Finding The Right Chew Proof Retractable Dog Leash For A Safe And Secure Outing

Here are the chew proof retractable dog leash we’ll be covering:

Taking your dog for a walk is an important part of their everyday routine. It allows both of you to get exercise, socialize, and connect with one another. Your dog has the opportunity to explore and experience new environments while safely tethered to you. Without the proper equipment, however, a leisurely walk can quickly turn into a stressful outing. 

Our recommendations for chew proof retractable dog leash

One of the most important purchases for a successful walk is a chew proof retractable dog leash. These leashes allow your pet to roam at a predetermined distance from you while preventing unusual wear and tear on the leash from your dog’s teeth. Even if your dog is not a powerful chewer, a leash made of steel wire or chain will be the safest and most secure to prevent the leash from breaking from extended use and mouthing from your pet. 

Additionally, you will want to look for leashes that are easy for you to use. If you cannot comfortably hold the handle or maneuver the buttons to prevent your dog from moving further away from you, you are both at risk for injury. 

Choose a leash that is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle, as these will be the easiest for you to grip for an extended period of time. It is important to find a leash with a brake button that is in a convenient spot based on your grip and that is easy to engage.

Another feature that might be important to you if you have more than one dog in your house is a retractable leash with an extension that secures an additional pet to the tether. It is much safer to manage one leash with multiple pets than to juggle several different handles. 

If you frequently walk in the early morning or at night, you may also want to consider leashes with reflective tape or a battery-operated light. These features will provide additional safety for you and your pup as you enjoy your walks.

Finding the best chew proof retractable dog leash for your pet will depend on your family’s specific needs. You will want to consider your dog’s size, activity level, and where and when you do most of your walking. Here is a list of 5 retractable leashes to help you make the best choice for you and your pup.

Idepet Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

If your dog is a heavy chewer or tough on its leash, this is a great option. It features both heavy nylon and a removable stainless steel extension to ensure that your pup is not able to gnaw through the leash. The handle is lightweight and sturdy and easy to hold regardless of your hand size. 

The nylon rope extends up to 16 feet and rolls out and retracts smoothly without getting caught. The stainless steel extension line is also tangle-free, ensuring that your dog will not accidentally get choked. The lock button is easily engaged and holds securely so that your dog is not able to break away from you when you are trying to keep them close.

Although the leash says that it holds dogs up to 110 pounds, it does advise that it is not intended for extra large dogs. If you have a larger breed dog, you may want to consider a different leash. 

Additionally, the leash does not come with an extension for another dog or reflective material. While you could purchase these separately and add them on to this leash, you will incur extra costs. Additionally, the handle may be unable to bear the weight of more than one pet, making it difficult to adapt for that purpose.

Pros: comfortable handle, secure brake button, stainless steel extension

Cons: not for larger breeds, no reflective tape, no extension for additional dog

Retractable Dog Leash With Anti-Chewing Steel Wire

This leash offers a chew proof extension in the form of steel wire, which gives the product a sleek and more uniform look while still providing safety and security for your pet. If your dog is harnessed, this steel wire section of the leash may be too short, as the part of the leash that they access with their mouth will be the nylon. For a powerful chewer who also uses a harness, you will want to consider whether this will best fit your needs.

The materials for both the handle and the leash itself are strong, sturdy, and light, making it easy to carry for extended walks. The ergonomic handle also allows you to maintain a secure grip for the length of your outing. The brake button is easy to press and quickly engages to make sure that your pup is not able to get too far from you or pull you. 

An additional safety feature of this product is the reflective strips on the leash for walks in the dark. The brightness of this placement may not be exceptionally visible, however, especially if your leash is mostly retracted. If you walk frequently at night you may want to supplement with reflective tape on the handle or on your pet’s harness or collar. 

Pros: strong case and leash, lightweight and easy to hold

Cons: reflective material not highly visible, steel wire may be too short

BMusdog Retractable Leash

This leash is unique to others on the list because the entire length is made up of stainless steel chain. If your dog is a powerful chewer, and especially if they wear a harness, this leash is ideal because the entire length will hold up to their strong teeth and jaws. The links are also tangle free, which ensures that you will not have to deal with knots that impact the retraction and hold of the leash.

