Looking for Cat Proof Curtains for Your Curtain-Scaling Kitten? Here’s 5 of Our Top Picks

Here are the cat proof curtains we’ll be covering:

Many cat owners wonder why their cats are so obsessed with scratching the curtains. Scratching is a natural and ingrained instinct for cats, helping them to eliminate the dead cells on their claws, while simultaneously leaving their scent on anything they scratch up. 

At times, the scratching isn’t necessarily intentional, like when they need a good stretch. Still, finding cat proof curtains could mitigate this problem.

Choosing the right material for your curtains is the first step to protecting this decor. Microfiber, netting, insulation, linen, and even blackout curtains all come with their benefits. Microfiber is fairly budget-friendly for curtains and furniture alike since it is densely woven and difficult to penetrate with claws.

Netting curtains: Netting may seem like a temptation for a cat, but it has its advantages. Though a cat may still try to climb it, the structure of netted curtains is strong. Their claws might try to hook, but they won’t be able to tear through the materials.

Linen curtains: As a way to improve strength, you might want to seek out linen netted curtains. Since linen is also dense and hard to claw, even for the most determined cat.

Blackout curtains: They are incredibly trendy right now, which means that it won’t cost much to put them up. Rather than being made from a layer or two of fabric, the thickness makes these curtains stand out. 

By choosing a thicker material, cats are less likely to hook their claws and drag through the material. These types of curtains come in many colors and patterns as well, so no one will notice a snagged thread (if your cat manages to get caught in it).

Insulated curtains: Much like blackout curtains, insulation curtains offer more thickness. The purpose of the thickness is to keep the temperature in a home regulated. Most of these types of curtains use foam or inner lining as a way to keep the heat in, but the thickness also protects from scratching.

The reason that your curtains become the victim could just be a matter of opportunity. Do you have a place for your cat to scratch in the home, apart from your drapes and furniture? 

Investing in a scratching post or a pad is an inexpensive way to distract your cat while giving it room to stretch. For cats that like to get up in high places, you might want to consider a cat tower instead.

If you want to keep your windows adorned with curtains, you don’t want to constantly have to replace them. Even cats that love to play with this fabric can do so without ruining curtains. We’ve created a collection of cat-friendly curtains so that you don’t have to compromise the interior decor for the sake of a feisty cat.

Our recommendation for the best cat proof curtains

To give a little insight into what the market has for these types of curtains, check out the options below.

Nicetown Triple Weave Microfiber Blackout Curtain 

Microfiber cat proof curtains

Made from 100% Polyester, this product has an elegant design that would not only sort out your cat-proofing problem but would also give a very beautiful look to your room. The curtains are fairly lightweight and there should be no problem sliding them onto any curtain rod. 

The material is of premium quality, blocking out much of the light. Without this extra light, rooms stay a bit cooler in the summers when the heat reaches all-time highs.

Even if your cat decides to play with these curtains, they are made without formaldehyde, posing no risk to your cat. They also use no coating or roughness on the curtains, which prevents cats from licking it and becoming sick.

With very little maintenance needed, the curtains are an excellent choice for homes with multiple cats or a lot of traffic. If they become dirty, they are machine-washable (as long as no more than a mild detergent is used). To keep the sleek look on your own, it can be straightened out with low-temperature ironing if you’d like.

Pros: No formaldehyde, Blocks out extra light, Keeps room cooled off

Cons: May need ironing

RYB Home Sheer Curtain Drapes 

Cat-proof net curtains

The RYB Home Sheer Curtain Drapes offer a simple linen design with netting that can protect from cats. With the dove grey design, they aren’t completely opaque, allowing the light to shine through dimly. They aren’t as heavy as the other options on this list, but the texture is enough to withstand the cats that play with it.

Though they look sheer from the outside, the design creates a rather darkened room. The design covers up to 52 inches of space across the width of the window, and they are 63 inches long. You might need two panels for wider windows to open the room, which each package already includes. Plus, you can choose from multiple sizes, depending on what you need.

If cat hair or dust collects on the surface, they can be cleaned in a washing machine and ironed for a crisp look. Along with the dove grey hue that the main option provides, you can also get the set in white, baby blue, blush pink, grey, natural, navy blue, taupe, and warm beige.

Pros: Offers many sizes and colors, Easy to clean in a washing machine, Provides privacy without covering all light

Cons: Might not cover all light

Eclipse Microfiber Thermal Insulated Curtain 

Cat proof insulated curtains

The Eclipse Microfiber Thermal Insulated Curtain balances design as well as comfort. Though it has a modern look, insulating a room with the right curtains is a fairly old-fashioned option.

With the ability to block out 99% of the sunlight, rooms remain cooler during the summertime. Inherently, these regulated temperatures will lower your energy bill as well.

