Playing The Cat And Fish Game: Finding A Cat Proof Fish Tank For Your Curious Feline

Here are cat proof fish tanks we’ll be covering:

Watching a cat stalking fish through the glass of their tank may be cute in a cartoon, but it can be a real source of frustration or anxiety for pet owners who are just trying to get all of their pets to get along. If you’re looking for a way to keep your curious feline safely out of the fish’s space, a cat proof fish tank is the best way to go.

You can cat-proof nearly any tank with a few simple modifications, but there are also tons of great cat-proof tanks already available on the market to help make your life easier.

Cat-Proofing Your Fish Tank

If you’re looking to cat-proof a tank that you’ve already got at home, your primary focus should be to limit the amount of water that your cat can access. If you’re looking to purchase a new cat-proof tank, the same concept applies, which means that there are a few basic tenets you should keep in mind, including:

A Strong Lid

Look for a lid that can hold your cat’s weight. Most basic fish tanks have a lid that’s lightweight and easy to remove, which can be convenient for the owner, but can be dangerous when cats are involved.

If your cat likes to sit and watch the fish in their tank, look for a lid that is sturdy enough to hold up under their weight without buckling, bending or breaking in order to protect your fish.

A Secure Lid

Related to the above entry, make sure that your fish tank’s lid is securely attached. Most cats are content to sit and watch the fish, but some of the more clever felines may try to remove the lid in order to get at the fish inside.

Look for a lid that features multiple closure points or closures that require a little bit of extra work to open. This should help deter your cat’s fish-related interests.

No Open Spaces

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure there’s not a lot of open or exposed space above your fish tank. In other words, make sure your fish tank’s lid actually functions as a lid.

If you need a hole or opening for feeding your fish, make sure it’s as small as possible while still letting you get food to your fish. Anything too large will allow your cat to get inside the tank.

Sturdy Construction

Small fish tanks may look cuter, but they offer far less safety for your fish than larger, sturdier tanks, especially if your cat is a larger or heavier breed. Look for a fish tank that’s difficult to knock over or push around.

You may also want to look into methods of attaching your fish tank to its wall or stand. Keeping the tank firmly anchored will help protect your fish against any risk of falling.

Firm Attachments

Most fish tanks require plenty of wires and pipes to keep the water at the proper temperature and circulation levels. Unfortunately, these same attachments can pose a hazard, especially when cats are involved.

Make sure that all of your tank’s attachments are securely fastened to the side or edges of the tank. Try to avoid any dangling parts that can give your cat a “handhold” as they grapple with the tank and its contents.

You may also want to consider other options to keep your cat occupied instead of fixating on the fish tank. Depending on what piques your cat’s interest, look into toys or games to keep them busy. There are even apps and television programs designed specifically to catch a cat’s attention!

The Best Cat Proof Fish Tanks

 There are tons of cat-proof fish tanks available on the market today, and it can be a little bit overwhelming trying to figure out where to start! In order to help you kickstart your search for the perfect cat-proof fish tank, we’ve narrowed it down to a list of our five favorite tanks, each with their own pros and cons.

biOrb Halo Aquarium

The biOrb Halo Aquarium is a small, beautifully designed tank that provides a sturdy, lightweight alternative to heavier or clunkier tanks. The slim profile and unobtrusive design belies the heavy-duty construction, which is made of an acrylic blend ten times sturdier than standard aquarium glass!

The hidden waterline frustrates any inquisitive cats while still allowing you plenty of space when it’s time to feed your fishes. This design also features a quiet pump for indoor use.

Pros: lightweight and sturdy construction, rated crash-proof design, hidden water line for easy access, secure closing hatch, firmly secured airline, non-slip feet, silent and unobtrusive air filter

Cons: harsh filter current, requires time-consuming upkeep, can be cumbersome to clean due to small opening

Perfect For: small fish owners, owners with the time to clean the tank often, smaller cats

biOrb Flow Aquarium

Another great option from bioOrb, the bioOrb Flow Aquarium boasts the same stylish appearance and unobtrusive design as the bioOrb Halo, but with a little bit more space for your fish to explore. The Flow aquarium also features a powerful filtration system that works overtime to make sure that your tank stays clean and healthy.

With the Flow tank, you absolutely get what you pay for, and the end result is a clearer, cleaner tank!

Pros: extremely strong construction, multiple-stage filtration for cleaner water, beautiful design, relatively low maintenance, easy setup and installation

Cons: one of the pricier options on the list, requires multiple attachments in order to fully function, powerful filter may run a little bit louder than some other options

Perfect For: fish owners who want a seriously clean tank, fish owners who want a tank they can show off, cats who like to knock things over 

Koller Products AquaView 2

 For another lightweight aquarium tank that still provides enough weight and substance to stand up to your feline friends, the Koller Products Aquaview 2 is a solid, dependable tank with an attached lid that can keep out any curious kitties.

