Best Dust Free Cat Litter For Allergies, Asthma And Sensitive Noses

Here are the best dust free cat litter we’ll be covering:

There is nothing worse than pouring fresh cat litter into a litter box, and a dust cloud flies up into your face. It’s especially bad if you have asthma, allergies, or other breathing issues. And if you have problems with it, imagine how much worse it is for your fur baby. 

Every time they use the litter pan they have to deal with the dust, and they can have breathing problems too. Maybe it’s time to change your cat litter to one that produces less dust.

what can you do to minimize Litter dust cloud?

The best answer is to switch to a less dusty kitty litter. But if you and your cat are brand loyal and won’t switch, here are a few ways to lessen the impact of the dust.

  • If possible, always refill the litter pan outdoors. Enclosed spaces make breathing harder. The dust will also float in the air and land on surfaces. Refilling the pan outside allows the breeze to carry dust particles away.
  • Instead of pouring litter straight from the bag or box, consider using a scoop. This cuts down on the amount of dust produced considerably.
  • If you must pour from the bag, hunch down close to the litter box. It will create less dust.
  • Strain out smaller particles and loose dust with a sieve. Your cat won’t be able to kick up as much dust when using its box. 
  • Every time you breathe in a dust cloud of cat litter, it gets into your lungs. A smart thing to do is wear a mask while cleaning and filling a litter box. It might seem like overkill, but your lungs will thank you. 

What makes a good dust free cat litter?

Avoid litters made from clay, which can also be labeled as bentonite, or sodium bentonite. Wood-based litters, particularly sawdust, can also be problematic. Here are a few things to look for when choosing the best dust free cat litter for your household.

  • The size and weight of the granules make an enormous difference. Lighter grains and particles produce the most dust. Choose larger and denser pellets, grains, or particles. Bigger is always better with a dust-free cat litter.
  • If you or your kitty has allergies or asthma, forgo the perfumed brands and buy a scent-free litter. They also label the best ones hypoallergenic or allergen-free. If you are worried about odor control, try sprinkling a thin layer of baking soda in the pan’s bottom.
  • Natural litters are best. Look for cat litters made from newspaper, corn, or coconut. There are also some excellent litters made from tofu. 

Our recommendation for the best dust free cat litter

We put several cat litters to the test to help you choose the best dust free cat litter for you and your fur baby. Read on to learn our top picks.

Purina Yesterday’s News Paper Cat Litter 

This cat litter is a wonderful choice if you and your kitty need a scent-free option. It is also an eco-friendly litter made from recycled newspaper. According to Purina, it is 99% dust-free, and in our experience it really was. Especially when compared to clay-based litters. It is also a budget-friendly option!

One thing I will mention is that it isn’t a clumping litter, so cleaning the pan is a little different. Clean out the poop daily and then toss out the contents of the pan when needed. I have one cat, so this worked out to about once a week. The pellets are extremely absorbent, so I never had puddles of pee collecting at the bottom of the litter box. 

I’m a huge fan of cat litter without added fragrances. This one is fabulous, and it controls odors really well. 

Though Purina doesn’t advertise it as a low-tracking cat litter, it performs well on that score too. Occasionally I’d find a large pellet a few feet from the box, but compared to most cat litters it stayed in the pan. My cat also loves this litter, and I think it is because it’s soft on his paws. And if my fur baby is happy, so am I. 

CatSpot Litter Coconut Cat Litter

This was the first coconut-based cat litter we’ve ever used, and we were mostly pleased. This is another non-clumping litter so you don’t have to struggle with huge clumps of urine-soaked clay. Just scoop out the solids and the super-absorbent coconut absorbs the urine. 

According to the manufacturer, you are to clean out the litter box every fifteen days. Even though I only have one cat, I ended up dumping it all out after a week and a half. Since I’m used to doing it once a week, I was pleased. 

This formula is biodegradable, and on the package, it states you can toss out the used litter into a compost bin or your flower beds. I live in an apartment so I disposed of it in the trash using a biodegradable bag. Eco-friendly cat litter is wonderful, so I’m glad it won’t last for decades in the landfill, unlike some clay litters.

My one gripe about this litter is that it tracks. The coconut pellets stick to my cat’s fur like crazy, and I ended up finding pellets all over the apartment. Other than that, I loved it. A solid, dust-free choice that’s perfect for cats and humans with allergies.

Garfield Cat Litter

I’d never heard of this litter before and was excited to give it a spin. I’m pleased to say it was worth it. 

