Best Indoor Dog Potty for Apartment Living and Bad Weather

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Here are the best indoor dog potty we’ll be covering:

Do indoor dog potty work?

You’ve brought home your new, furry best friend for the first time. She’s fluffy and warm and addicted to kisses. You post her pics on Instagram so your friends online can fawn all over her. And while taking the pics she poops on an expensive rug. 

Don’t post that picture.

Unfortunately, the bundle of cuteness has bodily functions. You must lovingly train her to do her business in the appropriate places, and a great way to do that is with an indoor dog potty. 

Indoor dog potties are a relatively new thing, but they seriously have a place in housebreaking your dog. They also are fabulous for dogs who can’t always get outside, thanks to bad weather, or because you are working overtime. Older dogs and those with mobility issues also need a safe place they can go to the bathroom indoors. 

Most indoor dog potties use pee pads or other absorbent materials to soak up liquids. They have walls in case your boy hikes his leg when he pees, and they are large enough for most breeds. If you hate the idea of using disposable pee pads, there are other things you can use. 

For example, the Ska Cute Washable Puppy Pads are wonderful. They are an excellent tool for housebreaking your pup, and you can use them multiple times. This is a cost-effective and more eco-friendly option. You could also use the old standby, newspapers. I’m not the biggest fan of those though because they aren’t super absorbent. But in a pinch, they’ll do. 

Our recommendation for best indoor dog potty

High walls: Most male dogs raise their legs when they pee, so having high walls is important to minimize the mess. But even if you have a female dog, higher walls are best, especially if they have bad aim.

Pee pad or not?: It’s up to you. Whichever indoor potty you choose, make sure it’s designed so your pup doesn’t step in its own pee. Many of them have raised “legs” underneath the netting tray to keep that to a minimum, and you just slide a pee pad underneath. You can always choose a reusable pee pad if that’s your desire.

Dimensions: The best indoor dog potty for your pup will be large. Bigger is always better, especially when your puppy is being housebroken. In the beginning, they have horrible aim, so having a large spot to do their business is important.

Another reason for having a big potty is that dogs naturally spin around before going to the bathroom. They need to have enough space to do this comfortably. If not, they might not want to use the indoor potty.

Here are reviews of indoor dog potty solutions to make your choice easier.

Indoor Dog Potty Tray with Protection Wall 

This indoor dog potty is an excellent choice for small dogs who can’t always get outside. If your dog is larger than a pug, I would go with a different brand. It is only 22 inches wide and 17 inches long. That is not a bad thing, but a larger breed will not be able to use this.

It is made from sturdy plastic and should last for a long time. It has six-inch-high walls to help keep the pee in the box. It relies on pee pads that slide underneath a mesh grate your dog will stand on. This was my only serious issue with this indoor dog potty.

My Mom’s chihuahua kept getting his nails caught in the mesh. The holes were too big. If the holes had been smaller I would have completely loved it.

The manufacturer includes 80 disposable pee pads with your purchase, which is a thoughtful touch. You can either continue buying their brand or you can use your preferred brand or newspaper. 

Overall this is a good indoor dog potty, just be sure it is the right dimensions for your fur buddy.

Dog Grass Pet Potty 

For ease of use, this indoor dog potty deserves a gold star. Cleaning it is a breeze, and it could be an excellent tool for housebreaking your pooch.

It consists of three pieces. The bottom is a tray that holds a mesh layer. You place the grass mat on top. When your dog pees the urine flows down to the base tray. All you do to clean it is dump the pee and solids and rinse it off. Easy peasy!

Now the one thing to keep in mind is that there are no walls. If your dog has a bad aim or lifts its leg, pee could go flying. If you have a female dog, this might not be an issue. If you were using this as a way to train your dog to only go on grass surfaces, this could work. But for full-grown dogs, it might not be ideal. 

Though they have a picture of a german shepherd on the marketing materials, I’m skeptical this would be big enough, since it’s only 20” wide by 30” long. I think this system works well for medium to smaller breeds best.

This is honestly a great indoor dog potty, but might not be suitable for all dogs. Any system that’s this easy to clean is awesome in my book.

BrilliantPad Automatic Indoor Dog Potty

A self-cleaning indoor dog potty? Yes, please!

The BrilliantPad system is a wonderful automatic indoor dog potty that keeps mess to a minimum. The only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t have walls. Dogs don’t always have perfect aim, and males instinctively lift their leg to pee.

