Get These Puncture Proof Dog Pools Made For Roughhousing

Here are the puncture proof dog pools we’ll be covering:

Keeping your dog cool in the summer is a top priority for pet owners. With their thick coats of fur and difficulty managing large variations in body temperature, it is easy for our pups to overheat and get uncomfortable when they are out in the hot sun for too long. A pool is an ideal way to help them regulate their body temperature while also having a little bit of summer fun.

If you are thinking of taking the plunge with your dog, there are a few things that you will want to consider when purchasing a pool. Specifically, you will want to search for puncture proof dog pools. 

While you may be tempted to pick up a cheap kiddie pool or inflatable structure at your local big box store, you will want to avoid these. Your pet’s nails can easily poke through and pop these pools. 

Our recommendation for the best puncture proof dog pools

A framed pool made of a hard and durable material will be safest for your pet and provide the most return on your investment.

Once you have narrowed down your search to sturdy pools, you will want to further filter the options for particular features. A material that is resistant to UV damage is important if your pool will spend a lot of time in direct sunlight. If you have a playful pup, a pool that is scratch and puncture-resistant and can absorb a lot of impact will be most useful. 

Finally, search for pools that are easy to set up and to manage over the course of the season that you plan to use them. Consider whether tools will be required in order to set it up and take it down, if necessary. Also, think about how much time you will need to invest to get the pool up and running. 

Another important and often overlooked feature is how easily the pool can be emptied. Dog pools with an outlet to drain the water will save you the stress of trying to overturn the pool and potentially soaking yourself and oversaturating that part of your yard.

The type of pool that you are looking for will depend on the size of your dog, your yard, and how permanent you want it to be. In order to help you find the best product for the needs of your dog and family, we have reviewed 5 puncture proof dog pools. Each of these pools is sturdy and safe for your pet, but the features vary depending on what is most important for your pup.

Intex Metal Frame Pool

If your dog is energetic and needs a lot of room to swim and play, this pool would be a good option. The metal frame provides a sturdy and safe structure for your pup, while the PVC walls will not be scratched or punctured by your pet’s nails. Additionally, the pool will withstand the sun’s rays and will not deteriorate due to the UV rays.

This pool comes with a filter pump in order to keep the water fresh without needing to be regularly drained and refilled. However, the pump that comes with the pool is often not strong enough and will likely need to be upgraded. The pool also requires chemicals to keep the water clean and the filters need to be changed frequently, so you will need to purchase additional items beyond the pool. 

Depending on what you need for the size of your pup, the pool is available in a 30″ and 48″ height. You will need a ladder to help you and your dog get in and out of the pool, so you will want to consider that in pricing out your options. 

Pros: resistant to UV rays and abrasions, does not need to be emptied and filled

Cons: weak pump, many additional expenses to keep clean

Bestway Power Steel Swimming Pool

The unique design of this steel frame swimming pool is easy to set up. Requiring no tools, you simply lay the bars within the pool liner and then raise the structure to fill with your hose. However, it will take several people to build and lift the pool, so you will need others to help you. The frame is incredibly safe for your pet and family, as the frame is resistant to bending and leaking under the pressure of the water in the filled pool.

The Bestway pool includes a pump, though it will likely not be efficient for your needs and may need to be upgraded. The pool also comes with a unique chemical dispenser that works in concert with the pump. 

Instead of needing to purchase a floating dispenser that requires an additional cost and sits in the pool with your pup, the chemicals are released through a valve and spread evenly throughout the pool with the assistance of the pump. 

You can purchase this pool in 3 different heights depending on how tall you want the walls to be. Keep in mind that there is no ladder included, so you will need to purchase one in order to get people and pets in and out. 

Pros: very sturdy and durable, built-in chemical dispenser

Cons: pump requires upgrade, need to purchase ladder

Intex Mini Frame Pool

This very affordable option is perfect if you are looking for a pool just for your pup, or to be shared with tiny humans. The pool sides are only 12″ high, allowing most pets and people to easily get in and out without the need for a ladder. With each side of the square pool measuring only 48″, this pool is most ideal for a smaller dog.

