Finding a Pet Friendly Sectional Sofa for You and Your Pet to Snuggle Up In

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It can be hard to find the perfect furniture that will do all three of these things. Be comfortable for you, aesthetically pleasing, and also pet friendly. Here are the pet friendly sectionals that we’ll be covering in this article:

What does pet friendly fabric mean?

For a fabric to be pet friendly, look for it to have these following characteristics.

Scratch resistant: A pet friendly fabric should be scratch resistant. You want a material that can withstand your dog’s paws, nails, and digging. With a scratch resistant fabric you should be able to brush away any scratch marks that appear on your furniture.

Heavy and thick: Pet friendly fabric should be heavy and firm. But it shouldn’t be too stiff to sit on. A heavy and thicker material will help to protect your sofa from any scratching, digging, or chewing from your dog.

Durable: Make sure that the fabric that you choose is very durable. Make sure that the fabric can stand up against chewing, digging, and your dog’s nails in general, as well as everyday wear and tear.

Easy To Clean: Any fabric that you get should be easy to clean. Make sure that it can be wiped down with a damp cloth. An even better option would be to get a removable cover that is machine washable.

Water Resistant: Make sure to get a fabric that is water resistant because this will protect your furniture from wet dogs, muddy paws, or even a potty accident. When a water resistant material gets wet, it can simply be wiped up with a clean towel.

If the furniture you have your heart set on is not water resistant, consider treating it yourself. Scotchgard is a great option. It is safe for pets once it dries down completely. It can easily be sprayed onto most fabrics to give them protection against any spills or accidents.

Tightly Woven: Tightly woven fabrics are the best at repelling pet hair. Hair can’t get stuck in between the fibers as easily. There’s also less space for claws to dig into and rip the fibers out. Simply brushing the furniture with a lint roller or rubber brush should remove any stray pieces of pet hair.

Free From Texture: Pet hair is more likely to get trapped in textured fabrics or any fabrics that have a loose weave. Avoid these types of fabrics to make removal of dog hair from your sofa much easier and stress free.

The best pet friendly fabrics: Leather or pleather, Microfiber, Microsuede, Denim, Canvas, Olefin, Polyolefin, Outdoor fabrics

And some fabrics that are not pet friendly and should be avoided: Tweeds, Chenille, Corduroy, Silk, Linen, Velvet

The Best Pet Friendly Sectionals

With all these features in mind, let’s look for the best pet friendly sectional to furnish your home. There are a lot of choices out there and here are our picks.

Flash Furniture Benchcraft Maier Sectional

The best microfiber pet friendly sectional

This sectional is covered in soft microfiber upholstery. You can select from either a left arm facing sectional or a right arm sectional so that it can fit any room nicely. It is two pieces and has an L shaped configuration. This sectional comes in charcoal, sienna, or walnut.

This sectional has a beautiful contemporary design and is very comfortable with plush cushions and boxed seating. The jumbo stitch details also add a nice visual to any room in the house. This sectional is easy to clean and pet hair comes right off of it without any trouble.

Sink comfortably into the couch and feel how the couch “hugs” you. It is also plenty big so you and your four legged pal will both have enough room to comfortably lounge on this sectional together.

Lilola Home Lucca Linen Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa

The best pet friendly sleeper sectional

This steel grey sectional is comfortable and well made. This sectional is reversible so you can have the sleeper part of the sectional on either side of the couch. This sectional is also a pull out bed and a large storage chaise (which is perfect for storing your dog toys or blankets!).

A great thing about this sectional is that it is very easy to clean dog hair off of it and it is also durable and it will last for years to come. This sectional is a nice size measuring 84 inches by 54 inches and is 35 inches tall. The cushions are very firm so it is perfect if you are looking for a firm sectional.

This sectional is also easy to assemble. It can be assembled by a single person. 

Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa with Reversible Sectional Chaise

The best pet friendly sectional

The fabric covering this sectional is polyester, which is a great material for pets because it is both very durable and easy to clean. To clean, simply wipe the sectional with a soft and dry cloth. The frame is made of sturdy hardwood that will be able to support even bigger dogs.

This sectional has a modern look with clean and simplelines, giving it an elegant minimalist feel. This sectional is great for homes with dogs because it is stain resistant and it repels dog hair well. 

The material is also durable and will be able to handle your dog jumping up and down the couch. It can hold its own against even the roughest of dogs. Also, it is big enough for the entire family to hang out together. 

