Happier In Pairs: Best Litter Box For Two Cats

Here are the best litter box for two cats:

Can you use the same litter box for two cats?

Cats and humans have a lot in common. They can be finicky about food, where they sleep, and personal hygiene, just like we are. This also extends to where they go to the bathroom. If their litter box is messy or stinks of another cat, they might turn up their nose and do their business somewhere they shouldn’t. 

To avoid such a calamity, the ideal situation for multi-cat households is to have one litter box per cat, plus one extra. So if you have two furry partners-in-crime, this means three litter boxes. You might wonder what’s the point of having so many litter boxes. Here is why each cat needs its own box, plus an extra one.

  • Some cats prefer not to share litter boxes. If each cat has a box they can claim as their own, you will avoid confrontations and minimize the chances of them peeing or pooping outside of the box.
  • Having an extra box ensures that there is always an available litter box for them to use. For example, if one litter box is in your utility room and there is a strange repairman working on something in there, your cat can safely use another box. Access to a litter box at all times prevents future litter box problems from arising.
  • If you only have one litter box and two cats, one of them might claim it as its own. This cat might become aggressive, or mark his territory in unsavory ways. This includes spraying the wall next to the litter box, or not covering its waste.
  • Two cats sharing the same litter box only makes sense if your kitties get along with each other very well. Keep your eyes open for any signs of aggression around the litter pan. If a bullied cat feels unable to use the litter box, it will do it’s business elsewhere. If this happens, at the very least get a second litter box and place it far away from the other litter box.

If one of your cats has a loose stool, this could be very messy. In case this occurs, at the very least set up a temporary litter box while your kitty is ill.

Another reason to have more than one litter box is that it is easier to clean. When two cats are using the same litter box, things can get icky fast. I know from experience that having three litter boxes for two cats is much simpler to clean than having only one litter box.

Having the ideal amount of litter boxes is important, but sometimes it just isn’t possible because of space limitations, or other reasons. If you must have a litter box sharing situation, here’s what you should look for when choosing a litter box.

Our recommendation for the best litter box for two cats

Bigger is better when it comes to any litter box, but in a sharing situation, it is extra-important. There are many options to choose from. One of my favorite litter pans is actually a large plastic storage case, like the ones we stash under the bed filled with out-of-season clothes. They are enormous and give each cat room to move around without stepping in another cat’s poop.

One option many cat lovers forget about is the self-cleaning litter boxes. Because they self-clean whenever a cat uses it, the other cat isn’t as bothered by the smells and mess. It helps to eliminate territorial disputes. Plus, it makes your job easier since you won’t have as much litter box maintenance. 

Read on to learn my recommendations for the best litter box for two cats.

Iris USA 41 Quart Clear Storage Box

This storage box is huge, and if you must have a litter box sharing arrangement, it is ideal. It is roomy enough for two, and sturdy.

My favorite thing about the Iris storage box is that you can customize it. For example, if you have an older cat with mobility issues, you can cut a low entrance into it so they have easy access. That is also an easy fix for small kittens. You will need a good utility knife to do this. Heat up the plastic first with a hairdryer to soften it. 

My only beef with the storage container as a litter box thing is it wasn’t very attractive. But since I keep my cat’s litter box in the utility room, this wasn’t that big a deal. They only sell these storage boxes in multi-packs, which was a bummer. But since you need to replace a litter box every year or two, you won’t have to bother ordering for a while. 

This storage box has lower walls, so if your cat loves to fling litter around, expect some tracking. If you decide on this container, I recommend placing a mat under it to catch the stray litter.

The storage box makes fantastic litter boxes. If you really want to give your cats more space, try out the larger sizes. They would appreciate it.

Homz Clear Storage Container

I love this storage container. It is huge, so your cats will have plenty of room to do their business. This storage container is ideal for cats who love to kick their litter around, or if they pee against the wall of the box and occasionally miss.

Like the storage container above, this is very versatile. It has high walls and a lid. With a utility knife, you can cut a low opening if needed. You could also cut a large hole in the lid and make it a top entry litter box. This would greatly reduce the amount of litter tracked around your house. 

My cat loves the clear plastic because he wants to know he is safe while doing his business. The ability to see outside the box gives cats a better sense of security. 

