The Best Dog Shampoo for Shedding to Help Manage Shedding Better

Here are the best dog shampoo for shedding we’ll be covering:

As pet owners, we know that our animals can leave traces of themselves all over our houses. If you happen to have a dog that heavily sheds its fur, the excessive amount of animal hair can be overwhelming. Particularly in the spring when your canine is losing their heavy winter coat, it can feel like the hair is covering every surface in your house. While it may feel like there is nothing that you can do to manage it, a deshedding shampoo can help you get your house back under control.

Shedding is a normal and important process for animals with fur, and is actually a sign that our pets are in good health. The shedding process helps them to get rid of hair that has been damaged or has stopped growing. Most importantly, shedding helps our pups to maintain their body temperature and prevent them from overheating in the warmer months. 

Breeds that grow an undercoat, such as Labradors and German Shepherds, will shed significantly more than short-haired breeds in order to keep their bodies cooler during spring and summer.

Therefore, the goal of using a deshedding shampoo is not to eliminate your pet’s hair loss. Rather, it can help you decrease the rate and amount of shedding by providing your dog with important nutrients that strengthen the hair on their coats. By providing your pet with a healthier coat, they will be less likely to have excessive damage and breakage, leading to less hair covering your furniture.

Another benefit of using a deshedding shampoo is that you can help loosen the undercoat. By pairing the shampoo with an undercoat brush like the Kong Zoom Groom, you can remove most of the bottom layer of hair right in the tub. You will then be able to easily discard the shedded hair instead of endlessly sweeping it off of your floors and vacuuming it off of your furniture.

What to look for in a deshedding shampoo

When confronted with full aisles in the pet store and dozens of results in an Amazon search, it can be very difficult for us to tell which products are safe and most recommended for our pets. For the best dog shampoo for shedding, an anti-static formula will help prevent breakage of your dog’s hair. 

Additionally, you will want to look for a product that contains Omega 3 or 6 fatty acids, since these supplements fortify and strengthen the hair to help reduce breakage additional shedding. These fatty acids also help maintain the health of your dog’s skin, which is especially important if you choose to use an undercoat brush along with the shampoo.

You will also want to consider the other ingredients in the shampoo that could help or harm your pet’s skin. Shampoos with oatmeal, coconut and vitamin E will exfoliate and moisturize the skin and reduce itching and discomfort. On the flip side, cleansers that are loaded with chemicals and fragrances might aggravate the skin and become counterproductive. Always read the labels carefully and make sure that you understand all of the ingredients that are included in your product.

The final thing to consider is the type of hair that your dog has and the reason for the hair loss. Deshedding shampoos work best for dogs with undercoats and may not do much for pets with unique hair, such as a poodle. 

Also, pets who do not typically shed that are suddenly losing excessive amounts of hair could have an underlying health problem, like anxiety or a vitamin deficiency, that shampoo alone cannot address. You should consult your veterinarian if this situation applies to your pet.

While deshedding shampoos can be helpful, they are most effective if you find one that contains the right ingredients for your dog’s breed. In order to help you find the healthiest and most effective shampoo for your pup, we have done a deep dive into 5 deshedding shampoos. 

Although each could be considered the best dog shampoo for shedding, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each to find the one that is right for your pet.

Chris Christensen Pro-Line Fair Advantage 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

This 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combination allows you to use fewer products to wash and seal the moisture into your dog’s hair. This reduces the number of bottles that you need to purchase and store. It also decreases the likelihood of skin irritation for your pet since you are using a single conditioning formula. 

The Fair Advantage shampoo is also gentle on your pet’s hair as it cleans the fur without stripping it. Additionally, it washes out clean and does not leave behind residue or buildup, which in turn reduces itching and discomfort. The scent of the shampoo is not floral, but it can be very strong if you have a sensitive nose. 

Another important feature of this deshedding shampoo is the anti-static properties. This protects your dog’s hair and helps to prevent it from breaking and shedding excessively. It also keeps your pet’s coat looking sleek and well-kept, a bonus if you participate in shows or take your dog out regularly. 

Pros: includes both shampoo and conditioner, moisturizes hair and skin, anti-static

Cons: higher price point, strong odor

PetAg Fresh ‘n Clean Dog Shampoo

Fresh ‘n Clean is a shampoo with a colloidal oatmeal base, which soothes skin and softens it. This helps to prevent itch and irritation for your pet and reduces scratching. The formula also includes purified water, baking soda, and natural cleansers which further protect your dog’s skin and hair from harsh and drying chemicals.

Another benefit of this shampoo is an infusion of proteins that help to strengthen hair. These proteins are able to repair, strengthen, and protect each strand from within, which helps to reduce breakage and therefore shedding. The shampoo also washes out completely without leaving residue behind, which also contributes to a reduction in shedding and skin irritation.