Since this is made for small dogs, this most likely won’t be an issue. But keep that in mind while making your decision.

This system is high-tech. It connects to Wi-Fi and an app on your phone to give you information about your dog’s bathroom habits. Don’t laugh, because that’s a good health indicator. The pads are on a roll you must change monthly, and you can only buy the roll from the manufacturer. You can set a timer so it rolls out a new pad up to three times per day, or if your dog steps on the potty.

It doesn’t eliminate cleaning, but it does lessen it considerably. You will also need to clean the poop. They are currently working on a new version that is automatic, so you won’t have to manually turn it to a clean pad. 

If this system had walls, I’d declare it the best indoor dog potty ever invented. But, even without the walls, it’s fantastic. Definitely consider this if you have a small dog and you hate cleaning their mess.

Pet Gear Pro Pawty

This is a wonderful system for dogs who can’t always make it outside to go potty. It is completely covered to protect your walls and floors and is great for all dogs except bigger breeds.

This is a simple and affordable indoor potty for dogs. It consists of a tray that holds pee pads, and you can use whatever brand you like. The tray slides out for easy cleaning, and if you preferred to use an artificial grass pad instead of normal pee pads, you can.

What I really like about the Pet Gear Pro Pawty is how portable it is. Taking it on vacation would be easy, or moving it to different parts of your home. This is a great way to teach your best friend where it is okay to do their business. 

My only issue with the Pet Gear product is it seemed a little flimsy when I took it out of the package. But, it was a snap to set it up and it is sturdier than it appears. The Pro Pawty is an affordable indoor potty for your dog that is definitely worth considering.

Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear

Cat owners have had a secret for years. They can make litter boxes out of empty plastic storage containers that rival the commercial brands. Well now dog owners have figured this out, and the Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear container is a near-perfect solution for making an indoor dog potty. 

The plastic is durable, and this container has high walls to keep urine inside. You will need to customize it to suit the size of your dog.

First, make sure to order the 41-quart options, since the other sizes aren’t big enough. You will need to cut an entrance into the side using a utility knife. To make this easier heat up the plastic for a few seconds with a hairdryer. Throw in the pee pad of your choice and you now have an affordable indoor dog potty.

The plastic is sleek and shiny and doesn’t hold on to stains. Like all plastics, you will need to keep it clean because it will soak up odors over time. Speaking of cleaning, it is super easy. Just remove the pee pad and give it a rinse. All done.

The only downside to this system is that you have to do all the work yourself. But if you enjoy DIY projects, this works great. This is my personal favorite because I was able to cut the entrance to exactly match the size of my dog. Not too small, and not too big. This is definitely worth it.

Replacement Pan for Midwest Dog Crate

You thought we had nothing for large dogs, right? Well, actually this replacement pan for a dog crate works great for larger breeds. It’s 48 inches long, and you can use whatever pee pad you like.

Since pee pads for large dogs are hard to come by, try the So Phresh Maximum Absorbency XX-Large Leak Shield Potty Pads. They fit perfectly with this pan and are super absorbent.

If I had a large dog, this is what I’d use. My only issue is that it doesn’t have walls, and larger male dogs might make a mess. If I were handy with tools I’d build a simple enclosure to put on top of it. 

Cleaning is easy. Just remove the pee pad and rinse it clean. The pan is leakproof, so you don’t have to worry about urine soaking the floor underneath it. And it’s so durable it comes with a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

If you have a large dog and you need an indoor potty for them, this is worth trying out.

Indoor dog potty training

Training your dog to go potty inside is difficult, but it can be done. The reason it takes more work is that we’ve spent a lot of time teaching them never to go potty inside. It’s confusing, and I can’t blame them. Personally, I think it’s a lot easier to train a two-month-old puppy to go indoors in a certain place. But you can teach old dogs new tricks if you try. 

Some people attempt to teach their dog to go potty in the shower or bathtub. Some people think this is gross, but personally, I think it’s ideal, especially when it comes to cleaning up.

Like any other type of indoor potty, it can be challenging. Like other types of dog training, it is all about using praise and rewards when they have done their business where you want them to. 

Remember that dogs have preferences in regards to the surface they potty on. Soil and grass is their favorite, which is why indoor potty systems with artificial grass work well. At the very least it looks like what they’re used to.

With that being said, you can train your dog to go potty on any surface, no matter the age. But training is far easier if you start when they are a young pup.