The plastic is very slick and smooth and cleaning it was a snap. The only issue I had was a medical one. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and lifting this box full of litter was occasionally hard on my wrists. Other than that, it was perfect. This is definitely a contender for the best litter box for two cats. 

Purina Tidy Cats Non Clumping Litter System

For cats that prefer non-clumping litter, this is a wonderful choice. It is large enough for two cats, and it is easy to maintain. It comes with a money-back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work for you and your kitty all you lose is time.

This litter box has a unique way of controlling odors and preventing litter tracking. You can buy the hooded version, or one with high walls to prevent litter from being kicked out of the box.

Purina recommends using a non-clumping litter that sits in a tray with little holes underneath. When a cat pees the urine drips through to a tray underneath where you keep an absorbent pad.

All you must do is scoop out solids every day and change the pad. It does a phenomenal job controlling odors. They recommend cleaning and replacing all the pellets once per month. Personally, I’d do it every two weeks.

There is a mod you can make that works for some cat lovers. For cat litter use pine pellets. When urine comes in contact with them they break down into sawdust and sprinkle down into the tray where the pee pad is supposed to be. This eliminates the need for the pee pads, and pine pellets are cheap. 

This is my personal favorite because it really works. It’s extra large and both your nose and your cats will thank you.

PetSafe ScoopFree Cat Litter Box

I was truly excited to try this litter box. Obviously, litter box maintenance is nobody’s idea of a good time, so a self-cleaning litter box sounded ideal. And for many people it is wonderful, but some cats won’t like it.

My furry buddy did not like the self-cleaning box. She’s skittish, and the sound of the machinery spooked her. This was bizarre since it doesn’t clean the mess until 20 minutes after the cat has done its business. But, cats are finicky, so I gave it to Mom, and her cat loves it. This is what Mom’s experience with the box is like.

Mom is elderly, and the box has made a huge difference. She no longer has to spend much time cleaning the litter box which was challenging for her arthritis. The tray where the waste is stored is disposable. All Mom does is place a lid on it and toss it in the garbage. She only has to do this every three or four weeks. 

The litter you use with the litter box are little crystals that do a phenomenal job controlling odors. Mom also told me she has next to zero problems with litter tracking around the house.

The only downside for her is the expense since you must purchase their crystals and trays. But for her, it is the ideal litter box. If you want to spend less time on litter box maintenance, give the PetSafe self-cleaning litter box a chance.

CatGenie A.I. Self-Washing Cat Box

The CatGenie is the most fabulous litter box I’ve ever seen. It acts much like a human toilet, washing waste down the drain with every use. There is no actual cat litter.

Instead, it has reusable granules that are washed, sanitized, and dried after every use. This is the Rolls Royce of litter boxes, and it actually works.

Though it is initially pricey, you end up breaking even over time since you no longer have to buy cat litter all the time. You will need to replace the granules every four months or so since it does track out of the box occasionally. Considering you won’t have to scoop your litter box ever again, the tradeoff is worth it. 

As far as cleaning goes, there is a sanitizing solution you will need to buy every three or four months. Once a year break the cat box down and give the insides a thorough scrubbing. The built-in scoop inevitably misses a little bit of poop and it dries up inside.

For two cats using the same litter box, this is perfect. Extremely low-maintenance, and your cats won’t be bothered by the stink of another cat. 

How often should you clean a litter box for two cats?

Ideally, you should clean clumps and solids from the litter box twice a day. This is extra important when two cats are sharing a box. The smells of the other cat can turn off a cat, so cleanliness will help ensure that your cats will use the litter box and not the bathroom rug. At a bare minimum, once a day.

How often should you change a litter box for two cats?

Most people completely change out the litter and give the box a thorough cleaning once per week. If you are very diligent about twice-daily scooping, you can extend this time by a day or three. But just remember, plastics absorb smells. If you have problems with odors, weekly cleaning is a must. I’d also recommend replacing the box altogether every year. 

How do I make two cats use the same litter box?

Personally, I think it’s difficult to make two cats use the same box if they don’t want to. This is why it’s ideal to have more than one litter pan, to avoid aggressive or messy situations that might arise. If your two cats are not especially close, forcing them to use the same box can be traumatic. Do yourself a favor and buy at least one more litter box. It’s less stressful for you and the cats.