How To Cat Proof Wires and Cords: 3 Ways To Do It Yourself

One of the best things about kittens and cats is that they love to play. While this can make for some fun interactions and be very entertaining, there are a few potential risks involved. When looking for things to play with, some cats find themselves attracted to cords and wires.

Chewing on wires can be very dangerous for cats and for you. Chewing can damage cords, cause fires, and seriously harm your cat. Cord chewing can lead to burns, heart damage, lung damage, or electrocution. If you suspect that your cat has chewed on a cord, be sure to call your vet right away.

How to keep your cat away from wires: try these options first

If you find that your cat is chewing on wires, there are several ways to intervene. The first option to try is to keep her away from wires by bundling them together. Try bundling the wires with Velcro cord ties. When wires are secured together, cats are less likely to chew on them. Binding cords together also keeps your home looking neat and organized and keeps wires from getting tangled and in your way.

It is also important to secure wires and cords so that they are not dangling in the air. A dangling cord is very hard for cats and kittens to resist. There are many different ways to secure wires or cords and doing so will reduce the chances of your cat accidentally choking on a dangling cord. Simply attaching dangling cords to table legs or the wall is a quick and easy fix.

You should also be sure to provide your cat with toys and other safe alternatives for play. Your kitten or cat might be chewing on cords out of curiosity or boredom. Giving cats safe things to chew on and playing with them more frequently might make them less prone to chew on cords. Be sure to monitor your cat while she plays with toys that have strings or electrical components. 

How to cat proof wires with wire protector

If you are looking for how to cat proof wires and cords, wire protectors are a great choice. Rubber covers can be purchased in most home repair stores. Wire wraps must cover the cord completely and should have a taste and smell that cats don’t like.

Cords that run along the wall and floor can be covered with plastic cord management covers or flexible cable protectors. Flexible cable protectors fit over wires to protect them from being chewed. However, some cats chew through these covers, and they are unattractive and difficult to install.

Pranovo Dog Cat Cord Protector 

This 30-foot dog or cat cord protector prevents your pets from chewing on power cords, cables, sires, and ordinary cords. It is made from a hard material that will protect your pet from burns or electric shock. To use it, you insert the wire inside the tube through a slit that closes over the wire after insertion.

This cord protector is made from PP flame retardant plastic. It is fire-resistant, wear-resistant, and protects wires from dust. The tubing can be cut to any size that you need. After you have inserted the wire or cable, you can reopen it to add more cable to the bundle.

Pros: Wires are secure, can be cut to any length, prevents most cats from chewing wires

Cons: Come cats chew the protector, unattractive, hard to install

D&W Innovations CritterCord Cord Protector

The D&W Innovations Cord Protector is made from a heavy gauge to protect cords and pets. It is 10 feet long and has a citrus scent and a bitter flavor to deter pets from chewing. Because it is clear, you won’t even notice that it’s there. It can be used for traditional power cords, extension cords, and cables and provides protection for your pets and your devices.

The CritterCord Cord Protector fits most over most cords and includes 10 feet of insulated tubing. It is made in the USA and easy to use. You can cut it to fit any cord size. It features a split tube that wraps around the cord. This product has a strong odor at first, but it fades over time.

Pros: Protects cords, deters chewing with scent and flavor, clear color, easy to use

Cons: Unpleasant odor at first

Alex Tech Cord Protector Wire Loom Tubing Cable Sleeve

The Alex Tech Cord Protector is a 10 foot, ½ inch black cord protector made from wire loom tubing. It is split for easy loading of wires and closes on itself once loaded. It operates at temperatures from -103 to 257 degrees F. making it safe to be used for Hifi speaker HDMI automotive wires.

This insulated cord protector is UL recognized. It keeps cords organized and will help make your office or home look neater. It is good for preventing cats from chewing cables because cats don’t like chewing on this material. It works well for cords of different lengths because they can stick out through different points in the sleeve.

