Find A Heavy Duty Chew Proof Dog Harness for Your Outdoor Activities Together

Here’s chew proof dog harness we’ll be covering:

A harness is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your dog. When you walk together, you want to feel assured that the harness will hold up to any quick movements that your pup makes. 

Additionally, you want to find one that won’t be easily ripped apart by a teething puppy or powerful chewer. Often, though, these sturdy harnesses are made out of hard, cold material that can cause you to steer clear of them. But you don’t have to sacrifice your pet’s comfort for safety.

Our recommendations for the best chew proof dog harness

If you want to find a chew proof dog harness that your dog will not resist wearing, there are a few key features to look for. First, look for a material or design that is intended to withstand your dog’s teeth. Reinforced stitching on the edges will prolong the life of the harness. Cordura is one of the stronger fabric blends for harnesses and holds up very well against rough and tumble activity from your pet. It repels water also, which can be an added bonus for walks on rainy days.

While you want the toughest material you can find for your dog’s harness, you want to also be sure that the fabric is not too uncomfortable. Particularly in the summertime, thick, heavy harnesses can trap heat and increase your pup’s body temperature. Look for a harness that has mesh or another breathable material woven in. Additionally, you will want to follow the sizing guide for the harness you choose to ensure that it fits comfortably on your pet.

Along with purchasing the right size for your pet, be sure to consider the function of the harness. If you and your dog are very active and hike or run, choose a product that is specifically designed for that type of exercise so that your dog can participate safely without injury or overheating. If you tend to take walks or spend time outside at night, look for a harness with reflective tape to help vehicles see you.

Regardless of the size of your pet or your typical level of activity, we can help you find the best harness for your needs. Here are our top five recommendations to help you make the best choice for you and your dog.

Chai’s Choice High Performance Dog Raincoat

This vest is made from strong Cordura to prevent nicks and tears in the harness. The reinforced edges also help it hold up to any pet with powerful jaws. The harness is water repellent and insulated, making it an ideal choice for keeping your pup warm and dry if you are in a rainy or snowy climate. 

Attached to the harness is a thick alloy D-ring to securely connect a leash. However, an additional harness under the vest may be recommended, particularly for larger or energetic dogs. The harness also has reflective material sewn in to make sure that your dog will easily be seen if you walk in the dark.

The raincoat harness is available in a variety of sizes. Each vest also includes a toggle cord on the bottom to ensure a more secure fit. However, the cord often hangs low, especially when secured tightly, and could get in the way out in uneven terrain or when your dog is going to the bathroom. 

Pros: strong Cordura material, insulated and waterproof

Cons: may need additional harness for control, toggle cord hangs low

RuffWear Web Master Support Dog Harness

This harness provides strong support and lightweight coverage of your dog’s fur, allowing your pet to remain cooler in hot environments. Additionally, the padding on the underside will keep your dog from experiencing discomfort if he pulls against the leash or if you need to grab her quickly. This harness is not ideal for repelling water or keeping your pup warm on snowy days, so consider this if that is important for your needs.

The loops on the underside help to prevent escape for dogs that might easily slip out of a collar or a more basic harness, so this is a good choice if your pup is a little magician. However, these loops can make it tricky to understand how to properly fit and secure the harness, which can make it a simultaneously frustrating feature.

Offered in a variety of sizes, the harness is adjustable at 5 different points in order to ensure the best and most secure fit for your pup. It features a reinforced loop at the top that can be used as a second attachment point for the leash or as a handle to help maneuver your pet through difficult terrain on a walk or hike. The reflective striping and loop for attaching a beacon light are both key features if you often walk with your dog at night.

Pros: lightweight padded design, multiple safety features for fit and function

Cons: not designed for keeping pets warm and dry, can be difficult to figure out fit

Kurgo Car Safety Dog Harness

If you are specifically on the hunt for a chew proof dog harness to keep your pup safe on car rides, this product may be ideal for your needs. This lightweight harness secures your pet to the seat belts in the backseat to ensure that he remains tethered to the car in the event of an accident. You do not need to purchase additional attachments in order to use it.

The reinforced edges and strong material used to keep the dog in the car in the event of an accident also hold up against a strong chewer. Although the harness holds firm to the seat belt, it can sometimes be difficult to detach the harness. 

Additionally, the straps do occasionally loosen over the course of the ride, so these factors are important to consider if your dog is skittish in the car and likely to try to move around a lot.

