Cat Proof Blinds for Your Most Playful (and Destructive) Kitten

Here are some of our top suggestions for cat proof blinds:

Cat friendly blinds: Why is my cat destroying the blinds

Cats need to stretch out and clean their claws often, and most pet owners understand the need to protect whatever they can. Purchasing cat proof blinds may already be a priority, though incredibly playful kittens may make this effort seem like a struggle. Preventative care may seem like the best chance, selecting blinds without dangling cords and big gaps. 

Finding blinds that can stand up against a kitten is an excellent way to safeguard a home from damage. Vertical blinds, for example, cannot be climbed by your kitten. These panels are perpendicular to the floor, and any attempts to jump and cling will fail. 

As long as your panels are scratch proof as well, even the most ambitious kittens won’t ruin the blinds. When selecting vertical blinds, be sure that the clips that hold them are just as strong just in case your kitten’s claws are strong enough to hold on. 

Another style that may work to deter your kittens is roller shades. The solid material is easy for cats to slide behind without getting tangled or tearing anything up. Plus, they can easily be rolled up to keep them out of the way of the kittens. 

If these traditional blinds don’t work, opting for a more permanent fixture like slatted shutters could help as well. While you will need a scratch-resistant finish, there’s no risk that pieces will be torn off or ripped down. 

Along with protecting the home, you must also consider the safety of your kitten. After all, their small bodies can easily get behind blinds and in between panels to make mischief, even if all they want to do is see the birds and squirrels that taunt them from afar. Choosing the right blinds keeps your home put together and your kitten out of trouble, no matter how much they play hide and seek with the other cats in your home. 

If you’re looking for the right material, stay away from aluminum blinds, which are most commonly found in rental homes and apartment buildings. They might be the cheap and quick option for landlords, but they are far from durable and can become bent as your kitten works its way to the window for sunbathing. From personal experience, I can say – they never bend back quite the same way. 

Word to the wise – do what you can to avoid cords. Even if your kitten manages the self-control to stay away from the blinds themselves, playing around on the floor or in the windowsill in the cord can pose a threat to their safety and can destroy any hopes of using the blinds again. 

Sometimes, changing blinds might not be enough. Make sure your pet has scratching posts, toys, and other items to entertain them and give them a place to climb up higher without your window. 

These products might be a bit expensive at a local pet store, and the use of them doesn’t guarantee the safety of your blinds. Still, by having somewhere that they are meant to scratch and play, they may soon tire of where they shouldn’t be. 

While it might not be intentional, it is still possible for kittens and older cats alike to destroy the wrong set of blinds. Read on to find out what you can do. 

Blinds that cats can’t destroy

If you want to have the best chance of a safe kitten and a strong window treatment, here’s a few ideas that might work in your home. 

Dalix PVC Vertical Blind 

Vertical blinds for cats

These blinds are made of high-quality vinyl, making it easier to replace a few broken blinds in your house. If you want blinds that won’t fall down as your cats brush past them, this set can work. With a slight curve to each panel, you can easily cut them to a height that you need for your window or door. 

Though they can curl up, it is easy to roll them back and straighten them. In case you have a problem where they are curled from the bottom, all you need to do is roll them back in the reversed direction and leave it for a few hours by putting a pinning clip on them. They will return to the normal shape in just a few hours.

Another plus point about this product is that it blocks the light seamlessly. So, if you’re also looking for blinds for locking that extra light out, this might be the product for you.

Pros: Can be cut to the right height, Can be used as a replacement for other vertical blinds, Fairly durable

Cons: Only available in white

GoDear Design Modern Free Stop Cordless Roller Shade 

Cat-friendly free stop roller shade

Made from premium quality material, this product is made up of a blend of 76% paper and 24% polyester. It is manually fit, thus putting your worries regarding a sudden rebound to rest. Even if your cats rub up against the textured fabric, it is easy to vacuum and dust, eliminating the excess cat hair from the room. 

The woven look and accompanying texture of the product allow light to filter through it while also giving your privacy the utmost importance. Not only does it cater to your needs but also gives your room an elegant look, even though many people have to forgo these luxuries with cats sometimes. 

It is extremely easy to clean. You can just use a finger to lift it or bring it back down. Due to a special coating on the fiber of the blinds, it is not easy to tear the blinds up, making it extremely suitable for your cats.