The leash retracts smoothly into the handle and the brake button holds firmly. The metal links do make more noise than a nylon rope when they are pulled out and retracted, which can be surprising for you or your pet. It is important to keep this in mind if your pup is skittish.

While the stainless steel links make this a very strong leash and the upper weight limit is listed as 110 lbs, this leash may not hold up to larger dogs. Particularly for those that pull or tend to dart off quickly, the leash may not hold up over time. If this applies to your pet, you will want to consider this when choosing a leash.

Pros: entire leash is chew proof, chains are tangle free

Cons: chains make noise when retracting, may not hold up to larger pets

Happy and Polly Retractable Leash

Similar to other leashes on the list, this product has a strong ergonomic handle with an easy-to-use button. The handle allows you to engage or release the leash lock with just one finger and is comfortable to hold for an extended period of time. While the line is reinforced with fishing wire, the leash is prone to tearing over time and does not retract smoothly, so it may not be ideal for energetic pups.

A unique feature that this leash offers is a bungee extension which provides some extra cushion if your dog jerks or pulls away quickly. This is ideal if you have an energetic dog that likes to run, as it will protect both your upper body and your pet’s neck from injury. However, this material does reduce the strength of the leash against a powerful chewer, so you may want to consider a stronger extension if this is something that your pet requires.

Another very useful addition to this leash is a detachable flashlight. You have the option to turn the light on while still connected to the handle, or remove it for better guidance as you walk. This is an ideal leash if you take many of your walks during dark hours.

Pros: safe for night walks, bungee extension provides additional injury protection

Cons: may not hold up to powerful chewers, leash may not have longevity

Chew Proof Extension: Expawlorer Chew Proof Retractable Dog Leash

If you have more than one dog in your house, this leash with an additional extension may be an ideal option for you. Instead of coordinating more than one leash in your hand, you can control both pets from the same handle. Each extension is made from sturdy silver wire which can hold up to strong chewers. 

The nylon leash has reflective silk woven in and the silver extensions will also illuminate in the dark, allowing you and your dog to be seen at night. The line can extend up to 18 feet with the extension, allowing plenty of room to roam. Additionally, the leash can hold up to 440 lbs, making it the strongest option on the list and ideal if your pets are larger breeds. 

While the leash is very secure and sturdy, it can get a bit heavy with both extensions attached. This can make long walks more tiring. Harnessed dogs may also be able to get access to the nylon leash with their mouths, which is not able to withstand heavy chewing as well as the silver wires.

Pros: very high weight limit, can manage two dogs on the same leash

Cons: leash can be very heavy, main leash does not hold up to chewing

Other Considerations for a Retractable Leash

A retractable leash is a useful tool for leisurely walks and explorations with your dog. However, there are certain places where they are not safe or recommended. When you take your dog to the veterinarian, a standard fixed leash is the ideal option. Dogs may get anxious or excited in this environment, especially with many other people and pets around. 

If a dog takes off quickly, the likelihood of injury from a retractable leash is very high. Body parts can get pinched in the line, leading to cuts, burns, and possibly even amputation or strangulation. A shorter, fixed leash will prevent these injuries by reducing the length of line that can potentially come in contact with other people and animals.

A retractable leash can also be an unsafe option in a crowded area where you want to keep your dog as close to you as possible. You need to maintain constant vigilance with a retractable leash, ensuring that your pet will not get too close to other people on the sidewalk or run out into the street in front of moving traffic. 

Similar to in a veterinarian office, the new and unfamiliar sounds, people, and animals in cities and busier sections of town can make dogs more likely to pull, run, or lunge, leading to potential injuries or other safety issues. Retractable leashes are best suited to wooded areas and open spaces where your dog can safely explore and you can be more relaxed with the length of the leash.

Another important consideration is your dog’s experience with being on a leash. Retractable leashes should not be used with puppies or dogs that are in the process of training or have little practice with walking and heeling. 

In these situations, you or your dog are more likely to be seriously injured by the leash or the force exerted when the dog pulls or you quickly apply the brake. The likelihood of you dropping the handle or failing to engage the brake fast enough is also higher with overly energetic and under-trained dogs. 

It is very important to feel secure in your control over your pet and command of the leash before embarking on a walk with a retractable leash.