(Almost) Chew Proof Dog Blanket for Dogs Who Love to Gnaw and Chew

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Here are some of our top picks for chew proof dog blanket, as well as some choices of fabric if you feel like DIY-ing:

Do dogs outgrow chewing? How to play it safe

Puppy teething and adult dog chewing stem from two very different instincts.

Teething chewing behavior is about relieving the pain and discomfort of erupting teeth. It is a part of growing up, and it is uncomfortable. But although it is uncomfortable, it is natural. This is the same reason why human babies cry and become unhappy when teething. 

Adult dogs chew for fun, stimulation and to relieve anxiety. Chewing is a normal canine behavior for dogs of all ages. That means dogs don’t really outgrow chewing.  

To play it safe, you should always keep an eye out on your dog’s new toys. Even if your dog is chew toy trained, you still need to pay close attention to bedding and small objects around the house. 

When you’re introducing a new blanket or bed to your dog, keep an eye on the damage level of the chewing daily. Inspect the blanket and look for new chew spots and holes. 

If your blanket has filling, check the seams for any new gaps. Dogs tend to like to get into something, and the filling of a blanket is most inviting. If possible, opt for a dog blanket that’s without any filling.  

Think and act one step ahead of your dog. Remove or cut out any pieces that’s coming loose from the blanket before your dog gets to it. When the blanket gets too tattled, remove it from your dog completely. 

Keep note of any tags or labels that’s attached to the edge of the blanket. Remove them with a pair of scissors before giving the blanket to your dog. These are usually the first to come off. 

Inside the mind of a persistent and aggressive chewer

Although we’re determined to find the best chew proof blanket or bed for your dogs, truly chew proof material is not possible. Even the strongest, most durable products will get chewed through at some point. 

If your dog is a persistent and aggressive chewer, who will continue to chew until his bed is in pieces, then there’s really no stopping them. I’ve seen dogs who can and will bend even stainless steel wire cages. 

A determined and persistent chewer will eventually get to almost anything, given the time.  

We wrote about chew proof dog beds previously, we covered some of the most indestructible dog beds on the market. But this time around, we’re looking at chew proof dog blankets.

K9 Ballistics Chew Resistant Dog Throw Blanket

Best chew proof dog blanket for aggressive chewers

The K9 Ballistic Chew Resistant Dog Blanket is the industry standard. The brand produces chew proof and scratch proof dog beds. This throw blanket uses the same material as their tough beds. 

The dog blanket is made from a proprietary ripstop ballistic fabric that has great durability, toughness and performance. It is still quite comfortable and lightweight. It is not stiff and can be used to cover your bed or couch. 

Their proprietary fabric has been tested by a third party. The results are stellar and the tear test is better than a 1000D Cordura fabric.

The material is waterproof. The surface is water repelling and the backing is waterproof. It is one of the most waterproof dog blankets one the market. It is suitable for dogs with incontinence issues.

It has a non-skid side to keep it in place, and will not slide around. It is really versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors. It makes for a great mat for outdoor activities like camping and hiking because of how lightweight it is.

This dog blanket is easy to clean. You can spot clean it with a wet cloth. Or toss it in the washing machine for a quick wash. You need to wash it in cold water on a delicate cycle. Agitation will weaken the fabric. 

Water comes off the blanket like water off a duck’s back. You hardly need to dry it on the line, so the dryer is not necessary. 

Pro: Very tear proof

Cons: Expensive, not as soft as a fleece blanket

Carhartt Pet Blanket

Best chew proof dog blanket for occasional chewers

The Carhartt Pet Blanket is for moderate and occasional chewers. If your dog only chews on bedding occasionally, this will be perfect. Most won’t see any wear and tear even about months of using it. 

This reversible dog blanket has 2 different materials on each side. The outer layer is treated with a water repellent coating. 

The water repelling feature works well for light spills and splashes. But if it’s soaking wet conditions, it will get soaked through entirely. For pee accidents or vomit, it usually holds up well and the mess won’t seep through. 

The outer side is made with a 100% cotton fabric. It is a 12 oz first hand cotton duck canvas. This is a very durable material and can handle some light chewing and scratching. The blanket edges are done up with reinforced bound trims. 

The inner side is made of sherpa fleece lining. The lining provides extra warmth and comfort. It keeps your dog warm, dry and comfortable. The sherpa fleece lining tends to attract a bit more hair. But the cotton canvas side is great at repelling hair. Just give it a good shake and the hair just comes off.

Cleaning it is easy, just toss it in the washer on a gentle cycle. You can use cold to warm water to wash it. Tumble dry it in the dryer on low, and it comes out nice and clean. The fabric material is unlike normal fleece blankets. Dirt and mess doesn’t stick to it, and comes off easily.