Pros: Easy to use, keeps cat from chewing, looks neat, split loom

Cons: Hard to work with, hard to cut

Chewsafe Cord Cover

The Chewsafe cord cover is 10 feet long, 3/8 to ½ inch wide, and clear in color. It is infused with a bitter apple taste and a citrus scent in order to deter cats from chewing on hazardous wires. It comes in a pack of two and is made from heavy-grade medical tubing. Unlike sprays, the taste and scent won’t wear off over time.

Cords are inserted into a pre-slit opening in the tube. After the cords are inserted, the cover closes over the wires. Chewsafe is easy to install, can be cut to your desired length, and is flexible. This product is safe and works very well for most pets.

Pros: Clear, flexible, bitter apple taste and citrus scent that won’t wear off, heavy grade medical tubing, safe

Cons: Can be pulled off by some puppies

Cat proof wire cover and management

Wire cover/guards are usually made from hard plastic, and you can attach them to the wall or the floor to protect and hide unsightly wires. These are a great option if you have wires and cables that run along the floor or the wall.

These covers will hide cords and make your room look neat and organized. However, they are a bit more expensive, and the adhesive can be difficult to remove without taking off paint. They are also hard to cut. 

D-Line Cord Cover

The D-line cord cover is a white, 39-inch one-piece half-round cable raceway that is made for hiding cords. Paintable and self-adhesive, it can be used for electrical cord management. Made from polyvinyl chloride, it is great for hiding cords up to a .31 inch outer diameter. It can be used for speakers, telephone, and alarm cords.

The one-piece design with a hinged lid makes it easy to access the cable. It is easy to install and made from high-grade PVC. The lengths can be cut to size. It is available in white, beige, and black. If you purchase the kit, it comes with 12 accessories including four D-line covers, two clip-over flat bends, two clip-over internal bends, two clip-over external bends, and two smooth-fit connectors.

Pros: Durable, easy to use, easy to install, can be cut to size, paintable

Cons: Difficult to remove adhesive

Delamu Cord Cover Raceway Kit 

This Delamu cord cover raceway kit includes a 157-inch cable cord cover that is paintable and designed to conceal cables and power cords. It is a good way to organize messy cords and keep them out of your pet’s mouth. This kit includes 10 PVC channels, 19 connectors, 20 screws, 20 anchors, and one self-adhesive.

Installation is simple and easy. You can use the screws and anchors or adhesive tape. The tape should not be used on textured walls. This cover can be cut to size and is slim and sleek so it blends in well with any décor. It can be used for home entertainment systems, speaker cables, tv cables, computer cords, and Ethernet cables.

Pros: Hides cables, keeps pets and children safe, easy to use, two installation methods

Cons: Connectors are a bit flimsy, adhesive is difficult to remove

How to cat-proof cords without a cover

Another option is to cat-proof cords without a cover. This can be done by smearing the wires with a chew deterrent spray or by applying a chew deterrent bandage. These are great choices if you are looking for a quick and easy way to prevent your pet from chewing on wires. The downsides are that these deterrents wear off and must be reapplied on a regular basis, and they don’t hide unsightly wires from view.

Nutri Vet Bitter Bandage

This is a three-pack of bitter bandages that are two inches wide and can be used to discourage chewing. The bitter bandages work for both dogs and cats by leaving a bitter taste in their mouths. The bandages are made for preventing dogs and cats from licking wounds and incisions. Because they deter cats from chewing, they can also be used for protecting wires.

This product comes in a variety of colors and designs. It is non-toxic and self-adhering. It won’t stick to a pet’s hair or skin. It should not be applied to open wounds or sores. It is made in the USA, and each roll is 5 yards long. It comes in two or four-inch widths.

Pros: bitter taste deters chewing, safe, non-toxic, self-adhering

Cons: doesn’t stick well to other surfaces

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Sprayer

Grannicks Bitter Apple is a spray that can be used to discourage biting and chewing in dogs and cats. It can be used on fur, shoes, clothing, furniture, etc. It is the most recognized and best-selling product of its kind. It comes as a two-pack of 8-ounce spray bottles.

This product can be sprayed on cords around the house to prevent chewing. It does wear off, and you will need to reapply it every few days. It is effective for most pets and is available in several different sizes.

Pros: Works for most cats and dogs, considered very effective, inexpensive

Cons: contains rubbing alcohol, leaves stains