This sectional can come in a selection of eight colors and if you love the sectional, you could get an entire living room set with a chair, loveseat, sofa, and ottoman. Additionally, this sectional is easy to assemble – it takes less than 15 minutes to put the entire couch together!

The cushions are soft but also firm, making it a very comfortable choice.

Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

Best pet friendly convertible sectional

This sectional is firm but still comfortable. The thick cushions and fluffy back offers both you and your dog support, while still being a great place to relax.

This sectional is convertible so the chaise part can be on either the left or right side of the couch, making it adaptable to any room.

This sectional is 78 inches long, 30 inches wide and 35 inches high and it can hold up to 660 pounds, so you and your furry friends can all lounge on this sectional together.

The soft material is easy to clean and can just be wiped down with a soft, dry cloth.

This sectional is pet friendly because it does not collect pet hair like other sofas. Claws do not get stuck in the fabric, and it is durable enough to support our four legged companions. This sectional is also great for small rooms because it does not take up too much room.

Poundex Bobkona Kemen Polyfabric

Runner up option: Great pet friendly sectional

This sectional is dog approved and it is also great for all of the fur parents out there because hair does not stick to the material. It is also big enough for your dog to rest on while you are also using it. The sectional is 84 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 36 inches high when it is all put together and it weighs 213 pounds. 

The chaise can go either way and the cushions are removable which is helpful when you are trying to clean it. It is easy to clean the cushions and pillows. All of them have zippers so you can take the covers off to clean them. You can also just spot clean the entire sectional with a damp washcloth.

This sectional was designed with durability, strength, and comfort in mind so it is great for everyone in your family. The frame is also made of strong wood, making the entire sectional very sturdy.

Additionally, it is very easy to put together and all the tools and materials for putting the sectional together are included with the delivery. Select from ash grey or blue fabric to cover your sectional.

What is pet friendly furniture?

When looking for pet friendly furniture, there are some qualities that you should look for. Make sure you pick furniture that fulfill at least some of the criteria.


Any fabric that you chose should be durable because pets can be rough on our furniture. Dogs love to dig into any surface, so it is best to choose a material that has a tight weave. This will be able to stand up against your dog’s paws and nails. Good suggestions for a strong, durable material include microfiber, microsuede, olefin, and heavy denim.

Another thing to consider is the legs on your sofa, chairs, or tables. Wooden legs are easy to chew, whereas metal legs are stronger and more durable.

Easy to clean

Our pets can sometimes be a little messy which is why it is important that your furniture is easy to clean. Avoid textured fabrics or delicate fabrics which act as a magnet for pet hair and are difficult to clean. 

Instead look for a fabric that is waterproof or water resistant and can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth. If you are looking at getting a cover for your furniture, look for one that is machine washable. This makes cleaning up after an accident even easier.

Free from sharp edges, delicate or breakable parts

Always avoid furniture with sharp edges that pose as a hazard to your pet. Any small delicate decorative items should also be avoided. This because they can easily be broken off and ingested, which becomes a choking hazard or blocks its digestive tracks.

When looking for something like a side table, make sure to pick one that is sturdy as opposed to dainty. An excited dog can easily knock down a little and flimsy table.

Also, consider the size of your dog when picking out furniture. If your dog is allowed on the sofa but is too small to jump on, make sure to get a sofa that is close to the ground or invest in pet steps. Pet steps will help your small dog get safely up onto the sofa. They are also great for dogs who are getting older or have any joint problems.

If you have large or tall dogs, it might be in your best interest to consider a dining room table and chairs that are higher up. Maybe a bar height. Otherwise, your dog can easily reach what is on the table.

Microsuede and dogs: Do they play well together?

Is microsuede safe if the dog chews and ingests it?

Microsuede is a type of microfiber and is a manmade fabric that has a look and feel of suede but is much more durable and cheaper. Microsuede is very tough and it will be hard for your dog to dig or chew through it.

If your dog accidentally eats microsuede, it will not be toxic. But like all fabrics or materials, it should not be eaten because it can cause blockages in the digestive system.

Is microsuede easy to clean and machine washable?

Microsuede is very easy to clean and it repels stains and is fairly waterproof due to its tightly woven fibers. It can be cleaned by using a spray bottle full of water and a few drops of mild soap. 

Then just wipe the couch with a clean towel and let the couch air dry. Then you can buff out any marks. Additionally, any microsuede furniture covers can also be machine washed in cold water and then line dried.

Does microsuede repel pet hair?

Microsuede has a very tight weave which makes it ideal for repelling pet hair. A microsuede sofa can be cleaned with a vacuum hose or it can simply be wiped down to remove any pet hair.