Your Dogs Can Relief Themselves Anytime Now Using the Best Dog Grass Potty

Here are the best dog grass potty we’ll be covering:

Potty training a dog can be a difficult task. If you live in an apartment like I do, the constant trips outside can be exhausting especially when stairs are involved. During the winter, it can be really tough to stand outside patiently waiting for your pooch to do its business. 

That’s why many pet owners have decided to try potty grass. Having grown in popularity over the years, we know that many dog owners have had success when using them, but are they right for you and your puppy too? 

Let’s start by talking about how they work. Fake grass covers a plastic base which catches urine. Once your dog has finished urinating, the plastic base can be removed, cleaned and placed back under the grass for future use. 

For the pads consisting of real grass, there is no need to empty them because the grass will absorb the urine as it would outside. Potty grass is typically kept inside however, some dog owners prefer to keep them on the front porch or a balcony. 

Dog grass potty training tips

A major concern for new users is how to get their dog to actually use the potty pad. If your dog is already trained to go outside, this could be a little more challenging but definitely not impossible. 

One important thing to remember is that dogs don’t like to relieve themselves where they sleep or eat. Meaning that if your dog is caged, they won’t want to use the potty grass there. It’s best to keep the pad somewhere that is easy to access and not near where they sleep. 

Also remember that using the pad on a carpet or rug might not be the best idea in case your puppy misses the pad or urine is spilled in the process of cleaning it. 

Another tip for training is keep taking your dog to the pad. Be patient, and repeatedly bring your dog to the pad and wait for them to go. You might also want to consider leashing them as well just like they are when they urinate outside. This will help you easily maintain control of the situation and make your pup more likely to listen to you. 

An effective way to train your dog to urinate on a grass potty pad is to refrain from punishing your dog for not using the pad. Yelling at your dog will only teach them to urinate when you’re not around because they will feel safer. 

Instead, focus on moving the dog to the pad when they urinate. If you keep moving them there, it will teach them that they should go there themselves. Don’t forget to reward them when they use the pad too. Consider buying some small training treats and make sure your puppy gets one every time that they use the pad.

There are also some products to help with training if your puppy still isn’t catching on. Make sure that if your dog urinates anywhere else in the house you fully clean that spot. I would recommend buying a cleaner specifically made for urine because dogs tend to want to urinate in the same spots. 

So, if your dog still smells its urine in your carpet, they are more likely to go there again rather than use the pad. Also, there are different types of sprays created that will make your dog want to urinate in a specific spot using a scent that attracts them. 

There are some natural spray options to choose from also. Here is a helpful article for finding the best urine cleaner for you

Our recommendation for the best dog grass potty

You can find dog potty pads with both fake and real grass. Real grass options will absorb the urine, while fake grass will be passed through and the urine will be stored in a plastic bin. 

So, the real grass options may not last as long as the fake grass options because it is not able to be cleaned. It would be like if your dog used the same exact spot in the yard to urinate. It will last a while but eventually the grass will die or discolor in that section. 

Your dog will not be tempted to dig in the real grass like they do outside because real grass potty pads are made with no soil. Plastic grass requires more maintenance with cleaning but can last a lot longer because it does not absorb urine. So, what is the best dog grass potty for you? Here are some of our favorites.

PetMaker Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat

This synthetic mat is approved for both indoor and outdoor use, and is available in 2 sizes. It consists of 3 layers: the synthetic grass-like mat that sits on top, the plastic insert that allows liquid to drain and the plastic collection tray at the bottom. 

The middle insert allows for extra space which makes a more efficient draining system, allowing for the top layer to dry relatively quickly. They also sell replacements for the synthetic grass mat by itself, so you won’t need to replace the entire item if it’s time to change out the grass. 

Unfortunately, the replacement grass is so close in price to the entire mat that it would make sense to just buy a new one instead of replacing the one part. 

The cleaning process is fairly simple, all you need to do is drain the urine and clean the entire mat with soap and water. Each of the 3 layers does need to be individually cleaned however, so this might take some time. 

Emptying the urine is not very difficult, but can take some getting used to as the tray needs to be carefully carried to the dumping site. But it will not spill on its own because the bottom tray is made of hard plastic. This product is not recommended for large dogs because it is small and may overflow. 

