The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum Review: Learn Which of the 6 Vacuums are Best Suited for Your Needs

TL;DR: The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Bagless Upright Vacuum is the most versatile and value for money machine in this lineup.

In this guide, we’ll be reviewing these six models of Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuums:

Six different vacuum cleaners under the same product line. How do the vacuum cleaners in the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser line compare?

We’re taking a closer look at the brand, the story, and the technology that makes this pet-centric line of vacuum cleaners. The company claims that they are made by pet owners, for pet owners.

If you’re looking to get on top of your pet hair cleaning game, then start here with our Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum reviews.

Bissell Pet Foundation to help shelter pets

“Every Purchase Saves Pets™” – That’s one of the main taglines on Bissell’s website. It writes “With your purchase of BISSELL products, BISSELL Pet Foundation helps bring furry family members home. Thanks for helping save 215,000 shelter pets… and counting.”

Bissell is a privately owned corporation founded in 1876. It has always been a family business and in the early 2000s, started to be more pet-centric.

Founded in 2011, Bissell Pet Foundation‘s “goal is to help reduce the number of animals in shelters and rescues, and to find a loving home for every pet”.

The foundation provides grants to animal welfare organizations with programs focusing on areas of adoption, spay and neuter, microchipping and foster care.

Their programs have dozens of partner organizations. Any purchase of Bissell products will contribute to the foundation fund. To date, the foundation has granted nearly $6 million to various organizations across all 50 states.

Not only does buying Bissell products help your pet situation at home. But it would help the situation of pet animals less fortunate than yours. Any purchase will help, not only products from the Pet Hair Eraser series.

Which Bissell vacuum is best for pet hair?

Bissell has a whole catalogue of products dedicated to keeping your home and your pet clean. From grooming tools to pet supplies to stain and odor removers, Bissell had them all covered.

All of these products are also part of their “Buy Bissell, Save Pets” campaign. Bissell is widely known as a vacuum cleaner brand. But they have a very heavy focus on keeping households with pets clean.

The Pet Hair Eraser product line covers vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners and sweepers. In this article, we’ll be focusing primarily on the Pet Hair Eraser series of vacuum cleaners.

The Pet Hair Eraser series includes three types of vacuum cleaners: handheld, upright and canister. The handheld and upright vacuum cleaners are some of the most popular and well-regarded products from the brand. We’ll be covering them in further detail below.

Here are some of the key features to consider when doing a cost-feature analysis:

Corded vs cordless

If you have a tight budget and want to stick with it, then forget about getting a cordless vacuum cleaner. Just stop looking. In most cases, this is one the main features, if not the feature, that determine how costly a vacuum can be.

The reason why is because of the batteries. Cordless vacuums need batteries, and batteries are expensive. They are costly to acquire and they can (and will) need to be replaced. What a cordless unit offers is convenience and ease of use.

You don’t need to fuss about plugging and unplugging as you move around the house. Or having to adjust the cords as you clean. What you gain in convenience, you lose in power (most of the time).

What a corded unit offers is consistent suction power, and usually a strong one at that. The power will definitely not fade. And you do not need to be worrying about batteries coming to the end of their lives.

Cordless vacuum cleaners rely on the capacity of the batteries they have, while corded units do not. The battery capacity also limits the strength of the suction power

Rubberized, motorized or self-cleaning

The Pet Hair Eraser line includes an array of features aimed at you’ve guessed it – combatting pet hair. The main (or only) attachment opening is usually a roller brush or a nozzle. It is the first line of defense.

This is where the pet hair first comes into contact with the vacuum. Bissell has developed different technologies to achieve an effective cleanup process.

The attachment opening needs to attract the hair to it and then be able to let go of the hair be sucked into the machine. Some materials or contraptions work better than others at doing one or the other.

One of the materials commonly used for attracting hair is a rubber surface. Static electricity works to attract pet hair to the rubber surface. The surface has a bristle-like texture to increase the surface area for contact.

This is an inexpensive method to attract pet hair into the vacuum. You don’t need a powerful motor or high capacity battery to make it work.

A motorized brush is a common feature on many vacuums. Compared to a standard roller brush, a motorized brush costs more to own. There are additional mechanical parts in the brush head to power it. And it requires more energy to operate. What a motorized brush offers is the ability to deep clean, especially upholstery or carpets.

Suction alone will not be able to reach the deeper layers of the fabric fibers effectively. The motorized brush vibrates and loosen the dust and debris stuck to the fibers. Then they are lifted off by the suction power.

The self-cleaning brush is not exclusively a Bissell design. You can see this feature in other brands as well. The self-cleaning brush cleans itself while it’s cleaning the floor surface.

The self-cleaning feature is targeted at long hair, as they tend to warp themselves around the roller. So this brush detangle the hair from the roller so that the suction can bring the hair away.

These are some of the more prominent features of the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum cleaners line. We’ll be highlighting 6 of the best Pet Hair Eraser vacuum cleaners. We’ll be covering 3 handheld vacuums, and 3 upright vacuums.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum 33A1

Affordable Pet Hair Eraser vacuum for above the ground cleaning

The base model in the Pet Hair Eraser lineup is the 33A1 corded handheld unit. This handheld vacuum is made for above ground cleaning.

