29 Facilities With Dog Training For Aggression In the US

​​Seeking training for your puppy or new dog is essential to helping them to be a safe and calm member of your family. This is especially important when you adopt a dog that has encountered abuse or neglect in its previous living situation and your new pet is displaying dangerous or problematic behaviors. 

These pups may need specialized anti-aggression training in order to reduce the risk that they pose to you, your family, and your neighbors. 

However, when I searched for specialized training for my pup, I was overwhelmed with trying to find reputable dog training for aggression near me. Therefore, if you are in need of dog training for aggression or fear-based behaviors, we have helped you out by compiling a list of recommendations for you based on the area where you live.

Atlanta, GA

Peachtree Dog Training

This aptly named Georgia dog training facility can help you with a broad range of needs for your pet. Christina, a professional dog trainer who specializes in dogs with aggressive behaviors, helps with a variety of different situations. The commitment-based approach ensures that you will receive help until the root of the issue is resolved and not just until the training is finished. Cost is determined according to your dog’s specific needs and the length of the commitment.

Austin, TX

Bark Busters Home Dog Training

Touting her “Deed Not Breed” philosophy, the owner and lead trainer of Bark Busters believes that your dog’s aggressive behavior is able to remedied by treating the cause. Whether your pet is exhibiting behaviors stemming from food, territorial, or possessive issues, Lori and her team help you create and implement a training plan to address the driving factors behind the aggression. While pricing for an initial session is on the higher end, they do offer annual and lifetime packages that can be a good bargain if your dog requires significant training.

Beyond the Dog

Unlike some of the other businesses on this list that offer services for specific behaviors or concerns, Beyond the Dog instead offers options based on the intensity of support. There are 6 options, ranging from having your dog board with the trainer to engaging in a video chat, and each can be utilized for any concerning behaviors that your dog exhibits. Their dog aggression training cost varies according to the level of programming that you choose and the length of time needed and will be negotiated with you when you sign up.

Boston, MA

Argos Dog Training

Rated the best dog training facility in Boston for over a decade, Argos provides an array of training options to address your pet’s behavioral needs. Offering affordable dog training, owner Martin will offer a free phone consultation to evaluate your pet’s needs and a low cost in person visit to get to know your pet and help you make a plan. The training facility also offers prescribed programs to target common behavioral issues with dogs to help fine tune some of your pet’s less severe behaviors.

Charlotte, NC

Dog Wizard Charlotte

To help rehab your dog’s difficult behaviors, owner Danielle works with both you and your pet to identify the root cause and treat it accordingly. From predatory to posessive to fear aggression dog training, this facility is experienced in interpreting the cause of your dog’s specific behaviors and recommending a plan to rehabilitate. Dog Wizard offers a free consultation and then pricing for the specific service will be determined based on your dog’s specific needs.

Chicago, IL

Canine Perspectives

Touting one of the city’s most reputable dog trainers, Canine Perspectives provides in-home training to many of the neighborhoods in Chicago. They take into account your dog’s breed, the potential reasoning behind the behaviors, and work alongside you to help mitigate aggression and other problematic behaviors. As a result of the skill and investment provided, this service is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. The specific cost is determined according to the number of sessions and risk to the trainer.

Columbus, OH

Buckeye Dog Training

If you and your troubled pup are proud residents of the capital of the Buckeye state, be sure to look into this training facility. Similar to other trainers on this list, owner Kat approaches behavior modification by identifying and treating the cause of the aggression and not trying to just treat the symptoms. She also emphasizes a focus on strengthening the bond between owner and pet as part of the rehabilitation process. Pricing varies based on the level of service required to support your pet.

Dallas, TX

USA Dog Behavior

Owner Scott is a highly trained and certified guru in the area of dog training for aggression. He specializes in identifying which of the 7 types of aggression is present with your dog, as well as factors within your home environment that will increase any dog’s adverse behaviors. USA Dog Behavior offers training online, in the facility, or in home within 6 of the Dallas neighborhoods. He charges a flat rate per session that is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, and the number of sessions recommended will be individually determined by your pet’s needs.

