A Safe And Secure Escape Proof Dog Crate For All The Escape Artist Canines Out There

Here’s the escape proof dog crate we’ll be covering:

As any dog owner knows, a crate can be an essential tool when training a pet. Crates can teach dogs how to maintain a calm state, help with potty training, and prevent them from getting into things around the house that can be dangerous to them when you are not home. 

When introduced and used properly, crates serve as a safe space for your pup, and they feel comfortable when they are closed in there. If your dog is a persistent chewer or a known escape artist, though, you may find yourself in search of a fortress that keeps your pup contained and unable to sneak out.

Prior to purchasing an escape proof dog crate, it is important to identify the reasons that your pup might be trying to escape and to consult with your veterinarian. If your dog is simply displaying typical youthful curiosity or energy, then this product can help you to train him and keep him safe. 

However, if your pet experiences anxiety when confined or separated from you, they could injure themselves severely from their frantic attempts to escape. It is strongly advised that a crate should not be used in these circumstances since the risk of keeping your pet in the crate is greater than the dangers in the house.

If you have determined that it is safe to proceed with a crate for your dog, there are several features to consider. 

First and foremost, a crate needs to be the right size for your pup. It should be large enough so that your pet is able to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably within the confines of the crate. 

You also want to ensure that the crate is not too large, as this may encourage the dog to use one end for rest and the other for toileting. If you are purchasing a crate for a large breed puppy who will grow significantly, you can look for a crate with a moving partition that expands with your pet.

The next key feature is the material that the crate is built from. If you need a crate that is escape proof, you should avoid those made from wire or mesh. These structures are too easily manipulated or broken by your dog’s teeth. 

Instead, look for crates made from sturdy materials, such as steel, plastic and hardwood that your pup will not be able to chew through or warp. Also, try to find a crate with more than one locking mechanism. This will help provide an additional layer of security for keeping your pet inside.

Finally, consider the ease of putting the crate together and maintaining it. Purchasing a crate that is pre-assembled or requires minimal skill to put together will save you time and reduce the likelihood of your dog being able to escape. 

Additionally, crates with removable trays underneath can help you keep a cleaner habitat for a pet who eats in the crate or is still working on potty training. 

Our Recommendations for an escape proof dog crate

With so many different styles of crates available, it can be difficult to sort through all of the products to know what will work best for you and your pet. To help, we have assembled a list of the top 6 crates for a dog that requires an escape proof environment. 

SportPet Designs Plastic Dog Crate

The SportPet crate serves double duty for you, as it can be used as a travel kennel for flying as well as a daily crate in your home. The strong plastic casing holds up well to your dog’s nails and teeth. If your dog prefers more of a den-like feel to their crate, this style works well because it is enclosed and dim.

Available in half a dozen sizes, you have a range of options to help you choose the one that fits your dog perfectly. The size chart does not always correlate with an airline’s rules for pet transport, though, so if you plan to use it for flying you will want to confirm the proper sizing with the company. 

Another helpful feature included with your purchase is a set of cups that hang from the wire door to provide food and water for your dog while secured inside. In some cases, however, the wire used in the door and windows does not hold up to your pup’s teeth. 

The installation of the window wire on some of the crates is also not secure enough, leading to a gap between the plastic and wire that can injure your dog. It is important to carefully inspect this crate if you choose to purchase it to ensure your pet’s safety while in use.

Pros: secure plastic casing, food and water bowls included

Cons: wire door and windows may not be secure, sizing chart may not correlate accurately

Birdrock Home Decorative Dog Kennel

This beautifully crafted crate is the ideal choice if you plan on placing the kennel in a common living space. The wooden frame coordinates with matching furniture and comes with a comfortable padded bed for the bottom to make your pup comfortable. The crate is only intended for small dogs though, so will not work for your larger breed pets.

Designed to allow lots of light inside and make it easy for your pup to see around the room, the crate has metal wire on all four walls. However, the wire is not sturdy enough for very powerful chewers and is not recommended for them.

The crate can also double as an end table, which can justify the higher price point as compared to some of the other kennels on the list. There is a single door on one end and double doors on the adjacent side, allowing the crate to be easy to use and access regardless of where it is placed.