It is made for lifting pet hair off upholstery and fabrics. The rubber nozzle comes with short bristle-like raised texture that attracts and gathers hair. This is static electricity at work. The rubber nozzle attracts hair almost magically.

A rubber nozzle is actually quite an uncommon feature on a vacuum. Most nozzles are made of hard plastic. This feature sets this model apart as a vacuum made for picking up pet hair.

The 33A1 corded handheld model also comes with a suction nozzle. It’s great for quick clean ups to pick up loose kibbles or cat litter that’s been kicked out of the litter box.

The cord is 16 ft long, which is a decent length if you’re tidying up the few spots around the house that your pet frequents. If you’re worried about having to deal with charging batteries or battery power fading away, then get a corded unit.

A corded unit means good suction power with zero fade. It is compact and weighs about 1 lbs, making it easy to store and carry around the house.

This handheld vacuum comes with a detachable dust cup with a capacity of slightly over 3 cups. And for a vacuum that’s dedicated to cleaning above ground surfaces, that’s a generous capacity.

The dust cup as well as the filter can be washed, but need to be fully dried before putting them back into the vacuum. This is a dry-mess only vacuum, and moisture will damage the motor.

Pros: Compact, lightweight, great for lifting pet hair off upholstery

Cons: Not versatile – design only for above the ground cleaning

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand and Car Vacuum 1782

Most value-for-money cordless Pet Hair Eraser vacuum

The next model up in the lineup is a cordless handheld unit. If you’re looking for a motorized brush, then the 1782 Pet Hair Eraser is a great option.

A motorized brush is great if you’re looking to clean heavier fabrics. Heavier fabrics trap pet hair and dander deeper in the fabric fiber. The motor will vibrate the fiber and loosen the trapped hair to be lifted off with suction. So the motorized brush enables a deeper cleaning process.

Aside from the motorized brush, this vacuum also comes with 2 other attachment tools: a crevice tool and an upholstery tool.

This vacuum comes with a NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) 14.4 volt battery. The battery on this vacuum is non-detachable, so you need to plug the vacuum to a wall plug. The charge time is about 5 hours, and has a run time of 15 minute (and shorter if you’re using the motorized brush).

A downside to an internal non-detachable battery is that you’ll need to replace the whole unit when the battery dies.

The suction power on this vacuum is great for picking up pet hair on most surface types. And because the nozzle has only a 4.5 inch cleaning path width, you won’t want to be cleaning the entire room with it.

Like all handheld vacuums, they’re much more suited for above the ground cleaning. If you’re looking to clean carpeted stairs, then this is the perfect size and suction power for the job.

The dust cup holds about 3 cups, which is similar to the 33A1 corded unit. The 1782 is also three times heavier than the 33A1.

Pros: Motorized brush cleans pet hair effectively, compact

Cons: Non-detachable battery, heavy, one-stage filtration system

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum 2390

Best handheld Pet Hair Eraser vacuum

The most expensive handheld vacuum in the Pet Hair Eraser lineup is the 2390 model with Lithium Ion batteries. It is a cordless unit with a run time of up to 17 mins, only a hair longer than than the 1782 model.

In most aspects, this handheld vacuum is very similar to the 1782 handheld model. The main difference being the type of battery the vacuum uses.

This handheld vacuum is built with lithium ion battery, while the 1782 uses a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. Both are 14.4V batteries. But lithium ion battery takes a shorter time to charge and discharge.

Another advantage that lithium ion battery has over NiMH battery is the size and weight. NiMH battery tends to be larger and heavier than lithium ion battery.

This is reflected in the weight of the vacuum, with 1782 (NiMH battery) weighing 3.75lbs and the 2390 at 3.1lbs. A disadvantage of the lithium ion battery is that, it is not as durable as the NiMH battery in extreme temperatures.

Another difference between the two models is the filtration system. The 2390 model has a triple-stage filtration system, and the cheaper 1782 model has a one-stage filtration system.

The capacity on its dust cup is similar to the 1782 Handheld Vacuum, at almost 3 cups. In terms of performance, both of these cordless handheld vacuums are very similar.

Both handles most surfaces quite well. If you want a lighter cordless vacuum with a better filtration system, then get this model over the 1782 model.

Pros: Triple-stage filtration system, good suction power

Cons: Non-detachable battery

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Upright Vacuum 2281

Best budget Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum

The Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Upright Vacuum is the baby of the lineup. Weighing at 14.5 lbs, it is the lightest among the Pet Hair Eraser Upright vacuum series.

The weight also contributes to its agility. It maneuvers around tight spaces and corners with ease. This upright vacuum comes with an extension wand and hose.

And it comes with 3 different attachment tools that attach to the hose: 2-in-1 pet brush, LED lighted crevice tool and a Pet TurboEraser.

The Pet TurboEraser is the most effective for above ground cleaning. Run it against any upholstery and you’ll come away impressed with the results. It’s like a mini version of a motorized brush that’s usually used for floor cleaning.