Houston, TX

Michael’s Dogs Behavior Group

In addition owner Michael, his eponymous business features a team of trainers that are experienced and certified in rehabilitating dogs with aggression and fear. Training is done with a positive reinforcement approach and a focus on further developing a supportive and loving environment between you and your pet. The first phone consultation is free, with a moderate fee for subsequent online and in person sessions. Additional resources and check-in phone calls between visits are offered for free.

Indianapolis, IN

Circle City Dog Training

The trainers at Circle City take a home-based approach to rehabilitating aggressive dogs. Your first meeting will be in your home to allow the trainer to observe how your dog behaves in his natural environment and interacts with you and your family. Follow up sessions will also occur in your home to help you and your pup modify his aggressive behaviors in the place where you spend most of your time. Cost for the training will vary based on the number of sessions you need and the intensity of your dog’s behaviors.

Jacksonville, FL

Unleash Fido

Also offering a location in Tampa, the trainers at Unleash Fido are well-versed in behavior modification in dogs. The focus is on remediating your dog’s aggression, anxiety, or fear-based behaviors by addressing the route cause and replacing them with positive behaviors. Additionally, the trainers will help you establish a pack leader relationship with your pet to help him feel supported and guided. Pricing is based on the level of service required.

Kansas City, MO

Beyond the Dog

This facility has some of the most highly trained and certified staff in the city and even the state. Similar to the Austin location, services are not offered according to the specific behaviors, but rather by type of support that you seek. The all-inclusive or board and train options are the recommended programs for dogs with severe aggression, as these offer the most consistent and intensive support. Prices are on the higher end and do not include any follow up sessions.

Las Vegas, NV

Got K9

The trainers at Got K9 focus on providing training on how aggression and socialization can feed into one another. Specifically, they will work with you to understand how aggression can come on suddenly with old age, home and environmental changes, and in repsonse to the way you handle it. Costs for training and services are determined individually based on the needs and behaviors of your pup.

Los Angeles, CA

Dominant Dogs Training

The trainers at Dominant Dogs offer a wide variety of options for rehabiliting your aggressive pup. For the most severe aggression, a 3 week board and train option gives your dog the undivided attention from the trainer and plenting of coaching and transferrence to you prior to heading home. Private training, consultations, and virtual sessions are also available. Fees are on the higher end but include very personalized attention to your pet and family needs.

Dog Savvy

Taking a positive behavioral approach to your dog’s aggression and problem behaviors, Dog Savvy offers different packages for supporting you and your pup. Beginning with an initial consultation either virtually or in-home, you can then purchase packages of 3, 6, or 9 sessions to be completed virtually. Pricing is moderate, though there is a time limit on how quickly packages must be used.

Minneapolis, MN

K9SF Dog Training

This facility offers a function-based approach to remedying your pet’s aggressive behaviors. The trainer will work with you over a minimum of 6 sessions to identify triggers for your dog’s behaviors and ways to reduce these instigating circumstances. Additionally, you will be provided direction for correction procedures and positively reinforcing desired behaviors. Pricing is determined by your specific needs, though you can request a free quote.

New York City, NY

Dream Come True K9 Services

Located in Manhattan, this training facility offers private sessions for you and your pet to remediate aggression or fear-based behaviors. Sessions are offered in packages of 2, 4, or 6 sessions, all of which take place in the facility. In between sessions, you will be given homework to practice skills in your home and seek feedback at the subsequent appointment. Training classes are moderately prices, especially for the high cost of living.

Wag the Dog NYC

Another option in the city is Wag the Dog, which also offers private behavior consultation and training packages. Particularly focused on helping your dog reduce aggressive behaviors in a large city filled with triggers, the trainer will teach you and your dog coping skills as a replacement for adverse behaviors. Packages are offered in 3 or 4 sessions and are moderately priced.

Omaha, NE

Dog Gone Problems

Using a positive behavior and force free approach, this Omaha based dog training facility offers support to you and your pup either in their facility or in your home. Rather than using aversive measures that may increase your pet’s anxiety and aggression, the trainers focus on identifying the cause of your dog’s behaviors and remediating them. Pricing is determined by your pet’s needs, but one session is typically sufficient to teach you the skills that you need.