Pros: does double duty as an end table, coordinates with other wooden furniture

Cons: only for small dogs, not built for strong chewers

Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Made entirely from strong 20-gauge steel, this crate is the ideal choice for powerful chewers and escape artists who need a den-like environment. Uniform holes are punched throughout the sides and top for maximum airflow while providing a dim environment with a reduced field of vision to help calm dogs who get easily overwhelmed by their surroundings.

The crate comes mostly pre-assembled and requires minimal setup. The slatted floor allows food and waste to fall below into a tray that is easy to remove and clean. The metal of the crate is also rust-proof, ensuring that it will maintain its quality if it gets wet.

Escape-proof locks are included on both of the doors. Additionally, wheels are includedto be attached to the bottom to make it easy to roll from one room to another within the house. The crate does only come in one size, however, and is intended only for larger dogs.

Pros: escape-proof locks, easy to clean removable tray

Cons: designed for larger dogs, may be too claustrophobic for some pets

Zoovilla Dog Crate

Another option that coordinates well with the decor in your home is this Zoovilla crate. Offered in two colors, this kennel is made of strong wood and has metal locks. The top of the crate is a solid block of wood, allowing you to also use it as an end table.

The bottom panels of three of the sides are solid, while the top portion has dowels that are evenly spaced to create bars. The crate has three doors total, one that can be placed on either end and a set of double doors on the side. If your dog is an escape artist, though, there is a good chance that he will be able to quickly figure out how to open these locks.

Included with the crate is a wooden tray in the bottom that could be removed and cleaned as needed. The kennel only comes in one size though, which may exclude it as an option for you if your dog is too big or small for the dimensions.

Pros: works well with room decor, can double as an end table

Cons: only comes in one size, not intended for dogs who can easily escape

New Age Pet Ecoflex Dog Crate

If you want a kennel that blends into your living space but also offers more options for sizes and colors than similar products on the list, a New Age Pet crate is ideal for you. This wooden crate is available in several different sizes and a handful of colors, allowing you to find a kennel that works well for your pet and decor.

The crate is made from a composite material that is strong and will stand up to your pup’s nails, teeth, and moisture. Assembly is very easy and requires no tools to put the crate together. The flat, sturdy top of the crate can double as an end table to make it even more functional within your space.

Stainless steel bars on three of the sides allow your pet to see out into the room. If your dog is especially determined, there is a good chance that the bars will not hold up to their energy. If your dog is not yet crate trained or you have concerns about them chewing through the bars and hurting themselves, this may not be the ideal kennel for them.

Pros: complements room decor, available in many sizes and colors

Cons: not intended for powerful chewers, not escape-proof for determined pets

4×4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage Double

While the price tag is significantly higher than other crates on this list, this is the only one that offers unrivaled security for your dog in the car. This crash-tested kennel keeps up to two dogs safe during vehicle transport and can be used for your non-canine pets as well.

Made from steel, this crate can be adjusted to 14 different sizes. This allows you to use it to transport any of your pets alone or in pairs with just one crate. The kennel nestles securely into the trunk space of a van or SUV, and may not be ideal if you drive a sedan.

Although the crate is very secure, it also takes up a lot of space in the vehicle. This may require you to move it in and out of the car frequently when it is not in use in order to have room in the trunk for other items.

Pros: most secure for car travel, can transport more than one pet

Cons: very high price point, only for use with certain vehicles

Other considerations for purchasing an escape proof crate

As noted above, it is important to properly train your pet to use their crate. A kennel should be a place where your dog feels calm and relaxed. The environment in the crate should be a consistent, trusted, and comfortable space for your pup and they should be acclimated to it slowly. 

Some dogs may still feel restless when enclosed in the crate, however. This can be a result of insufficient training, temperament, or past trauma. It is important to consider the root of your dog’s behavior prior to proceeding with using a crate and investing in an escape-proof setup. 

If you determine that your dog is simply energetic or requires an additional layer of security to prevent escape from their current crate, there are several hacks that you can try. You should be sure to provide lots of entertainment for your dog while in the crate to discourage interest in escape. 

Save toys or treats that are exclusively for use when your dog is in the crate. Additionally, look for any weak spots in the design and reinforce these using zip ties. This is especially helpful for collapsible crates. Finally, if the latches are too weak, you can invest in padlocks to provide additional reinforcement against your pet’s escape.