One of the primary selling points is that it is flushable. According to the package, you can flush one or two clumps at a time, but only if they are less than 12 hours old. They also instruct you to allow the clumps to dissolve first, which can take a few minutes. I normally don’t flush cat waste, but for the sake of this review, I did. Worked like a charm.

Before you flush, make sure your cat is not infected with the Toxoplasma gondii bacteria, and that your kitty is an indoor cat. Many municipal water systems can’t handle it, and the bacteria can injure wildlife downstream.

This is possibly the softest cat litter on the market. They make it from two grains, cassava, and corn, and it is super-absorbent and controls odors like a champ. I noticed very little tracking with this formula, and what escaped the litter box landed on the mat underneath.

It is virtually dust-free with no fragrance added, plus it is reasonably priced. This is an excellent all-around cat litter that any household will enjoy.

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

For those who want a biodegradable clumping litter, give this one a shot. It is an eco-friendly cat litter made entirely from grass, and it is dust-free. 

I was amazed at how well it controlled odors, especially since it does not contain artificial fragrances. This litter is also very lightweight, so I imagine this would be an excellent choice for seniors or people with mobility issues. This is important in a clumping litter because those clumps can sometimes be huge and heavy. 

The only issue I had with this litter was tracking. Within two days of using it, I noticed litter on the other side of the apartment. Not a lot, but if it escapes the mat I keep underneath the litter box, I definitely note it.

This is a wonderful biodegradable cat litter that ticks all the right boxes. It’s great for humans and cats with allergies, asthma, and mobility issues. This is also a budget-friendly option that lasts a long time.

Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Platinum Litter 

The best low-dust litters are made without clay. But there are humans and cats who insist on using clay litters. Here is the best dust free cat litter for those who prefer clay formulas.

Arm & Hammer claims this litter is 100% dust-free, and it truly is. No more dust clouds puffing into your face whenever you clean the litter box. You and your furry best friend will breathe easier with this formula.

This litter truly shines with odor control. Arm & Hammer use baking soda and a light fragrance to neutralize smells. My personal preference is for litters without added scent, but if your kitty is super stinky, give this a shot. And of course, if you are sensitive to added fragrances, this might not be the litter for you.

The one thing I didn’t care for was how heavy this litter is, and the clumps are too. Other than that, it is a wonderful clay-based litter that is dust-free.

Is dust from cat litter harmful?

Most cat owners use clay-based clumping litters, and two of the key ingredients can create respiratory issues with you and your kitty. The two ingredients are sodium bentonite and crystalline silica dust. When you breathe them in, they coat the tissues of the lungs and cause serious harm for cats and humans.

The lungs are a moist environment, so imagine what happens after cat litter dust has had time to accumulate. It swells and holds on to bacteria and allergens, creating a perfect storm of disease. Is it any wonder your fur baby sneezes and wheezes when using the litter box?

Bentonite also carries a risk of creating digestive problems for your cat. When your cat cleans itself, it ingests any litter that is on their fur. Bentonite is the clay that clumps and expands when it comes in contact with moisture. Any clay your cat licks off itself ends up swelling inside of them, creating a solid block. Because it is so absorbent it holds on to water, which leads to dehydration. Plus, if there was any fecal matter attached to the clay, it is stuck in the digestive track. 

Crystalline silica is a carcinogen known to harm lung tissue in humans and other mammals. Breathing it in can have serious consequences, including a condition called silicosis. This illness can wreak havoc on your lungs, and in some cases has proven to be fatal. Your safest bet is to ditch your standard clumping litter and opting for a dust-free and healthier alternative. 

Switching to a dust-free cat litter is especially important for those with asthma and allergies. If you already have pre-existing respiratory problems, a dusty cat litter will only make them worse. Every time your cat kicks in the litter box, a little dust cloud filled with bacteria and parasites is created. Nobody wants to breathe that in. While you are at it, choose a formula free of artificial fragrance. Your kitty and your lungs will thank you. 

If you can’t imagine life without your clumping litter, choose a biodegradable litter that clumps. If your cat ingests it, it will dissolve inside them. This will keep your cat’s tummy and lungs much healthier, and you can still have the convenience of a clumping litter.

Because of the health risks associated with cat litter, it is a smart move not to sleep in the same room as a litter pan. This is very important if you use dusty litter. Some folks don’t have a choice, such as those who live in small apartments. If you must have the litter box in your bedroom, keep it scrupulously clean. You must also use a dust-free litter to protect you and your cat’s health.