The powerful filter cleans 25 gallons of water every hour, so your fish will enjoy the cleaner and clearer water while you enjoy the comfort of mind that comes from a totally cat-proof water tank!

Pros: trendy design, easy to transport, energy-efficient lighting, powerful internal filtration, 360 degree viewing, affordable option, trickle filter to keep the water moving, well-fitted top to keep cats out

Cons: small tank, full lid has to be removed in order to feed fish, color changing light may cause stress in more sensitive fish breeds

Perfect For: small fish owners, cats who aren’t interested in climbing into the tank, fish who thrive in a small space with plenty of lighting

Aqueon Fish NeoGlow Aquarium Starter Kit

If you’re new to keeping fish or just want an aquarium that covers all of the bases, the Aqueon Fish NeoGlow LED Aquarium Starter Kit has everything that you need. Each kit boasts a brightly colored display, multiple plants, aquarium gravel, and a black background that helps emphasize the colors of the fish while simultaneously covering up any wires or pipe attachments.

The sturdy build and heavy lid also work to keep your fish safe.

Pros: starter kit includes all the materials you’ll need to set up your new aquarium, quiet filter, sturdy build, “barely there” seam to discourage any feline attempts at opening

Cons: no heater included, sealing around opening may chip or crack over time

Perfect For: larger fish, pet owners who are just starting out with their aquariums, multiple fish 

Fluval Sea Flex Aquarium Kit

 The Fluval Sea Flex Aquarium is a freshwater kit that features bright tank lighting and a super-durable heavy glass build, which makes it the perfect fit for larger fish or for cats who like to push or prod at the aquarium. With multidirectional water outputs, you can control the flow of water within the tank, customizing the stream of water and filtration in order to best suit the needs of your small to medium-sized fish.

Pros: secure and sturdy construction, tough glass exterior, pipes and wires firmly attached, secure footing, lots of options for aquarium lighting and color combinations

Cons: water pump volume is not adjustable, relatively small capacity compared to actual tank size, lighting cannot be programmed

Perfect For: larger fish, multiple fish, pet owners who like to switch up the lighting and coloring for their tank 

Tetra Aquarium Fish Tank Kit

If you’ve struggled with keeping your fish tank warm during cold months, the Tetra Aquarium Fish Tank may be your best option. The powerful heater keeps your fish’s water at the right temperature no matter how cold it gets outside without a lot of noise or movement from the heater!

The Tetra aquarium kit also provides plenty of extra accessories for beginning fish owners, including a durable lid that can support your cat’s weight without putting your fish in any sudden danger!

Pros: scratch resistant glass, very large with lots of space, hole on top for easy feeding, weighty construction to resist tipping or pushing, quiet filter

Cons: lid may not be firmly attached, fake plants included with tank may be unnecessary or may not fit with your specific fish

Perfect For: large fish, multiple fish, cats that like to sit on the tank lid

Making Your Own Cat-Proof Aquarium

If you’ve already got a fish tank at home or if you’re just not interested in buying a whole new tank just to keep your cat away, there are plenty of options for cat-proofing the tank that you already have.

As mentioned previously, the lid is one of the primary considerations when it comes to keeping your fish safe, so look for a new lid or hood that works with your old tank. The MarineLand LED Light Hood for Aquariums, for example, is heavy enough to keep your cat from opening it while still providing plenty of space for you to feed your fish once opened.

You may also want to consider custom fitted hoods, like the All Glass Aquarium AAG21230 Fluorescent Deluxe Hood, which is designed to fit an All Glass aquarium without any exploitable seams or notches that your cat can get into.

If you’re looking for a quick fix that you can whip up at home, try lining your tank’s lid in materials that cats prefer to avoid. Aluminum foil, double-sided tape, or a textured shelf liner will usually discourage most cats in their attempts to grab a quick snack. Just make sure you’re not covering up any important breathing holes for your fish!

As a general rule, try to keep your fish tank clear of any higher objects that your cat could sit on while reaching down into the tank.

Whether you choose a premade fish tank or make your own cat proof fish tank, there are plenty of options available to help you feel confident with your fish tank or aquarium. With just a little bit of extra time and effort, you won’t have to worry about what your cat gets up to when you’re in the other room or out of the house.

Use the list of tanks and products above as a jumping-off point as you start your cat-proof search. Keep your fish safe and keep your cat healthy by protecting your fish’s habitat!