In order to eliminate the odors that a dirty and wet dog emits, this shampoo formula also contains baking soda, which neutralizes those strong smells. It has a tropical scent, which could be off-putting if that odor is not one that you enjoy. It is also important to note that the formula of this shampoo does not efficiently remove oils from the hair, so it may not be ideal if your dog is among those with this issue.

Pros: soothing oatmeal and baking soda formula, no harsh chemicals, protein-infused

Cons: potentially overwhelming scent, does not remove oils

FURminator Ultra Premium DeShedding Shampoos and Conditioners

This brand offers a wide variety of products for helping to deshed your dog. Their deShedding shampoo includes natural ingredients to support your pet’s hair and skin health, including Omega fatty acids and extracts from calendula and papaya leaf. This formula moisturizes and soothes skin and maintains a strong, healthy coat for your pet, all of which reduces excessive shedding.

While the shampoo will strengthen the coat and prepare it to shed efficiently, it is highly recommended to also use the FURminator conditioner along with it. This product releases the undercoat and seals moisture into the hair, making it a crucial step for deshedding your pet and protecting their hair health. It does require the purchase of two different products, which can be expensive, especially in addition to a brushing tool which is also encouraged for maximum results.

The shampoo and conditioner both have largely neutral odors that are unlikely to activate asthmatic or allergic responses. They also lather well with a small amount of product which helps the bottles to last longer. However, using the shampoo and conditioner can be time-consuming, as both require about 10 minutes to fully lather and rinse out your pet’s hair. This could, of course, be considered time well spent if it is saved on vacuuming and sweeping excessive amounts of hair off of your furniture.

Pros: Omega fatty acids, natural formula, clear directions on how to use

Cons: purchase shampoo and conditioner separately, time consuming 

The Coat Handler Undercoat Control deShedding Dog Shampoo

The Coat Handler shampoo offers several of the key ingredients for hair strength and skin health. The Omega fatty acids and Vitamin E all help to create a moisturizing formula that contributes to a strong and healthy coat for your dog. This product is also an ultra concentrated solution, which allows you to dilute it to create nearly 3 dozen gallons of shampoo.

If you, like me, are concerned with the impact of products on the environment and animals, you will appreciate The Coat Handler’s dedication to providing biodegradable and cruelty-free products. Additionally, this shampoo is safe to use on pets who have received tick and flea treatments, as it will not wash these products off of the fur. 

While this shampoo does not bill itself as an all-in-one and the brand offers a separate conditioner, it does offer some of the properties and benefits of a combination product. In some cases though, dogs with long hair or double coats may not see the same results as dogs with less hair. It also offers a coconut fragrance which may be problematic if you have a sensitivity or allergy to coconut.

Pros: promotes strong hair and healthy skin, cruelty-free, biodegradable

Cons: less effective on long heavy coats, strong fragrance

TropicClean PerfectFur Double Coat Shampoo

If you have a short-haired pet with a double coat, you may want to try this shampoo that is specifically designed for your dog’s hair. While this does mean that the product doesn’t work for everyone’s pet, the brand does offer a line of shampoos formulated for a variety of breeds if this doesn’t meet your needs.

The shampoo is soft and gentle, free of soap and parabens that may irritate your dog’s skin. It is made with purified water and all of the cleansers are derived from plants. The Vitamin E soothes your dog’s skin and the formula loosens the undercoat to help you remove it in the tub instead of finding the hair all over your house.

TropiClean, as the name implies, does have a tropical scent that is fairly mild, but may not be to your liking. It also contains several ingredients that pet owners may be sensitive to, including coconut and pineapple, so be sure to check the list carefully if you have allergies.

Pros: gentle formula, soap and paraben free, effective for short-haired animals

Cons: not designed for all breeds, distinct scent

Other Considerations for Your Shedding Pet

It is important to note again that the goal of deshedding is not to eliminate your dog’s hair loss altogether. Rather, a deshedding routine is intended to strengthen your dog’s coat and attempt to remove most of the shedded hair in a controlled environment.

Typically, dogs shed most in the spring, when they lose their extra winter layers, and the fall, when their coat is preparing to bulk up for the colder weather. However, some breeds are growing new hair and shedding regularly throughout the year. Once you understand your dog’s shedding patterns, you can create the most effective shampoo regimen for helping to deshed your pet.

In addition to shampoos, the AKC has some other tips to help curb your dog’s shedding. Using a brush regularly to loosen the undercoat and damaged hair goes a long way in managing the amount of hair in your house. Getting your dog groomed regularly also helps, as many salons have high velocity fans and other tools that help deshed your dog’s coat.

While you may be tempted to try out homeopathic remedies to help your pet’s shedding, we advise you to be cautious. Olive oil is safe for your pet and can provide the Omega fatty acids that support healthy skin and hair. Virgin coconut oil can be safe in small amounts when ingested or used directly on the skin. 

We strongly advise against essential oils, however, as the potential harm outweighs any possible benefits for your pet. The best course of action for managing your pet’s shedding is to understand their hair type, find a brush and shampoo that work well for their breed, and then take the time to be consistent with your deshedding routine.