Philadelphia, PA

Tuff Pup Training

Certified pet trainers at Tuff Pup Training offer a 3 or 6 session package to help you address your dog’s aggressive behaviors. These packages include a consultation and session to identify your dog’s behaviors and to teach you the protocol for addressing them. Additionally, trainers will work directly with you and coach you on the methods used to address aggression. Prices are moderate for the packaged sessions and also include follow up assistance and a clicker for training.

Phoenix, AZ

Zenergy Dog Training

As the name implies, this dog training facility focuses on restoring the balance and relationship between you and your pet in order to curb their aggressive behaviors. Through either a phone consultation, bootcamp, or private sessions, the trainer will design a plan specifically for your pup and provide support to you and your pet. Pricing for the bootcamps are moderate to high, though each package includes many sessions.

Portland, OR

Cooper’s Dog Training

Cooper’s is located in an area of Portland with enough space for both indoor and outdoor training for your pet. You can participate in group classes for continuing education for your reactive pet, or invest in private lessons tailored specifically to your dog. All lessons are done either in the training facility or may be conducted in the home. Pricing is on the low end for both private and group lessons, making this an affordable dog training option.

Sacramento, CA

Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions

At Primal Needs, trainer Blair offers a personalized weekend at his guest home to provide focused, one-on-one training for you and your pet, or a 3 week stay with just your pet. Both sessions provide hands-on suggestions to improve the relationship between you and your dog to remediate the behaviors, as well as support with reintegrating at home following the training. Pricing for these programs is based on the level of aggression and the commitment required.

San Antonio, TX

LOMA Behavior and Training

At LOMA, the trainers believe in a fear free and force free approach to behavior modification. Following a 30 minute phone consultation with you to get to the root of the behavior issues, you will then have a one hour virtual assessment and training session. You will also receive a specialized training plan to work on with your pet at home. Fees are in the lower, affordable range.

San Diego, CA

Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Training

Using a modern approach to training, Canine Dimensions helps rehabilitate fear, aggression, and anxiety behaviors in your pet. Using a mixed approach of desensitization and counter-conditioning, the trainers help you identify the reasons behind your pet’s behaviors and what steps you can take to reduce them. Pricing is dependent on the level of intervention required, though the initial phone consultation is free.

San Jose, CA

Happy Tails to You Dog Training

You and your dog can receive anti-aggression training through either private classes or a board and train option at this facility. Private training can be completed virtually or in your home, while the board and train program requires your dog to stay at the partnered facility, Canine Corral. In both instances, your dog will be taught replacement behaviors and to trust in you to lead them. Private lessons are moderately priced, while the board and train option is more expensive.

Savannah, GA

Noble Beasts

Noble Beasts offers several options to help you remediate your pup’s fear based and aggressive behaviors. You can opt for private lessons if the behaviors are less severe. You can also select board and train for either two weeks or one month, with each of these services also including 5 private lessons to support your skill development and the transition home. The facility also offers classes for its graduates to socialize together and sharpen their skills. Prices are moderate for each of the services and include a certificate of completion.

Seattle, WA

Ahimsa Dog Training

If you are dealing with fear, aggression, or growling with your dog, Ahimsa offers several options for addressing these behaviors. In addition to offering a live lecture that helps you understand root causes and how to train, you can also enroll in private sessions with one of the trainers to deal with more severe aggression and behavioral issues. Both the lecture and private lesson fees are on the lower end of the spectrum, though prices for more severe aggression will be higher.

Washington, D.C.

Monument Dog Training

If your dog exhibits severe aggression or even has bitten, Monument Dog Training will work with you to help rehabilitate your pup. Regardless of your dog’s past relationships or traumas, the trainers will help you to develop a plan for identifying the triggers in order to help your pet reduce his aggression. You can take the dog behavior quiz on their website in order to learn a little more about your pup’s needs and call for a consultation. Prices vary according to the specific training that you need. ​