Furnish Your Home with Cat Proof Upholstery Fabric

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Here are our top picks for cat proof couches and cat proof upholstery fabric: 

Cats enjoy digging into furniture as a way to sharpen their claws. This is why every pet owner needs cat proof upholstery fabric, like man-made microfiber, denim, and canvas. By choosing these tightly woven materials, the cat’s claws can’t break through the material and destroy it. 

That’s why outdoor furniture is a good option – it has been manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions. Plus, most outdoor fabrics are also pretreated for stains and odors, so they repel moisture and bacteria.

A good example of outdoor fabric is Sunbrella fabrics which are tough, mildew resistant, and can withstand scratching and clawing.

Synthetic upholstery (such as acrylic, polyester, and nylon) are also cat-friendly since they are easy to clean and are puncture resistant. For pet hair, remove with a pet sponge, microfiber cloth, tape, or lint brush. If some sections are heavily soiled, use fabric cleaner to remove the stubborn stains. 

Cotton canvas slipcovers are also strong enough to prevent puncturing. They are inexpensive and can withstand the clawing from cats. To clean, you only have to remove it and machine wash them.

Though protection from punctures and rips is important, consider looking for hair-resistant upholstery like leather or vinyl. The fabric should come in darker colors or tones that match your pet’s hair color because it won’t show dirt easily. 

Genuine leather is odor resistant, long-lasting, and very simple to tidy. It also does not absorb any nasty smells so your room will always smell clean. If leather is too expensive, consider faux leather since it doesn’t attract fur and is as easy to clean as leather. 

Synthetic fibers are also hair resistant and easy to wipe off the hair with a lint brush or damp cloth. Some have been treated with anti-microbial acrylic leather making them repel hair and resist odors. Synthetics with Microfiber code X should be avoided, as they can only be cleaned with vacuuming, which is inconvenient.

Denim upholstery is another good option as it is tough and easy to clean. You can also quickly vacuum cat hair off its tight weave. To remove tough stains, wash with water and gentle soap or baking soda. 

To stop cats from scratching your sofas, buy scratch-resistant upholstery (like velvet) that they cannot get their claws into. While your cat may play on velvet, they may not be able to hook their claws in the fabric because the thread at the end of the fabric does not loop back in. Plus, velvet can grab onto fur, but it is easy to vacuum it out. 

Much like velvet, the faux suede fabric is also not attractive to cats because it is smooth. Microfiber cloths are much easier to use, and they require much less effort to clean up. 

Serta Copenhagen Easy-to-Clean Microfiber Upholstery Storage Sofas

Best microfiber couch for cats

Microfiber sofa coverings (like this one from Serta Copenhagen) are ideal for cat owners because the tight weave cannot be pulled. That same microfiber fabric is easy to clean.

Since it is so dense, you can quickly vacuum the sofa if your cat sheds. You can also brush off the excess hair with a lint brush or use a water-based cleaner for heavily soiled areas.

The sofa is made of individually wrapped coils enclosed by high-density foam, ensuring excellent comfort and support when seated. The love seat is compact, so you can use one whether you have a kitty in your apartment, dorm room, or office.

The seat has integrated storage beneath it where you could store blankets, cat toys, or even a lint brush to quickly clean fur off your seat. With its rectangular cushions and rolled arms, it will fit in any living room and will stay fashionable for a long time.

Pros: Easy to clean, extra storage space, compact

Cons: Too firm 

Tribesigns Store Sofa Modern Upholstered Linen Sofa 

Best couch for cat hair

This couch by Tribesigns Store, which is made of polyester fabric, can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and possibly a gentle detergent. If you have a pet that sheds a lot, then this might be a suitable option for keeping the fur at bay.

The sofa comprises fiber cushions and polyurethane fill foam, which makes it fantastic for increasing the softness and elasticity of the sofa. When seated on it, you can comfortably cuddle with your kitty. 

My Clawie would have adored such a comfortable sofa. When she is not scratching the seats, she is sleeping on them. Like most cats, she’s picky when it comes to the surface she likes to lounge on. A comfortable couch that is easy to clean would have made both of us happy. 

The sofa is stylish and will fit in with everything else in your home. It is long enough to use as a loveseat or a three-seater couch. It has strong legs that can endure cats jumping on and off it.

Pros: Comfortable, easy to assemble, sturdy

Cons: Throw pillows easily wrinkle, very firm

Bobkona Michelson 3-Piece Reversible Sectional with Ottoman Sofa Set 

Best cat proof ottoman

This sofa is made of microfiber suede material, which is another cat proof upholstery fabric you may want to consider. The fabric is tightly woven so liquid cannot easily seep through.

The ottoman is convenient in the event your cat vomits on it because you can easily clean it off without the mess damaging the entire seat.

The company carefully selected durable fabrics for the sofa, which is ideal in homes with cats that like to jump and scratch. As a cat owner, my one of biggest mistakes was getting a white sofa. However, this fabric is dark, which means that any stain will be hidden. 