Pros: Can handle occasional chewing, soft and warm

Cons: Comes in only 1 size and 1 color

Pawsse Waterproof Pet Blanket 

Best chew proof dog blanket for smaller breeds or old dogs

The Pawsse Pet Blanket comes in 4 sizes and multiple color options. This blanket is suitable for very mild chewers. It has a much more delicate fabric than the Carhartt and K9 Ballistic. 

For smaller dogs or older dogs, this dog blanket would be perfect. The blanket will be able to hold up to the occasional nibble or two. For aggressive persistent chewers, this blanket will not stand a chance. 

This reversible pet blanket has two different sides. The top side is a micro fleece material that’s very soft and plush. The underside of this micro fleece fabric is coated with a water resistant layer. 

For small spills, it will hold up to it’s water resistant claims. But for a soaking wet situation, it will soak through. The water resistant coating is not on the surface of the blanket, but rather in between the layers. Water can still seep through the top layer. Water will not bead up on the surface of the blanket.

The bottom side of the blanket is a sherpa fabric. It provides warmth and makes for a very cozy blanket. The blanket is complete with a sherpa trim along all the edges as well.

If you’re not too precious about the blanket, you can machine wash it. Make sure to wash it on a gentle cycle. You can tumble dry it but keep it on a low tumble as well. 

Hot water is not recommended because of the sherpa material. It will destroy the sherpa material and make it all stiff and bunch up.

Pros: Soft and comfortable

Cons: Not suitable for persistent chewers

Coyote Brown 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon Fabric

Great fabric material for a chew proof dog blanket

This 1000 Denier Cordura is the golden standard when it comes to hardworking tear-proof fabric. It is made from a 1005 nylon and finished with a urethane coating. The urethane coating gives it the water resistant quality.

This durable material is made for outdoor usage. It is often a preferred material for outdoor furnishing and gear. It is often used for awning, outdoor cushions, work boots and backpacks.  

It is not ripstop, and cannot stop a very determined and persistent chewer. But it is an ideal fabric option for most instances. It is some of the most pet-proof fabrics available. It can withstand cat scratches, pet hair and drool.

The fabric is quite shiny and slippery, and doesn’t offer much warmth and comfort. Sewing it can be tricky because of how tough it is. It can break needles if you’re stacking many layers together.

This fabric comes in a tan/brown color, and doesn’t have any pattern on it. The fabric has a width of 59/60 inches and is sold by the yard. It is made in the United States, and meets the Mil-C-43734D standard for water resistant. 

Pros: Very durable, scratch/water resistant

Cons: Not much warmth or comfort

Carr Textile 12 oz Brushed Bull Denim Black

Good fabric material for a chew proof dog blanket

If you’re up for a DIY project, then this is the fabric to get for your next project. Measure out how big the dog blanket would be, and double up the measurement. Make the blanket from two layers of this denim fabric.

This is a simple sewing project. Just sew along the edges to keep the two layers together. Add some quilting lines to bind the layers well. You might be tempted to add some trimmings along the edges, but no need for the extra effort that might end up a choking hazard.

This 12 oz brushed bull denim is a heavy duty fabric. Denim fabrics have very tight weave, a strong and great coverage. It doesn’t attract pet hair too much and is easy to clean. Because it’s 100% cotton, it is breathable and still perfectly soft. 

Bull Denims are very durable fabric material. They are often described as tough as nails. They are very scratch proof and can withstand some chewing. Look for a heavyweight denim, a 12 oz is a good weight.

Although the Cordura 1000 Denier is a much tougher fabric, it can be cold and quite stiff. This bull denim fabric gives a much warmer, softer and comfy feeling. The Cordura can also be shiny and slippery. It can feel more like a plastic sheet than a blanket. 

This bull denim fabric comes in 5 different colors and it is 59 inches wide. Caring for it is easy. You can machine wash it on a cold cycle. And it can also be tumble dry on a low setting. 

Why is my dog eating his blanket? And how do I get my dog to stop chewing on blankets?

While chewing behavior is normal, dogs sometimes direct their chewing behavior toward inappropriate items. 

The chewing behavior is perfectly normal, but dogs can sometimes chew inappropriate items. Blankets and dogs are common items that dogs love to gnaw on that they shouldn’t be. 

You’ll need to provide appropriate and attractive alternatives to chew on. You’ll also need to train your dog which item is appropriate and which is not to chew on. Do this in a humane and gentle manner with lots of positive reinforcement.

Some dogs have the tendency to chew and destroy things. Some will ingest the pieces. If your dog has a history of ingesting chewed up items, then you need to supervise him carefully. 

Play it safe and get a blanket with more natural fabrics. If your dog is going to ingest the fabric, let it be something natural instead of synthetic.

Fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk or wool are good options. Go for something that’s not dyed with colors or chemically treated. Organically produced fabric fibers are great options too.

Avoid any material made from polyester or vinyl or contains plastic. These types of fabric materials are much more dangerous if they’re stuck in the digestive tract.