Along with the heating and cooling that insulated curtains offer, this design also helps to drown out outside noises. While you won’t likely hear loud neighbors from within, they probably won’t hear your playful cats indoors either. Though a curtain rod is not included with the purchase, the Grommet top header can easily be slid onto one to hang them up quickly.

Like others on the list, these curtains are safe to machine wash with detergent, though they are not meant to be cleaned with bleach. Only wash these curtains with cold water to prevent shrinkage.

Pros: Will reduce your energy bill, Won’t reduce airflow, Can subdue outside noises

Cons: Doesn’t come with a corresponding curtain rod

Nicetown Heavy-Duty Blackout Curtain 

Cat proof blackout curtains

The Nicetown Heavy-Duty Blackout Curtains keep out the extra light in a room to sleep in or simply keep a room cooled off. Studies show that blacking out the room naturally triggers melatonin production, which is the sleep hormone.

Blackout curtains are ideal for bedrooms, but they can also be used in other parts of the house that may see too much of the morning light.

Another feature that these curtains have is a considerable noise reduction capacity (much light insulated curtains). Since they are chemical-free and eco-friendly, they pose no threat to animals that may attempt to chew or like at the curtains. 

Their sturdiness lasts for years, supported by how easy they are to care for. If you want to wash them, cold water isn’t technically required, but Nicetown recommends no higher than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to compliment your current decor, you can choose from many different color options, like Biscotti Beige, Royal Purple, Seal Teal, and Burgundy Red.

Pros: Offers 9 sizes and 16 color options, Eco-friendly, Reduces noise

Cons: May make space too dark for common areas

Central Park Rayon Blend Heavy Linen Curtain 

Cat and dog-proof linen curtains

The Central Park Rayon Blend Heavy Linen Curtains are strong and durable against whatever pets you have. The long panels work well with any motif, covering up taller windows and creating more height in the room. The linen material works well in living rooms, bedrooms, and basements.

The environmentally friendly material is a linen rayon blend, offering enough thickness to maintain privacy. This material is also especially helpful to cat owners since the claws of their pets won’t likely snag the curtain. With vertical stripes, the room will look taller in comparison.

Every package comes with two panels, letting in the light. With six metal grommets already embedded along the top of each curtain, they slide easily onto any curtain rod during installation. The curtain rod isn’t included, but it works well with any room in the house.

The only colors available – beige, black, blue, and grey – are neutral tones, working well with many decors.

Pros: Will cover long windows, Features attractive vertical stripes, Uses strong linen material

Cons: Only offers 4 color options and 4 sizes

How do you cat-proof curtains?

The important question here becomes that if you are upset about the problem of your cats scratching and destroying the curtains, what can you do? The best option is to train your cat to stop, which may be possible with deterrents or the tips in this video

If training isn’t an option, a distraction could work. Offer new spots for your pet to climb that won’t get them into trouble, like adding in a cat tree. Installing a cat highway along the ceiling lets your cats get up high as well, but without having to worry about the curtains.

For determined cats, you may have to resort to deterrents that will make curtains less attractive to them. If the cat trees and scratching posts aren’t enough, try adding sticky tape near the window or along the windowsill. 

Some cats simply hate the texture and sounds of foil, which may work for you if you don’t want a sticky texture. Some pet supply stores offer sprays that can deter scratching as well, using ingredients like rosemary.

Cat proof window treatments: What can you use instead of curtains?

If you don’t want to keep trying out different curtains, you may want to consider other options that your cat won’t be able to mess with. Other window treatments that might stand against claws include blinds, shutters, and shades.

Not all blinds are strong enough to stand against cat claws, so what kind of blinds are cat-proof? First, avoid cords as much as you can. Cords are easy to become tangled in, and cats can easily shred the thread and make the blinds unusable. Many models nowadays are made cordless to protect children, but the same safety can work for cats.

The material of the blinds makes a difference as well. Aluminum is weak and pliable, but wood or bamboo may help. Wood is rather difficult for cats to break, and bamboo offers even more strength. If your cat likes to move around in the window, vertical blinds may be another option as well, since cats cannot rest their weight on it.

If you want a fixture with a little more strength against your cat, shades, and shutters offer the same elegance. Shades are much like the curtains since they also use a soft, cloth-like material that is usually attached to a rod at the upper end of the shade. However, the solid panel is stronger than cloth alone, though some cats may still try to climb up them.

Shutters are the most permanent option with the same performance. They are often easy to install, and they can be sized to your particular window. Most of these designs are smooth enough that a cat can’t even jump up to grab at them, and they close easily as needed.

Regardless of the option you choose, always measure your window before making a purchase or installing anything. The best curtains and window fixtures are strong, well-crafted, and will stand some beating from Captain Kitty.