All the tools can be attached to the body of the vacuum. This provides quick access to them as you’re making your way around the house. This ensures proper storage of the tools, and there’s less chance of losing or misplacing them.

The dust cup holds about 3 cups of dirt, and it is relatively mess-free to empty. The cover snaps are located on the underside. A quick release button will open the cover allowing the dirt to drop into the trash bin. No touching, and tugging at the dirt, just let gravity do its job.

All Bissell Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuums on this list come with a SmartSeal Allergens System. It traps pet allergens and dander, stopping them from entering the air circulation.

This feature is definitely welcomed in households with pets. Even if you and your loved ones are not allergic to pets, no one should say no to keeping good indoor air quality.

Pros: Relatively lightweight, easy to maneuver

Cons: Great on carpet and not on hard surfaces

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Bagless Upright Vacuum 2087

Most versatile Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum

The Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off model is the mid-range option for those looking for an upright vacuum. The unique feature of this vacuum is the 2-in-1 capability.

This upright vacuum can be transformed into a more portable canister vacuum. Simply lift the pod away from the floor attachment to transform it.

This allows you to get into tighter spots and even do above the ground cleaning. The canister mode is great for cleaning the car interior. Snap on the LED lighted crevice tool and you’ve got a winner.

The crevice tool is wider than usual, it handles pet hair well, even if you have long haired pets. The 2087 model also comes with 2 other attachment tools: 2-in-1 Pet Dusting tool and Pet TurboEraser tool.

The vacuum also comes with a telescoping extension wand. It is handy for cleaning vertical space but can be tricky to lock into place.

All 3 models of the Pet Hair Eraser Upright vacuums have the same cord length of 30ft. The cord hooks are closer to each other to accommodate the detachable feature.

This means you’ll need to wind many more rounds to tuck the cord away. It’s nowhere near a deal breaker, just slight annoyance.

Another compromise on the functionality of the vacuum due to the lift-off feature is the dust cup size. Although it’s a larger capacity than the 2281 model, the 4.2 cups capacity can be improved.

The dust cup has the same emptying mechanism as the other Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuums. It ejects dirt effectively, you don’t need to tug and clean the dirt out.

This model of the Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum and the 1650 model come with auto height adjustment to accommodate different floor types.

There’s a toggle that you can use to switch between cleaning hard surfaces to carpet. The carpet mode will enable a spinning brush that vibrates to loosen dirt and fine hair stuck in between the carpet fiber. The brush then sweeps them into the nozzle.

Pros: Portability, versatile (2-in-1 mode), handles most surfaces well

Cons: Flimsy extension wand, poorly designed cord hooks, small dust cup

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum with Tangle Free Brushroll 1650

Best Pet Hair Eraser for cleaning up long hair

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650 Upright Vacuum is a machine with many features and a price tag to match. It gives a thorough deep clean on even the most stubborn of surfaces.

The motorized brush transitions between different surfaces seamlessly. It pulls out hair from most surfaces with ease. The multi-surface roller also provides edge-to-edge cleaning of a cleaning path width of 12 inches. This is standard across all three of the Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuums.

It comes with a combination dusting brush/upholstery tool, crevice tool and pet TurboEraser tool.

Where the upright vacuum really shines is with the self-cleaning brush roll. It is the main tool you’ll use for floor vacuuming. As the brush roll starts gathering dust and hair, some inevitably gets caught in attachment itself.

I would usually detach the attachment from the machine, bring it right under the direct suction (no attachment used), and let the vacuum cleans itself. This tangle-free brush roll detangles hair wrapped around it while it’s cleaning the floor. This is especially useful for households with long haired pets, or humans.

At 18 lbs, the Pet Hair Eraser 1650 model is the heaviest of the three upright models. But it also has the highest capacity for dust collection with a 6.3 cups capacity.

It delivers slightly more suction power than its lighter cousins, but demands more energy to do so. And like the other Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuums, emptying the dust cup is quite fuss-free. A quick release button opens the bottom lid to allow dirt to drop into the bin.

Pros: Large dust cup capacity, self-cleaning feature, strong suction power

Cons: Heavy, poorly designed floor type dial

That’s the rundown of each of the vacuum cleaners in the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser line. We noticed how each of them are designed to tackle a specific problem with cleaning pet hair.

Some uses the science of static electricity, others rely on higher energy consumption to produce more suction power. Each of the vacuum cleaners are suited for different needs. And paying less does necessary mean a sloppier job done.

So here’s a quick rundown of matching criteria with vacuum cleaners. Save yourself some cash and get the 33A1 handheld if you’re looking to clean exclusively above the ground fabric surfaces.

The 1782 handheld and 2390 handheld are very similar machines saved for the batteries used. The 1782 handheld model uses NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery. It is heavier and takes a longer time to charge compared to the lithium ion battery used in the 2390 handheld model.

The 2281 upright model is the best budget upright vacuum – it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but gets the job done.

The Bissell Pet Eraser Lift-Off 2087 Upright Vacuum offers a versatile 2-in-1 solution. An upright vacuum that snaps into a lightweight and more portable canister vacuum.

And lastly, if your household is filled with long-haired beings, then the 1650 might be your best bet with it’s tangle free brush roll.