The Best Shampoo For Goldendoodles, Your Intelligent And Loving Companion

Here are the best shampoo for goldendoodles we’ll be covering:

What type of shampoo is best for goldendoodles? 

Goldendoodles are a loving, energetic breed. They’ll love you just as much as you love them and look cute while doing it. These balls of energy are a constant ray of sunshine in our lives, but it’s no secret that their coat can be a little difficult to handle sometimes. 

While some Goldendoodles have the straight coat of a Golden Retriever, it is more common for them to have curly fur like a poodle. Their curls make them look so adorable, but it can be hard to keep detangled and clean. These tight curls tend to trap many things in their fur, and they need to be brushed and groomed regularly to maintain a healthy coat.

Goldendoodles with curly fur tend to not shed as much which is great for our clothes and furniture, but our dogs are still shedding fur, it just doesn’t make it out of their other fur to land on us. This means that if they aren’t brushed regularly, The fur hat they are shedding will knot with their fur still attached leading to knots and matting. Goldendoodle fur will not stop growing like some other breeds. Meaning that if left uncut, their fur can very quickly get out of control. 

Along with regular brushing, it is important to have the proper shampoo for your Goldendoodle. Basic dog shampoos are not going to be very effective because they aren’t made for thick, wavy fur. There are a few things you should look for when trying to find the best shampoo for Goldendoodles. 

Our top picks for the best shampoo for goldendoodles 

Because their fur is so similar, shampoo that is made for Poodles is generally the best choice. Those shampoos will work well with your Goldendoodle because they are made for curly or wavy fur, but there are other things to look for in a good shampoo. Remember, just because it says it’s good for Poodle fur, doesn’t mean that it is the best one available. 

Start with finding a formula for curly or wavy hair. These formulas will be made specifically for dealing with your Goldendoodle’s fur which can be so much more difficult to manage with a more traditional dog shampoo. Next, you should consider a leave-in conditioner or detangler. Finding a good leave-in conditioner for your furry friend can help moisturize their fur and skin. 

Finally, Goldendoodles tend to have sensitive skin which means they are prone to allergies. So, you should avoid shampoo with sulfates, alcohol, fragrances and other harsh chemicals that may irritate their skin. Sure, fragrances help your dog smell nice after a bath, but with any breed that is prone to sensitive skin, it can be harmful. So, stick with shampoos that avoid fragrance and harsh chemicals to ensure your Goldendoodle maintains healthy skin. 

If you follow this guide, then the shampoo you choose should be very effective for your Goldendoodle. Here are some of our favorite choices for Goldendoodles. We have some shampoo and conditioner for you to consider. So, take a look at our list and find something that works for your furry friend. 

TropiClean PerfectFur Curly & Wavy Coat Shampoo 

This soap is made especially for Poodles and Goldendoodles. It is made to reduce tangling and matting by smoothing out their fur making it easier to brush. This shampoo has a lifting formula that will provide more volume to your furry friend’s fur. This will allow the coat to be less dense and tight. 

TropiClean shampoo is paraben and soap-free which will help if your dog has sensitive skin, but it does contain alcohol which can dry out your dog’s skin. 

Because this shampoo doesn’t contain soap, it doesn’t lather up well like soap traditionally does. So, be aware when using this product that it may not lather as well as you are used to. 

This quick-drying shampoo will help speed up the lengthy bath time process by ensuring that your Goldendoodle dries more quickly and is back to having fun in no time. TropiClean shampoo has a nice fragrance and will leave your dog smelling fresh after bath time. 

Goldendoodles with more sensitive skin may not react well to the perfume. TropiClean does not affect flea and tick treatment and should be lathered on for 3-5 minutes. If you’re looking for a shampoo that is good for your Goldendoodle’s fur and keeps them smelling nice, then this may be the right shampoo for you. 

Pros: Reduces tangling, adds volume, paraben-free, soap-free, quicky-drying, leaves them smelling nice, safe for flea and tick treatment. 

Cons: Contains alcohol and perfume, doesn’t lather well, has to be applied for 3-5 minutes. 

Mane ‘N Tail Combo Shampoo and Conditioner 

This unique shampoo and conditioner combo is made for animal fur and human hair. This formula is made to work through hair all the way to the skin, ensuring that your Goldendoodle gets thorough scalp cleansing. Mane ‘N Tail shampoo also moisturizes their scalp to prevent dryness and itchiness. 

This shampoo is scented with apple which will leave your pooch smelling good after bath time, but if they have sensitive skin, then the fragrance may irritate them. This formula is made to repair damaged fur and help moisturize. 

The conditioner can be used as a leave-in conditioner or it can be lathered and rinsed like the shampoo. This combo does contain sulfates which can irritate your dog’s skin, but it depends on the sensitivity of your dog’s skin. If you want your dog to smell good and have a nice shiny coat, then this may be the right shampoo and conditioner for you. 

Pros: Scalp moisturizing, thoroughly clean, leave-in optional conditioner, nice scent. 

Cons: Fragrance and sulfates may irritate skin. 

