Get These Dog Proof Trash Can For Your Domesticated Scavengers

Here are the dog proof trash can we’ll be covering:

How do I keep my dog out of the trash can?

Dogs love to rummage through trash cans looking for treats and treasure. This habit is not only messy and inconvenient for you but also potentially dangerous for your dog. Eating old food scraps and trash can cause serious problems for your dog’s health. Fortunately, keeping your dog out of the trash can be accomplished, and this article will show you how.

There are several ways to solve the problem of dogs invading trash cans. First of all, you can try to keep your trash cans hidden from your dog or inaccessible to him by putting them in a cabinet. Another good strategy is to offer your dog safe alternatives to garbage such as chew toys or healthy snacks.

You also might want to consider making changes to your dog’s feeding routine in case he is looking at the trash because he is actually hungry. You might need to feed your dog several small meals during the day to keep him from getting hungry and foraging for extra snacks. Adding more exercise to your dog’s daily routine might also help.

When all else fails, the best solution might be to invest in a dog proof trash can. Pet proof trash cans are durable and hard to open. Some have a lock or a foot pedal. Others are tall and difficult for a dog to reach. Still, others use a motion detector. The best dog proof garbage can will be made from durable materials and designed with a mechanism to keep dogs out.

Our recommendation for the best dog proof trash can

There are many things to look for in choosing the best dog proof garbage can. First, it is a good idea to choose a trash can with a sensitive/smart motion sensor that detects the human hand and not your dog’s head hovering over it. The can should have no false trigger.

You should also look for garbage cans that are durable and tamper-proof so that dogs cannot open them by clawing, pawing, or nudging at them. Good odor control is another important feature in dog-proof trash cans. If there is less smell, your dog will be less attracted to the garbage and more likely to leave it alone.

Certain lid designs are also helpful at keeping dogs out of the trash. For example, a wing or butterfly wing design is better than a single flap because it makes it more difficult for your dog to put his head in the bin.

If your dog is really persistent, there are additional features designed to deter even the most determined dogs. Voice activation is even more effective than the motion sensor at keeping dogs out of the garbage. While motion sensors can be deactivated with a piece of tape, voice activations make it so that only the human can open the lid.

You might also look for a bin with a lid that stays shut even when it is knocked over. For example, a screw top is a great idea. If there are bears in your area, look for bear-proof options to keep them out.

iTouchless Wings-Open Sensor Trash Can

iTouchless Wings-Open Sensor Trash Can is a stainless steel, 18-gallon trash can that measures 16.3 by 10.5 by 28.75 inches. It is 100 percent touchless, and the lids open automatically by using a motion of your hand. The low clearance of the wings’ open style means it will fit in a small space such as under a counter.

This trash can features a patent-pending PetGuard lock feature that is designed to keep dogs out even when you are away from home. It also comes with an AbsorbX Natural Activated Carbon Oder filter that absorbs odors and keeps your home smelling clean and fresh. You can power this bin with batteries or an optional AC adapter that is sold separately.

Additional safety features include a unique lid status alert that is solid green when the lid is in stay open mode and blinks red when it is about to close. The Reflix Technology keeps the lid from closing on your hand by automatically reopening if you put your hand back in the can.

ITouchless guarantees you will be 100 percent satisfied with this product and backs it with a Full-Service Manufacturer’s Promise for two years. They also offer excellent customer support. 

Pros: Easy-on and off pet lock, motion sensor-activated lids, lid status alert, odor prevention, safety features, elegant design, easy to clean, touchless

Cons: Dents easily, no inner bin

Simplehuman Dual Compartment Kitchen Trash Can 

This touch-free trash can from simplehuman is a brushed stainless-steel, 15.3-gallon bin with dual compartments. It measures 13 by 22.2 by 25 inches. It has voice and motion sensors for complete touchless operation. Just say “open can” or wave your hand above or in front of the can to open the lid.

The dual compartments include one side for trash and another side for recycling. Code H custom-fit liners that are extra long and durable fit the can perfectly, and it has a liner pocket dispenser that makes changing the liner fast and easy. The liner rim flips down and hides the liner, and the nano-silver coating protects the surface from germs and fingerprints.

This product is energy efficient and lasts up to one year using alkaline batteries. It comes with a five-year warranty. Made from high-quality materials, this product is solidly engineered to last for years.

Pros: High-performance voice and motion control, touchless design, smooth and quiet operation, fingerprint-proof coating, liner pocket, dual compartments, neat and secure liner rim, custom fit liners

Cons: Can doesn’t seal at the top, lid shuts too quickly

Simplehuman Butterfly Lid Step Trash Can

With a butterfly-style lid that opens by using a pedal, this small, stainless steel trash can by Simplehuman is ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, or offices. It has a 10-liter capacity and measures 15.6 by 7.8 by 13.7 inches. It features a step-on opening mechanism and innovative split doors that open from the center.

