(Almost) Chew Proof Crate Pad for Your Aggressive Chewer

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Some of the almost chew proof crate pads on the market:

Help! My dog is a chewer!

Chewing is a natural behavior that strengthens the dog’s teeth and jaw. It also releases stress and is important to your dog’s general wellbeing. But it can sometimes be frustrating when your dog is chewing your favorite piece of furniture. So what can we do to help our dogs to stop chewing?

What is the best deterrent for dogs chewing? 

Without training, we can’t expect dogs to know the difference between what is appropriate for them to chew and what is off limits. To teach them to stop chewing something that is inappropriate, you need to do it timely. 

Interrupt their behavior with a clap and redirect them to one of their toys. When they chew the appropriate chew toy, lavishly praise them. Keep doing this and it will help your dog to learn what things can (and can’t) be chewed.

As a last resort, there are deterrent sprays available at pet stores that will help nudge your dog in the right direction. These sprays will coat the object you spray it on with a bad taste. The idea is in time, your dog will associate the object that they shouldn’t be chewing with a bad taste and they will not be interested in chewing them anymore.

What smells deter dogs from chewing? 

Dogs have a very strong sense of smell, so a little goes a long way. They generally do not like spicy or sour or pungent smells like hot pepper, citrus fruits, and vinegar. 

But before using any home remedies, make sure to research that the ingredients or products are harmless for your dog if ingested.

Can I use vinegar to stop my dog from chewing? 

You can create a vinegar mix by combining 2 parts apple cider vinegar and 1 part white vinegar with water in a spray bottle. You can spray this mixture onto anything that your dog is chewing that they are not supposed to and the icky taste of the vinegar will deter your dog.

Chew proof crate pad for your favorite chewer

When you have a dog who is a persistent chewer it is important to find a bed that is tough and durable. While no bed is fully chew proof, these five crate pads come pretty close and will be able to stay in one piece for a longer time than many standard dog beds.

K9 Ballistics Orthopedic Crate Pad 

Chew proof orthopedic crate pad

This pad is super tough and is great for dogs who are rough with their bed, like chewers, diggers, and scratchers. The cover of this bed is a Ripstop Ballistic Cover which is dig, scratch, and chew proof.

This bed is great because it is made of 2 inches thick of CertiPUR-US foam. It is thick and comfortable and will offer your dog all the support that they need. This bed is designed to fit perfectly in most standard sized dog crates but it can also be used on its own. It comes in four different sizes so you are sure to be able to find one that will fit your dog’s crate. It also comes in a choice of five different colors so you can match it to the room’s décor.

K9 Ballistics has a “Chew Proof Promise.” If your dog chews or damages their bed within the first 120 days of using it, they will issue you a store credit that can be used to replace their bed. The brand designed the bedding material that can stand its own against determined chewers after they couldn’t find a bed that was tough enough.

This bed resists dirt, hair, and moisture, but if it does get dirty, you can put the cover in the washing machine (wash on a cold cycle) and let it air dry. The bed also has a waterproof membrane that will protect both bed and filing in the case of accidents.

Sealy Quilted Memory Foam Heavy Duty Crate Pad

Chew resistant crate pad

This crate pad comes in six different sizes (ranging from extra small that measures 18 by 13 inches to the extra extra large pad that is 49 by 30 inches) so you will be able to find a pad to fit the bottom of your dog’s crate. It also has an antiskid bottom which will keep the pad in place.

The company promises that these beds will last longer than any standard beds that you find. This is because the pad is constructed with a durable mesh liner. This liner is bonded to the inside of the bed and this helps to reinforce the outer materials. It also has reinforced seams and features patented Chew Guard Technology. If your dog were to chew through this bed in the first 30 days after purchase, you can get a free one time replacement bed.

This bed is also machine washable and has a comfy, cushioned bolster which is great for dogs who love to nest when they rest. Plus, even though this crate pad is very tough and durable it is also very comfortable for your dog. The bed is made with a super soft and cuddly plush.

This pad can come in one of five color choices.

Pet Progressions Waterproof Puppy Bolster Pet Pad 

Tear resistant crate pad for puppies

This bed is extremely comfortable and has a soft plush topping that your dog will love. The fluffy bolsters will help to make your dog feel secure and comfortable.

The fabric on this crate pad is chew resistant that is specifically designed to help reduce puppy tearing. While it was designed with puppies in mind, this bed can be used for dogs at any age.