There is no pump for this product so the water will need to be emptied and refilled to maintain a clean environment for your pet. It features a drain plug to assist you with easily removing the water without tipping the pool. Although this requires more upkeep than a pool with filtration, there is no need to purchase chemicals for the water or to upgrade the pump.

While the pool’s steel metal frame is very sturdy, the liner of the pool may not hold up to larger or rowdier dogs. The pool does come with a repair patch in the event of a leak. The pool is easy to assemble and take apart for storage and requires no additional tools. It comes in 2 colors to allow you to personalize it to your tastes. 

Pros: easy to assemble, inexpensive 

Cons: not for larger dogs, less sturdy than other models

Intex Rectangular Frame Swimming Pool

If your pet is a little too large for the previous pool, this product may be right for you. Available in 4 different sizes and heights, you can choose the best setup for the size of your pet. This pool will also have room for any other family members that want to soak or splash alongside the dog.

The rust-resistant frame is easy to assemble and raise with just 1 or 2 people. The sidewalls are laminated for durability and hold up to impact from an energetic pet. The pool will require the purchase, however, of a ladder in order for dogs and humans to climb in and out. 

The pool does not come with a pump but does include a drain spout that makes it easy to remove water as needed. You can choose to purchase a pump and chemical dispenser separately for this pool in order to keep it working all season long without needing to empty it.

Pros: several sizes, sturdy and leak-proof

Cons: does not include pump, may require additional purchases

Aquarian Phoenix Round Steel Constructed Swimming Pool

This product is on the high end of the pools discussed in this list. In addition to having the highest price point, it also has the most room. The large pool provides a significant amount of space for your dog and the entire family to enjoy a swim together.

The pool can be installed without professional assistance. However, it will require tools and more than one person in order to assemble it. The sturdy steel pool is intended to be a permanent fixture, so it is important to keep that and its size in mind when deciding if this is the right pool for your home.

The product comes with the frame only, so you would need to purchase a liner, chemicals skimmer, and ladder in order for your pet to use it comfortably and safely. Additionally, the pool will need to be winterized if you live in a cold climate, so you should consider these extra costs for upkeep prior to purchase.

Pros: large size, sturdy and permanent

Cons: expensive, requires several additional purchases

What else do I need to know about my dog swimming in a pool

Regardless of the pool that you choose, there are a few other things to consider about swimming with your dog during the summer. Just like children, pets should always be watched in the water, especially when the pool is deeper than their reach. 

If your dog seems fatigued or distressed, it is a good idea to take a break if there is not a spot for them to rest within the pool. If your pet shows any reluctance to swimming or getting into the pool, do not force them to enter.

Although you may be concerned about using a chlorinated pool for your pet, it is generally safe for dogs. The amount of chlorine that is present in the water is very diluted and unlikely to cause harm to your dog and is in fact the safer option over a pool with standing water in a lake, pond, or basic pool. 

The algae and bugs that thrive in untreated water can harm your pup’s skin and potentially make them sick. If you are not using a pool that is chlorinated, it is important to empty, clean, and refill it regularly.

While chlorine is safe within the mixture of the pool water, be sure to keep the chemical containers out of the reach or vicinity of your pet. Concentrated chlorine can make your dog very ill if ingested or even if the fumes are inhaled. It is also important to accurately monitor the amount of chlorine and chemicals in your pool. Using test strips can ensure that it is maintained at a safe level. You will also want to discourage your pet from drinking the water so that they do not consume an excessive amount of chemicals.

When your dog gets out of the pool, you will want to give them a quick rinse. Just as you would shower after swimming to wash the chemicals off of your skin, this will help prevent itchiness and irritation for your pet. Rinsing off will also prevent chlorine buildup in your pup’s hair. 

In addition to taking care of their skin and fur, you will want to properly dry your dog’s face after swimming, especially their eyes and ears. Dogs are much more sensitive than humans in these areas and need to have them dried thoroughly after swimming in the pool. Particularly if your pup has floppy ears, they are at greater risk for an ear infection. 

While some believe that this is a result of the chlorination in the pool, it is actually due to prolonged dampness inside the ear. Taking the time to wipe your pet’s eyes and ears after exiting the pool can prevent discomfort and infections.