The harness does come with a leash loop for short trips back and forth to the car, but is not recommended to be used as a regular walking harness. Additionally, although it comes in an extra large size, it is not intended to be used on dogs over 110 pounds. Therefore, if your dog is a very large breed, this harness may not work for you.

Pros: made of strong and reinforced material, keeps dog safe and secure in the car

Cons: cannot be used as a regular harness, straps may loosen during use

Kurgo Molle Dog Harness

For a multipurpose harness, this product will provide a safe and comfortable way to secure your pet while offering several additional features. The lightweight harness is especially useful for service animals and those who travel with their pets on hikes or long walks. There is plenty of space to attach a patch to indicate your animal’s special role if you have a service dog or pup in training.

The harness is available in two styles and a variety of sizes to ensure the best fit for your dog. However, sizing can be a bit tricky as the vest tends to run small and it can take a few tries to find the harness that works for your dog.

Additionally, even once sized well, the harness can bunch in the front due to the design and structure of the vest. 

One of the most unique features of this vest is that it is Molle compatible and allows you to connect storage or hydration packs on the side. This is a very useful feature if your dog will be assisting someone with limited mobility or if you want your dog to carry items for you while you walk or hike. The packs are not included, however, so this will lead to an additional expense on top of the harness.

Pros: Molle compatible, ideal for working dogs or those that hike or travel frequently

Cons: fit may be inconsistent, additional purchase required for side packs

Sauweray Dog Harness

This minimalist harness is a strong yet breathable option for warm weather walks and hikes with your pet. While the exterior is made of rugged, reinforced fabric, the inside has a soft and cooling mesh. The harness also has limited contact points with the dog’s fur, further reducing the likelihood of discomfort.

The design of the harness reduces pulling and strain on your puppy’s neck, transferring it around the body. It also has a very secure D ring for connecting a leash, as well as a loop for attaching a name tag so that your dog can be identified if lost. The edging around the harness is reflective, ensuring that your pet can be seen in the dark.

Compared to the other harnesses on the list, this option comes in at a higher price point, particularly for its basic design and function. The fit can also be difficult to get right, as the sizing instructions advise leaving room within the measurements for movement.

Pros: breathable mesh interior, shock absorbing design

Cons: higher price point, can be tricky to determine correct size

Arikon Dog Leash Harness

For a harness that covers the smallest area of your dog’s body, the Arikon is a well-designed option. The simple nylon and denim strap design provides enough support to keep your dog safe and secure on the included leash while providing significant breathability through minimal coverage.

Available in several sizes, the harness is easy to adjust for a secure fit on your pup. However, the company no longer offers a small size, so if your pet weighs less than 20 pounds, this harness may not be the best fit for your needs. 

The edges of the straps are reinforced to increase durability, though they may not hold up as well as harnesses made from stronger material. Additionally, due to the lack of padding on the inside of the harness, the straps may cut into your dog’s side uncomfortably with lots of movement. This is important to consider if you have a powerful chewer or a dog that pulls a lot on the leash. 

Pros: minimalist design, leash included

Cons: not designed for small dogs, may not hold up to a powerful chewer

Additional considerations for using a harness with your dog

Harnesses are a great alternative for dogs who do not walk well with a collar or who escape easily from them. They also provide additional support for you if your pet is big or energetic, and can assist older dogs with standing and moving around. While you can leave a harness on your pet all day to assist with these tasks, there are a few things you will want to be mindful of before you do. 

A well-fitted harness is likely safe to wear all day, but certain styles are not recommended to do so. Harnesses that fit around your pup’s shoulders give you a lot of control and training opportunities when walking, but they also can affect your dog’s gait. If your dog is a powerful and persistent chewer when anxious or bored, it is not recommended that you leave their harness on all day. Even the most durable materials are unlikely to hold up to such a high duration of chewing.

Finally, some dogs may show resistance to wearing the harness at all. The process of putting on the harness could be causing anxiety in your pup. The various types of harnesses have different directions for how to get them on. Some may need to be slipped over your pet’s head while others must be stepped into. 

If your dog is skittish about being touched on certain parts of their body or having something go over their head, be sure to carefully consider a type of harness that will better suit their comfort level when having it put on. Regardless of your pet’s needs or the style you use, you should always make sure that your dog is calm and relaxed before you begin to put the harness on.