Everyday Isle of Dogs Lush Coating Dog Shampoo 

This shampoo is made for Poodles and Golden Retrievers. So, it will definitely be suitable for your Goldendoodle. It will make your dog’s fur softer and easier to manage. Everyday Isles shampoo encourages fuller and voluminous fur. This can help the fur to separate and tangle less easily. It has a nice scent with violet and sea mist. 

This scent is provided with perfumes though. It also contains sulfates which as we know can strip healthy oils from their scalp. So, dogs with sensitive skin may not have a good reaction to this shampoo. Dogs with less sensitive skin can look forward to smelling great for an extended period of time with their ExtenScent complex that extends clean odor. 

This shampoo doesn’t need to be left on for any amount of time like some others. So feel free to lather well and then rinse right away. That is especially helpful if your pup tends to get restless like mine does. 

Everyday Isle shampoo features natural ingredients that help your dog’s coat really shine. Overall, this is a great shampoo if you want to make sure your dog smells great and doesn’t tangle as easily. 

Pros: Strong scent, natural ingredients help extend fresh smell, encourages fuller hair that doesn’t tangle as easily, no extended leave-in time.

Cons: Scent may be overwhelming, perfumes and sulfates may irritate skin. 

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo and Conditioner  

Earthbath shampoo is great for dogs with sensitive skin. The aloe and oatmeal help relieve any itchy, dry skin. This shampoo contains no parabens, sulfates, soaps or perfumes and is scented naturally with vanilla and almond. So, the scent may not be as strong as other shampoos, but you don’t have to worry about the itchiness and dry skin that comes with fragrances. 

You don’t have to worry about flea and tick treatment as they won’t wash off during bath time. Earthbath’s natural ingredients mean that you can wash your dog as many times as you need to without drying out their skin. 

Aloe and oatmeal allow this shampoo to moisturize your dog’s skin and promote a healthy, shiny coat. The conditioner especially helps keep your dog’s coat soft and easy to brush. 

The shampoo and conditioner each need to be lathered and then left on for at least 90 seconds. This gives time for the oatmeal and aloe to really get to work on calming down their skin. So, if your dog is prone to sensitive skin, then this combo may be best for your furry friend. 

Pros: No ingredients that dry out skin, naturally scented, doesn’t wash of flea and tick treatment. 

Cons: Scent is not as strong as perfumes, must be left on for at least 90 seconds. 

Burt’s Bees 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo and Conditioner 

This shampoo is safe for dogs and puppies because it is gentle on their skin and tearless. If your dog gets a little rowdy around bath time, then this tearless shampoo is safe if you accidentally get it in their eyes. 

This formula is made without parabens, sulfates and fragrances making it safe for dogs with sensitive skin. They use pure, gentile ingredients like buttermilk to help soothe skin and clean your dog’s coat. 

This 2 in 1 combo does not contain soap so it will not irritate your dog’s skin, but it may not lather as well as a normal shampoo. This product is scented naturally, so it may not smell as strong as other shampoos with perfumes. However, it is much healthier for sensitive or dry skin. 

This shampoo and conditioner combo doesn’t require any wait time after lathering before rinsing. So, impatient dogs will do well with this 2 in 1 combo. It will not wash off flea and tick treatments. Burt’s Bees 2 in 1 combo will clean, moisturize and soften your dog’s coat. This formula is pH balanced which means it is safe for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin. 

Pros: Cleans coat with no harsh ingredients, speeds up bath time process with 2 in 1 formula, pH balanced. 

Cons: Natural scent may not be as strong as other shampoos, no soap means it may not lather well. 

Kibble Pet Miracle Detangler Spray 

This is a detangler spray for dogs like Goldendoodles who are more likely to get tangles. This detangler does not require any rinsing. It should be sprayed on the knotted area and brushed through. 

There are no sulfates or parabens in this spray, but it does contain fragrance that can dry your dog’s skin. It will leave your dog smelling like warm vanilla and amber, and this spray detangles knots and prevents future tangles also. This is a treatment for between baths when your dog gets knots or mats. 

This product contains aloe vera which can help promote hydration in skin and fur and reduce inflammation. Use of this spray will not affect your dog’s flea and tick treatment. This product can replace a leave-in conditioner by spraying it on your dog when still wet after a bath and brushing them. 

Pros: Smells good, detangles, leave-in formula. 

Cons: Perfume can leave skin dry. 

Goldendoodle grooming tips 

With the right tools, you can groom and bathe your Goldendoodle at home, but it needs to be done consistently. You should brush your furry friend every day to ensure they don’t develop knots and mats and to help clear out the fur that has shed. A grooming rake will certainly help with getting tough mats out of their fur. 

When bathing your Goldendoodle, try to do it about once a month. This gives enough time between baths to prevent drying out their skin with unnecessary washes. You may need to wash your dog more if they are prone to getting dirty, but try to stick with daily brushing and monthly baths to keep their coat and skin healthy. 

Finding the best shampoo for Goldendoodles is a very important part of grooming your dog, and their coats can be difficult to manage. But with the right shampoo and consistent brushing, your Goldendoodle will be looking and feeling great.