Pros: Easy to clean, Textured material gives it a stylish look, Provides privacy with a gentle filter for the light

Cons: Must have proper mount to work

DEZ Furnishings Cordless Faux Wood Blind 

Cat proof faux wood blinds

With a cordless design, you won’t have to worry about your kitten becoming tangled or shredding the cord. In fact, DEZ Furnishings specifically made these blinds with pet safety in mind. Operating the blinds is extremely easy by simply holding the bottom rail to pull or push the blinds up or down respectively. 

It has a strong light-cutting feature that can make the room appear dimly lit or slightly shaded, and the shades can be mounted either inside or outside the window. Anyone that orders from this brand can choose from various sizes to ensure that it works with their particular window. If a custom fit is necessary, the order may take a few extra days. 

These blinds are available in either white oak or dark oak, depending on the user’s preference. 

Pros: Customized shaping available upon request, Made with pet safety in mind, Can make a room very dark

Cons: Only two color options

SunCraft Plantation Interior Shutters 

Cat proof interior shutters

The SunCraft blinds are a good choice if you are not only looking both an elegant and permanent look. These blinds are also a perfect fit for a great light control system, and they are the sturdiest amongst the options on this list. 

Available with customized sizing, these shutters are easy to install and have high-quality paint to avoid cracking and fading over time. The lifetime warranty ensures that you can keep these shutters in for as long as you need without changing out panels. If your cat happens to scratch them in any way, they are easy to paint to your preference as well. 

Made of polyresin, you can use these shutters in every room of your home without sacrificing the shade that you want. Plus, the material offers better insulation than wood does, keeping the home warmer during the winter months. Since these shutters are made to order, you could have to wait about 15-30 days to get your set. 

Pros: Cordless design, Made to order, Easy to install and repair if damaged

Cons: Could take up to a month to receive

Green Mountain Vista Huntington Blackout Cordless Spring Roller Shade 

Cat proof roller shade

These blackout blinds by Green Mountain Vista are made of cotton blended fabric, and the deluxe spring roller mechanism makes them rather easy to use. As the only other set of blinds on this list that have been tested for pet safety, they also give you greater energy efficiency around your home as they hold in the heat or cold as needed. 

Without any cords, the only concern that you may have to worry about is how ambitious of a jump that your kitten leaps. Still, there are over 10 different sizes available to accommodate different window sizes, making it easy to measure your window and order accordingly. 

Available in white, it keeps a crisp look in the home, making your own decor pop against it. 

Pros: Uses a pull system rather than a cord, Many sizes available, Pet safe and child safe

Cons: Only available in one color

How to stop cats from messing with blinds

Now that you know the different kinds of cat-proof blinds, how do you keep the cats out of the blinds that you’ve chosen? One way to keep your cat out of your blinds would be to set up a corner for it where the blinds do not obstruct its view of the outside world. 

Another way to keep your cats out of your blinds would be to give it a surface where it could scratch without harming anything else, like a scratching board or scratching post

Much like scratching, you could also consider carving out space for your cat where it’s adventurous mind could be at its peak. Some cat towers allow them to jump to great heights, and they would be further occupied to keep away from the blinds at least for climbing purposes.

You could also establish a sense of unpleasant noise that the cat associates with jumping around the window. That can be done by making a loud noise or startling it whenever the cat is up and about to go anywhere near the blinds. 

Another solution could be to compromise on your home decor. Sometimes, blinds are incredibly tempting to your pet. You may want to consider getting different and/or new toys for your cats so that they eventually forget about wanting to play with the blinds.

Safety of blinds: how to make blinds safer for your cat

As a cat owner, you would usually find yourself wondering what is and what isn’t safe for your pets. A safe set of blinds won’t leave any loose strings to become tangled in and won’t use weak materials that could snap beneath their weight. There are multiple considerations that you should take when choosing blinds in a home that has kittens and adult cats as well. 

Are vertical blinds safe for cats?

Vertical blinds are known to be relatively safer for cats as they open sideways, and the slits are drawn from top to bottom until the horizontal ones. The vertical blinds allow the cats to pass through them with minimal hindrances, unlike the horizontal ones where the cats can usually get stuck. 

Can cats break faux wood blinds?

It is often said that all kinds of faux wood blinds are extremely durable when it comes to keeping blinds safe from cats. Sources suggest that to break these kinds of blinds, the cat has to be extremely strong which, usually, is not the case. Wood can be scratched, but the right material is resistant to these abrasions. 

Why is my cat licking the window blinds?

There could be a number of reasons that your cat licks the blinds. Perhaps someone left the lingering taste of the last food that they ate when they last adjusted the fixture. However, this could be a sign of erratic behavior. Anytime an animal changes their behavior, a vet visit may be in order.