The sofa’s seat is made of spring material and lightweight form. This makes it easy to remove, keep clean the material, and then put it back in place — something you have to regularly do as a pet owner. Thankfully, the durable fabric will also withstand regular cleaning.

Pros: Dark fabric conceals stains, can vacuum the pillows, can remove and wash pillow covers

Cons: Not comfortable for a tall person

Floppy Ears Design Waterproof Faux Suede Microfiber Couch Protector 

Cat proof slipcover

The Floppy Ears cat-proof slipcover is made of commercial upholstery grade fiber, which is tough enough to withstand the biting, scratching, and playing that cat’s do on it.

The couch protector features tight anchors on the sides and back, ensuring that your sofa stays secure, even when your cat is jumping on it or attempting to dislodge it.

With a luxurious and soft texture, your cat may even prefer it over other furniture that may not be as well protected. The protector has a space-age membrane, making it waterproof and protective from cat drool, urine, or vomit. 

You can machine wash it no matter how messy it gets, and it will look good since it neither wrinkles nor fades after repeated machine washings.

The microfiber will prevent fur from spreading around the room, yet you will be able to easily shake it off when cleaning it. Plus, it is easy to vacuum for a quick clean. 

The tan color blends with other furniture while concealing fur. It measures 66” By 36” which means it can fit sofas of different sizes.

Pros: Easy to care for, hides dirt, wrinkle-free

Cons: May be difficult to fit on the sofa

Classic Slipcovers Heavy Denim Sofa Slipcover

Cat proof scratch-proof slipcover

This classic slipcover is made of heavy denim, giving it a tight fiber weave that can withstand scratches, rips, and even possible punctures. Since its heavy, you are likely to use it for a long time as well. The deep blue color may give your old couch a new lease of life, though it can still conceal a stain. 

It repels cat fur, but the fur is easy to wipe off when it lands on it with either a brush or vacuum. If it has been soiled, you can wipe off that area with a wet cloth and soap. 

For a thorough clean toss into the washing machine, as it does not fade, shrink, or wrinkle after washing it. As a pet owner, this will serve you well even when you constantly wash it when your cat makes it dirty.

The slipcover is easy to put on a sofa and it stretches to accommodate different sofa designs. It has straps to fasten it securely so that your sofa is always protected.

Pros: Heavy duty, easy to clean, easy to fit on the sofa

Cons: Might fade with continuous usage

How do I stop my cat from ruining my furniture?

To stop your cat from damaging furniture, provide it with an alternative scratching area. Some cats prefer a horizontal grain to pick, while others prefer a vertical post. Try different posts until you get something that your cat likes.

Be sure to provide your cat with scratching posts of a variety of materials, such as cardboard, sisal, wood, or upholstery. Once you have determined what material your cat prefers, put the posts in different areas of your house that your cat likes.

To teach your cat to use scratching posts, sprinkle catnip at the bottom of the post. You can also put some hanging from small bags at the top. Then encourage the cat to play with the bags. Receiving some catnip is rewarding and will encourage them to continue using the scratch posts.

Alternatively, you could use a sofa protector to protect your sofa. Sofa protectors are flexible enough to fit different types of sofa and thick to withstand scratching. You can also cut them in different sizes that meet your needs.

Finally, you can use a repellent such as Coach Guard repellent as a barrier against your cat clawing. It sticks on different surfaces and will not choke your pet.

For other tips, check out this video:

What is the most durable sofa fabric?

The most durable sofa fabric is tightly woven such as microfiber. Microfiber is made from a mixture of synthetic fibers and has a smaller weaving than 1 denier. Its tightness will make it difficult for your cat to puncture it. It is also easy to clean.

It will be easy for you to buff out scratch marks from tightly woven fabric. Plus, since liquids won’t permeate the material quickly, it is far easier for you to clean.

Avoid textured fabric with loose weave because it is easy for your cat to sink its claws in the fabric and pull. The loose weaves may fray and tear easily. 

Good options for sofa fabric materials include canvas cotton, denim, and leather, as they are tightly woven and difficult for your cat to sink her claws into them and stop trying. It will also be easy to brush off loose hair from cotton and denim and they are machine washable.

Leather is hair-resistant, and fur just wipes off easily with no more than a damp cloth. Plus, it doesn’t trap any odors. If you want to hide scratches, choose distressed leather instead. 

Is reupholstering a sofa worth it?

The advantage of reupholstering a sofa is that you will salvage a sofa that you have sentimental value to. For eco-focused consumers, it even helps you keep one more piece of furniture out of a landfill as you protect the environment. 

The disadvantage of reupholstering a couch is that it is expensive, and the couch is hard to transport to the workshop. A slipcover will save you a lot of money on this change, and you can change it out whenever you want to redecorate. 

If you have a scratched and damaged leather sofa, you may consider a repair kit instead, like Mohawk Finishing Products Leather Scratch Remover or Coconix Brown Leather Repair Kits for Couches. The kits match different shades of brown, are effective, and are easy to use.