Code R custom fit liners that fit this can perfectly are available for purchase. The strong and durable steel pedal is engineered to last for 150,000 steps, or 20 steps a day for over 20 years. Patented lid shox technology controls the lid’s motion and keeps it from banging. The internal hinge allows you to put the can against the wall without scratching it.

This garbage can is solidly engineered and comes with a ten-year warranty. The butterfly lid, small size, and slim shape make this a great choice for small spaces. It comes with an internal can that can be lifted for fitting the liner and easy cleaning. 

Pros: Butterfly style lid, attractive design, easy to clean, compact size, step-on opening mechanism, custom-fit liners available, quiet lid

Cons: Packaging could be better, closure doesn’t line up, only one way to open it, need for proprietary branded bags

Behrens Rust-Proof Steel Locking Lid Trash Can

The Behrens Rust-Proof Steel Locking Lid Trash Can has a six-gallon capacity. The locking mechanism is in the handle when in an upright position. The dimensions are 13.5 by 13.5 by 13 inches. It is cylindrical in shape and opens by manual lift. This container is durable and made from steel.

Made in the USA, this container can be used for many purposes. It is ideal for trash, yard waste, seed, or pet food storage. It is rodent proof and recyclable. It won’t absorb odors and is made with no oil. The offset bottom keeps it elevated off the ground, and a large handle makes it easy to carry.

Pros: Rust-proof, locking mechanism in the handle, durable, made in the USA, rodent-proof, recyclable, large carrying handle

Cons: Lid does not fit properly

Sterilite Locking TouchTop Wastebasket 

The Sterilite Top Touch Wastebasket has a 7.3-gallon capacity and a locking touch-top lid. It measures 14.25 by 11.38 by 17.38 inches. It is D-shaped and has a press-top opening mechanism that keeps pets and children out. Made in the USA, this product comes with four wastebaskets and four lids. It uses a standard eight-gallon trash liner.

The compact shape of this bin is convenient for small spaces. This makes it a good choice for an office, craft room, or bathroom. The lid stays secure even when the can is tipped over. When unlocked, the lid opens at the push of a button and stays in the open position. It is a white color and made from plastic.

Pros: Streamlined size, fits in small spaces, has a secure lock, stays shut when tipped over, made in the USA

Cons: Lids wear out and won’t stay shut, no step pedal

Keter Rockford Trash Can 

If you are looking for a trash can that stays securely closed even when overturned, the Keter Rockford Trash Can is a good choice. It is a 38-gallon trash can with a lid and drip tray for easy cleaning. It is perfect for patios, kitchens, and outdoor entertaining. It is made from plastic and measures 16.14 by 16.14 x 34.4 inches.

This bin uses 30 to 39-gallon trash bags and is constructed from durable, weather-resistant resin that won’t rust, rot, or be damaged by moisture. An innovative double-lid hides the trash bag from sight and prevents the lid from opening when tipped over. The fluid tray is easy to remove.

The style is attractive and the gray color will look great and blend in well wherever you put it. It is paintable so you can change the color to match your home. The bin has a natural wood look and feel. It is low maintenance and perfect for outdoor use. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Pros: Weather resistant, durable, UV protected, chip and rustproof, easy to assemble, good for outdoors, won’t open when tipped, attractive look, easy to clean

Cons: Hard to remove bags

Bearicuda Stealth Bear-Resistant Trash Can 

If you are looking for an outdoor garbage can that is strong enough to resist bears, this 95-gallon Bearicuda Stealth Bear-Resistant bin might be the best choice. Made from metal and weighing 56 pounds, this extremely durable product claims to be the most reliable bear-resistant trash can on the market.

This fully automated bin prevents the need to ever unlock it on trash pickup day. It also features manual operation for easy emptying. It is durable and won’t rust or bend over time, and the locking mechanism is fully protected. It meets the ANSI standards for 95-gallon containers.

A recessed cavity between the lid and body prevents rainwater from getting in and odor from getting out. Proven and tested with grizzly bears, this can is tough, easy to use, and comes with a five-year warranty on parts. The design is sleek, innovative, and maintenance-free.

Pros: Best bear-proof garbage can, high quality, maneuverable and stable, easy to assemble, won’t leak, durable

Cons: Heavy, high price

Here are some options to dog proof your current trash can.

Strong Strap Universal Garbage Can Lid Lock Utility Strap

This garbage can lock provides a convenient way to keep dogs out of your existing trash can. It is black, made from polycarbonate and stainless steel, and measures 7 by 4 by 4 inches. There are no tools required for installation, and it is compatible with most trash cans up to 95 gallons. 

Encased Trash Can Lock 

This encased trash can lock is a simple and effective way to keep dogs and other animals out of your trash. It fits round and square trash cans from 30 to 50 gallons. The design makes it easy for humans to open and nearly impossible for animals to do so. It is made from durable, high-gauge cord that will last for years.