are synthetic fibers.

Is microfiber easy to clean?

In general, microfiber is a bit easier to clean than most other fabrics. Microfiber is stain resistant and if there is an accident on your microfiber couch, a spot can be cleaned and dried in a short amount of time. Microfiber can be cleaned by using a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol to wet the spot and then rubbing the spot with a scrubbing sponge or bristle brush.

Is microfiber durable?

Microfiber is a very durable material, making it a good choice for households with pets or children.

Is microfiber a good fabric for dogs?

Microfiber is a great choice of couch material for pets because it is durable and easy to clean and care for. Dog hair also goes practically unnoticed on microfiber materials. Additionally, the smooth fabric will prevent your dog’s paws from getting snagged in the material.