The cover is easy to clean and machine washable. The bed is also stain and odor resistant. The material on this bed is a very tough waterproof fabric and the corners have no seams for your dog to tug or pull at.

This pad can come in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes, and you can choose from navy and purple or orange and grey.

Mud River Crate Cushion 

Chew resistant crate pad

This crate pad is great for large dogs. The jumbo size measures 32 by 22 inches and is one inch thick. The thickness comes from closed cell foam padding.

This pad has a heavy duty poly shell and is of industrial strength. The bottom of this bed is also antiskid. This crate pad will fit nicely on the bottom of your dog’s crate. The bed is padded for comfort and is covered in a heavy duty canvas that makes it strong and durable against your chewer. This pad is also scratch proof as well.

This bed is very easy to clean and can be wiped down easily to clean up most messes. This bed is affordable and worth the price. It has garnered many repeat customers.

This company, Mud River, is based in Iowa and is known for their quality sporting and hunting dog products and they pride themselves on quality. This shows in this crate pad that your dog will love.

Kuranda Canvas Bed Pad 

Chew resistant crate pad

This pad is made with Cordura nylon fabric and is extra thick and durable. It is tough enough that it can be used outdoors as well as indoors. It is great for any dog who gets a little rough with their beds. The bed is seemingly unbreakable and can stand the test of time. This crate pad can also be machine washed.

This bed can come in the following sizes- Mini (25 by 18 inches), Small (30 by 20 inches), Medium (35 by 23 inches), Large (40 by 25 inches), Extra Large (44 by 27 inches), and Extra Extra Large (50 by 36 inches). You also get a wide variety of color options.

If your dog loves this pad in their crate, you can also purchase a Kuranda Dog Bed frame which is the company’s raised orthopedic bed that fits well with the crate pad. This bed is also chew proof and can support dogs up to 100 pounds.

Troubleshooting Dog Crate Training

What can I put in my dog’s crate that is good for chewers?

It is wise to put some toys in your dog’s crate because that will help them to fend off boredom which is one of the reasons that dogs turn to chewing. Be sure to choose the toys you put in your dog’s crate wisely. It is advisable to not to put toys that break apart easily because it can cause them to choke or cause a blockage if ingested. This is dangerous especially if you’re not around to monitor.

Puzzle toys are a great option because they are designed for chewing and will provide your dog with an activity to do to fend off boredom. Chewing also “triggers the release of endorphins, and as such is a tool that the dog has at his disposal in order to ‘self-medicate’ for anxiety and stress.” 

How do I get my dog to stop chewing their bed in their crate?

Before you put your dog in their crate, make sure that they have gotten plenty of vigorous exercise. Also provide them with a toy that they can safely play unsupervised.

When you are home with your dog and you see them chewing on something, redirect them immediately to their chew toy.

Another solution is to use a deterrent spray that will make their bed taste bad and they will no longer want to chew on it. 

Why do dogs chew stuff when they are left alone?

Dogs may chew things when they are alone for a few reasons. One reason is because of separation anxiety. Anxiety, nervousness or pent up frustration can cause your dog to chew compulsively. If you think this is the case, try leaving the TV or music on or using a synthetic dog pheromone designed for helping dogs with anxiety.

Another common cause of dogs chewing on things when they are left alone is boredom. To combat this problem, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and is not left in the crate for long periods of time. 

If you are going to be out all day, ask a friend or family member to come over and let your dog out and be allowed to burn off some of their energy. Also provide your dog with toys that can keep them occupied, such as a puzzle toy with their favorite snack hidden inside.

Should you cover a dog’s crate with a blanket?

Covering your dog’s crate is up to you. Some dogs are able to relax better when their crate is covered because they are not as distracted by surrounding sights and sounds. Covering the crate also creates a more den-like environment that is soothing to your dog. 

If you do decide to cover your dog’s crate, make sure not to use anything that is too thick or heavy. There should still be plenty of air flow into the crate. And never cover your dog’s crate as punishment. The crate should be a safe place for your dog to go to rest. It should not feel like a time out space, they should be happy to get into the crate.

Do dogs need a mat in their crate?

Putting a mat in your dog’s crate will make the crate a lot more comfortable for them. If you are trying to train them to like their crate, it will be hard to do if they do not find their crate comfortable. Mats also make for easier cleanup for you.