Finding the Right Chew Proof Dog Leash for Safe and Secure Walks

Here are the chew proof dog leash we’ll be covering:

Walking your dog everyday is vital to both your health and that of your dog. There are many benefits to walking your dog, such as getting good exercise and enjoying nature. Plus, studies show that dogs who get more exercise are least likely to experience behavior problems such as aggression. 

The main challenge is to keep your dog from chewing on a leash during training. A chew proof dog leash is best. But not all leashes are chew resistant. To do this, you need to use the right materials to keep your leash chew-proof.

What to look for in a chew proof dog leash

Wire and metal cable are considered two of the best materials in a chew-proof dog leash. You’ll feel confident and at ease handling this leash because it is both lightweight and sturdy. Plus, you can easily clean the outside with a damp cloth. Although this leash is strong, it comes with a few minor problems. It doesn’t absorb shock very well during a walk. Plus, the thin metal can irritate your dog’s skin or yours. You should use a soft, sturdy handle and a cloth collar to avoid any problems.

There are two substances: nylon and polyester. Both share the same strength in terms of firmness and break resistance. Polyester paracord is a bit stiffer and doesn’t bend as well, which may be a problem when you’re looking for a more flexible leash. If you’re looking for a comfortable leash, you may want to choose the type of paracord that’s made of nylon. But if you’re looking for strength and endurance, then you might consider using a paracord leash that’s made with polyester.

If you are someone who enjoys convenience, then you will feel confident using leash extensions. With these, you can walk more than one dog at a time. They’re perfect for people who are busy or who live alone. Either way, you’ll find comfort knowing that the paracord is strong enough to handle dogs of all sizes.

Light colors such as yellow or orange offer improved nighttime visibility on a leash. You can shop online for a selection of brightly colored dog leashes or you can choose some that have reflector designs on them, such as bright, reflective stripes. And you can even spice things up a bit by adding a reflective collar for optimal visibility after dark.

But the main thing to remember is to keep your dog from chewing on their leash. Although most leashes are now chew resistant, there are a few that are not. In those cases, you should think about buying a chew guard that can easily deter chewing through taste and smell. 

You can apply some of these products onto the leash, where they emit a foul taste every time your dog tries to take a bite. Over time, your dog will connect that sour taste and chewing activity will cease. In other cases, you can use a simple plastic coat for cloth leashes. This coat will make it difficult for your dog to tear up the leash with his teeth. Plus, some of them come with the same chemical that gives a sour taste every time your dog chews.

Our recommendation for chew proof dog leash

Phydeaux’s Mountain Climbing Rope Leash

Phydeaux’s Mountain Climbing Rope Leash is light, compact and easy to handle. You’ll feel confident using it with any sized dog because it’s made of strong rope materials for easy control. You’ll feel very comfortable when gripping because it comes with a soft handle that doesn’t hurt or irritate your hand. The large carabiner clip is easy to handle and will fit directly onto your dog’s collar.

This leash is heavy duty and can pull a maximum weight of 1,000 pounds. You’ll feel confident knowing that you can use it to walk your dog regardless of size. And with this leash, you can choose from any variety of colors that are cheerful and vibrant.

Pros: Has a soft, easy to grip handle that won’t rub or irritate your hand even when your dog is pulling. The rope is much thicker and won’t unravel or fray like most ordinary leashes. The leash comes in a variety of brilliant colors. Good for active dogs.

Cons: Lock on carabiner clip can come undone. Some caution is advised.

The Tigertail Leatherish Dog Leash

If you are a serious vegan, then you will like the Tigertail Leatherish Dog Leash. This non-retractable brand is six feet long with a soft, easy grip. It has a high quality odor guard and a waterproof seal that make it fun and easy for your dog to enjoy playing in the water while walking. Plus, the leash is flexible enough to stretch a bit without breaking.

The Tigertail Leatherish Dog Leash can has a secure clasp and can support most dogs around a weight of 60 pounds or greater. It has a strong grip, which makes it easier to control your dog during a walk. However, the leash is most likely for heavier dogs. The leash is heavy, and the large metal clip could accidentally strike your dog in the face during a morning run. A good suggestion would be to use it on dogs that are at least 60 pounds.

Pros: Vegan friendly and waterproof. Leash is strong and can hold 60 pounds or greater.

Cons: Metal clasp is loose and heavy. Not suitable for smaller breeds. The leash is expensive.

The Viper Biothane K9 Working Dog Leash

The Viper Biothane K9 Dog Leash is a leash that is made in a webbed pattern and is good for the toughest jobs. It’s sealed tight with a protective waterproof coat that guards against bad smells after moisture exposure. The leash has a bright orange color and a brass clasp to match, so you won’t need to worry about nighttime visibility. You can clean it with ease because it has a protective vinyl cover that makes it easy to wipe down. 

And if you decide you’d like a different color, that’s also okay. There are five different varieties you can choose from. The leash is known to be water-resistant, which makes it perfect for dogs who enjoy swimming in the lake.