Porch Potty

This synthetic potty pad is approved for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a 14-foot drain hose that can be directed to any nearby drain. It does not need to be washed with soap as often as other options due to the drain hose. 

Pick up solid waste, and for urine simply pour some fresh water through the grass to clean it and it’s ready to use again. If you do not use the drain hose, then you will need to separately purchase the basin to place under the synthetic grass mat. 

They also sell a replacement for the synthetic grass by itself. Depending on how often it is used and if your dog plays with it, the grass only needs to be replaced every 6 months to a year. 

This pad is 2’ x 2’ and 6 inches tall. It can accommodate all dogs up to 60 lbs and it comes with an optional scented fire hydrant toy and a training booklet to help you get started. This product is definitely more expensive than others however, it doesn’t need to be broken down and cleaned every day if you’re using the drainage hose. 

Paws & Pals Dog Grass Pee Pad Potty

This puppy pad is for both indoor and outdoor use. It is primarily recommended for smaller dogs or puppies. This potty pad is made up of 3 layers: the first layer consists of synthetic grass, the middle layer is a hard-plastic grate that drains the urine and the bottom layer is the leak-proof tray. 

The first layer of synthetic grass is replaceable, like most other options. The second layer is meant to separate the grass from the liquid after it drains, even with your dog standing on it. The top layer of grass is replaceable incase it starts to fade or break apart. 

The mat does need to be broke down to fully clean it, but it can be cleaned by just wiping it down or rinsing it off with little or even no soap. 

This potty pad also comes with a replacement grass layer to replace the first. So, that’s one less grass pad you have to purchase when the time comes. The company also offers a 2 year or 3 year protection plan that can be added on at the time of purchase. 

This covers normal wear and tear through the time period that you choose. This does not cover the grass insert that needs to be replaced regularly. 

Downtown Pet Supply Dog Pee Potty Pad

This 2-layer potty pad Is just synthetic grass and a tray. There is no middle layer to separate the layers and help the grass to dry. However, the bottom layer does have ridges that are designed to flow the urine to a collection tray on the side of the potty pad. 

The collection tray is small but easily removable to dispose of the urine. This drawer prevents you from having to clean the entire potty pad after every use. 

Replacement turfs are available if needed, and the synthetic grass is said to be more similar to actual grass than most other options. The grass is also treated with odor control, and it is suggested that for cleaning the grass to use something with odor control if needed. 

The potty pad does not have anything holding down the grass layer, so if your dog likes to dig outside that may become an issue with this product because it is so realistic. This indoor and outdoor potty pad comes in many different sizes, so it can be used for larger dogs as well. 

Loobani Dog Grass Pee Pads

This is another 3-layer indoor and outdoor use potty pad. You also get a replacement fake grass mat to use after the first one is no longer usable. Similar to some other designs, there is a grass layer, a grate and a collection tray. 

The grate allows the grass layer to drain and dry to prevent odor. This product also comes with non-slip stickers to be placed on the bottom of the potty pad to prevent slipping and protect your floor as well. 

This product should be fully cleaned after each use to prevent any odor, but it is easy to take apart and put back together. It is also lightweight and easy to move which is why the non-slip stickers come in handy. They have sizes for both large and small dogs. 

The product’s grass layer is durable and holds up even if your dog likes to dig or bite at it. It is also replaceable like the other products in case it does wear out over time. 

How do you make a real grass dog potty?

If you’re looking for a more natural option, you can make a dog potty using real grass. You’ll need a pan and sod. You may also want to add something to the bottom to help make it sturdy like wood. 

Making your own means that you can customize it any way you’d like. You can add wheels to make it easily portable and make it as big or as small as you’d like. Using a kennel tray is probably the easiest and cleanest way to ensure no leaking from the tray. 

Do dogs need grass to go?

Due to the high amount of nitrogen, dog urine can be very damaging to grass. The best way to ensure that your yard stays pristine is to look into a grass potty that will direct your puppy to go to a certain place. It might be a little more difficult because they need to be cleaned. 

However it will keep your grass alive, keep you from letting them outside constantly. And keep them inside and warm when the weather is bad. 

Dogs do not need grass to urinate, but it is easier to train them to urinate on fake grass rather than in the toilet. So, choose from the list of potty pads above or even create your own to find the best dog grass potty for you and your puppy.