Pros: Has an excellent odor guard and good nighttime visibility. Leash is waterproof.

Cons: Not a chew proof dog leash. A chew guard is advised.

Biothane Solid Brass Dog Training Leash

The Biothane Solid Brass Dog Training Leash has the ability to maintain its strength and durability with its strong resistance to chewing. The leash has strong, chew resistant material and is good for training your dog for walks.

Its most impressive feature is that the leash can be used for almost any setting because it is a multipurpose one. It’s great for a solid hiking expedition with your pet and is known to be good for other situations such as rescue missions. Plus, its versatile for most dogs and has a reputation for being non-allergic.

The unique biothane coat allows for easy cleaning of your leash. All you need is a damp cloth just to wipe it down. The bright white color makes the slightest bit of dirt or dust easy to detect. You can fasten the brass buckle for a secure fit with the collar. The main thing to consider is that it is made of leather, which may get worn over time.

Pros: Has a rust-resistant clasp that is secure. Leash material is odor-proof and easy to wipe down.

Cons: Leather is vulnerable to wear and tear. Leash can get dirty easily.

The Carhatt Tradesman’s Leash

You’ll enjoy the natural appeal of the Carhatt Tradesman’s Leash. It’s made of a triple stitch backup designed to hold it together for many uses. You can enjoy the deep bronze color that’s offset with three, simple black stripes.

Although this leash is strong enough to handle large dogs, it has a few small issues. One is that it’s not a chew-proof dog leash. You might experience problems training your dog if they’re prone to chewing on anything. In this case, you may want to consider using a chew guard product.

Pros: Good, quality triple stitch that holds the fabric together. Leash has a nice, deep bronze color.

Cons: Not a chew proof leash. The clasp is loose and can be a safety hazard for your dog.

Kong Traffic Handle Hands Free Dog Leash

If you enjoy taking a good jog while walking your dog, then the Kong Traffic Handle Hands Free Dog Leash might sound like a dream. It appears to be a perfect fit if looped properly around your waist. You can fasten it with a secure snap. Those who use it say that they feel as if they’re in total control since their entire body weight can be used to control their dog.

The length of the leash is 6 feet long and 1 inch wide. Although it’s sturdy, it comes with a few minor problems. The clasp is loose and can break. Without a handle, it is possible you might find it difficult to tell if your dog is loose. And since it is designed to fit around your waist, you may want to use caution. If you’ve had recent back surgery or back pain, you may want to consider buying another leash. Plus, the material is frail and not chew resistant. In this case, a liquid chew guard is a good idea.

Pros: Hands-free and sturdy.

Cons: Has a loose clasp that can break. Leash material is not chew-proof.

Getting a good chew protector for your dog’s leash

Nutri Vet Bitter Bandage

You will like this product because it is effective in discouraging your dog from chewing on a leash. All you need to do is apply it as instructed and you will feel confident using it as a chew guard for your dog’s leash. It has a bitter, acrid taste that will quickly discourage leash chewing.

Your dog will respond very well to the bitter taste and will stop chewing almost immediately. Most dogs will associate that bitter taste to the leash and will stop chewing almost immediately. However, there are some dogs that are desensitized to the flavor and will chew anyway. In either case, some level of caution is advised.

Pros: Easy to apply and has a sharp taste. Chewing will stop almost immediately.

Cons: May cause dry mouth.

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Sprayer

This one has some of the same qualities as the Bitter Bandage in that it uses a flavor mechanism to discourage chewing in any form. Although it is used mainly to stop dogs from chewing on fur or wounds, you can also apply it on a leash to discourage chewing. Dogs will have a strong response to the sour apple flavor right away. 

Both this and the Bitter Bandage are good for providing enough incentive for good behavior with leash training, and they work well with a dog’s sensitive taste buds. Although the product is effective, it comes with a few small problems. It can cause your dog’s stomach to become upset, so moderation is definitely advised.

Pros: Sour apple flavor will discourage leash chewing. Product is simple to use and is affordable.

Cons: May cause an upset stomach for your dog.

The Chewsafe Cover Cord

The Chewsafe Cover Cord is mainly used for protecting power and cable cords, but it can be applied to leashes as well. The cord extends as far away as 10 feet in length and is made of clear plastic. It works on two senses: smell and taste. 

This is most effective when used as a coat on a leash, especially since the flavor and aroma don’t wear off as easily. It also has a medical gauge tubing that’s durable and safe. All you need to do is apply it as directed.

Pros: Good for most dogs. The plastic is durable and safe.

Cons: It can be mistaken for another toy. Supervision is strongly recommended.

Other methods to help your dog not chew his leash

One technique to use is behavior modification. A system of rewards for good behavior, such as verbal praise or a beloved treat is useful in correcting any bad habit, especially chewing.

Treats and toys are useful rewards that can serve as distractions from undesirable behaviors like chewing. Treats are especially good for this because it’s easy to divert their attention by appealing to their sense of taste and smell. Toys are also an excellent diversion because all you have to do is throw them to distract the dog. This works almost every time.